Affordable soundbars for beginners

The picture is usually very good on both current affordable televisions and expensive premium devices – but the sound leaves a little to be desired. To help the device out a little, there are lots of affordable soundbars available. On this page we’ll tell you which technology is beneath the surface and which inexpensive models are suitable for beginners.

How much do good and affordable soundbars cost?

Just like TVs, soundbars are available in almost every price range. But you should keep your fingers off brand-less products that cost less than $100. With these, the sound is not much better than with the TV itself.

Within the scope of $100-$300, you already get a large selection of brand products that sound noticeably better than the built-in loudspeakers in the TV. As always, there are no upper price limits: If you want better surround sound, more pairing possibilities, or just want even better sound.

Small device, big sound

For a cheap or small UHD TV an affordable sound bar for $100-$200 is usually sufficient. A quality feature is that dialogues are reproduced clearly and don’t sound as tinny as the TV itself.

For such soundbars there is a large selection from different manufacturers. Below we have presented several affordable soundbars and show both advantages and disadvantages.

Affordable soundbars – our favorites

Bose Solo 5

If you’re looking for a small all-rounder that’s easy to connect to existing equipment, take a look at the Bose Solo 5. It’s amazing how much Bose can get out of such a small device.

  • 21-6 in x 2.8 in x 3.4 in (WxHxD); 3.7 lbs
  • Digital optical & coaxial input, as well as 3.5mm jack
  • Optical digital cable included
  • Bluetooth
  • 2.0 System with 30W
  • Clear voices in dialogues
  • Balanced frequency response
  • Not very much bass (but more than expected!)

Samsung HW-M450

If you want it easy and have a Samsung TV, you can grab the Samsung HW-M450. For a good $150 you get a solid set that can be connected and used without any problems! The sound is very good for the price in any case, but the Clear Voice mode is not quite perfect.

  • Sound bar: 35.8 in x 2.1 in x 2.8 in (WxHxD); 4.4 lbs
  • Subwoofer: 7.9 in x 15.4 in x 14.9 in (WxHxD); 15.4 lbs
  • 2.1 System with 320W RMS (160W Soundbar + 160W Subwoofer)
  • 1 HDMI input
  • 1 HDMI output (ARC)
  • 3,5mm jack, digital optical input
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Frequency response from 40-20.000Hz

Sony HT-RT3

The HT-RT3 offers high quality 2.1 sound and compact size in one. Thanks to the built-in subwoofer, no additional technology is required for operation. It is well suited for rental apartments, as the bass leaves a lot to be desired.

It has HDMI and USB inputs and a Bluetooth interface. However, the sound bar is intended for smaller rooms.

  • Soundbar: 2.5 in x 22.8 in x 3.7 in (WxHxD), 5 lbs
  • HDMI input, USB input
  • Bluetooth interface
  • Color: black

Want a bigger soundbar?

Cheap soundbars are available from different brands in the same price range. Unfortunately the functions are limited according to the price. If that’s enough for you, you can count yourself lucky.

If you are looking for a soundbar with Dolby Atmos for home cinema or an external subwoofer, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. Check out our recommendations for these!

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