Best 49 / 50 inch TVs 2019/12

Size is not everything – TVs do not always have to be huge. Although large screens are attractive and well suited for large rooms, a large 4K TV is usually not worthwhile for smaller rooms, as a second set in the bedroom or only for occasional use. One of the most popular screen sizes for smaller rooms is 49 or 50 inches.

On this page we present you with three sets that have different strengths and weaknesses, but are all 49 or 50 inches in size. There’s something for every application. Also, according to our very own tvfindr, the ideal viewing distance for a 4K TV of this size is about 6 ft.

These are the Best 49 / 50 inch TVs in 2020

The Samsung RU7100 is the entry-level model of the 2019 UHD TV Lineup. It offers solid picture quality for a small budget. Thanks to the VA panel, the black level and contrast ratio are great.
  • Deep Black
  • High contrast ratio
  • Samsung Tizen 5 Smart Features
  • Low price
  • No local dimming
  • HDR performance
  • Viewing angle

Check prices: 435055586575 Inch
wide seating area
The UM7300 from LG is a very good entry-level TV with IPS panel. As a result, the black level and the display of HDR content are not as good, but the viewing angle is much better than that of the competition.
  • Low input lag for gaming
  • Wide viewing angle
  • LG webOS 4.5 Smart Platform
  • Low price
  • No local dimming
  • Poor black value
  • HDR performance

Check prices: 435055657075 Inch
HDR content
The Sony X900F is a powerful 4K TV from the 2018 Sony lineup. It offers a lot of great features, for example full array local dimming and very good motion handling – one of the best 49 inch televisions available.
  • Full Array Local Dimming
  • 120 Hz
  • Dolby Vision & HDR10
  • Very deep black
  • High contrast
  • Very clear fast movements
  • Viewing angle

Check prices: 49556575 Inch
435055586575 Inch
10 Bit
60 Hz
VA Panel

The Best budget 49 / 50 inch TV

The South Korean company Samsung has launched some strong televisions with its comprehensive 2019 lineup. The entry-level model, the RU7100, has a lot to offer for little money. Although features that are reserved for the more expensive models are missing, a high picture quality is definitely available here. The black level is low thanks to the VA panel and the contrast ratio is high. Nevertheless, the more expensive models can do better, but that’s no wonder in terms of their price.

The RU7100 does not display HDR content very well because it does not have local dimming and the necessary peak brightness. Although it supports HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG, the lack of color space coverage does show. Ordinary SDR content, on the other hand, looks great. Another negative point unfortunately is the limited viewing angle due to the VA panel. That’s why you should sit directly in front of the TV to get the best picture quality.

435055657075 Inch
10 Bit
60 Hz
VA Panel
43UM7300PUA, 49UM7300PUA, 55UM7300PUA, 65UM7300PUA, 70UM7370PUA, 75UM7570PUD

The Best 49 / 50 inch TV for a wide seating area

The LG UM7300 has a lot in common with the Samsung RU7100 – but the most important feature is fundamentally different. The IPS panel built into the LG provides a very wide viewing angle, but the black level suffers a lot from this. This means that the TV is not very suitable for dark rooms. Black areas still emit light, which can be annoying, especially in dark environments. However, this is the case with almost all televisions with IPS panels. If you need a wide viewing angle in this price range, you will not be able to avoid these screens.

Unfortunately, the UM7300 can’t display HDR content impressively. That’s why it is not really bad that no dynamic HDR formats like HDR10+ or Dolby Vision are supported.

On the bright side, gamers can enjoy a good bargain here: The input lag is extremely low, so the latency between input and output device is very small. Action-packed video games, which require quick reactions, are really fun here and, because of the large viewing angle – of course also with several people.

49556575 Inch
10 Bit
120 Hz
VA Panel
XBR49X900F, Sony XBR55X900F, XBR65X900F, XBR75X900F

The Best 49 / 50 inch TV for HDR content

The Sony X900F is a top 4K TV from the Japanese manufacturer and is suitable for anyone who is looking for a TVs with the best picture quality in 49 inches. Of course, this quality has its price. On the other hand, the features are exceptionally good. Full Array Local Dimming, very deep blacks and a high contrast provide a fantastic picture quality. The X900F cuts a very good figure in bright environments, but in dark rooms it performs at its best. Movies are almost lifelike. Especially fast action films can be displayed without motion blur due to the very good motion handling. HDR content also looks really great. Only the viewing angle is rather narrow due to the VA panel.

It is just as suitable for gaming as its competitors. The input lag of about 24ms does not have the incredibly low value, like the other two TVs – but it has a 120 Hz panel. It is nice that the Sony X900F does not have any technical gradations or drawbacks between the different sizes, as is almost usual with other manufacturers. Those who want even higher quality can have a look at the successor Sony X950G. It offers better Smart TV features as well as an improved operating system with Android 8.0 Oreo. But Sony also will continue to keep the X900F in its lineup.

The Best 49 / 50 inch TVs compared

Good features for gaming include low input lag, low motion blur and sufficient frame rate.
Viewing angle
The viewing angle is the angle at which the screen can be viewed without the colors being washed out and the brightness diminishing.
Bright environment
A classic bright environment would be a well lit living room with many windows. Good televisions should be able to deliver good pictures in a bright room.
Dark environment
In dark rooms, televisions should also be able to display content correctly. This requires good black levels so that black content does not appear dark grey in complete darkness.
Home cinema
To bring the cinema experience home to you, a good television set should be able to reproduce images and sound equivalent to modern cinemas.
Anyone who likes to watch high-resolution content such as Blu-rays or 4K streaming needs a TV with wide gamut and good top brightness. This is the only way to display films and series with a high contrast range.
Smart TV
Every Smart TV has a number of Smart Features that are designed to make operation easier. In addition to apps such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, these include voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as well as Apple AirPlay 2.
The number of connections to ensure flexibility for the technical periphery needed for additional equipment.
Available sizes
The compared 49 / 50 inch TV are available in following screen sizes
* All prices are in USD incl. VAT, if necessary plus shipping. Interim changes of prices, ranking, delivery time and costs are possible.
tvfindr Vitus
Vitus //

What makes the best 49 / 50 inch TVs?

If you are interested in a 49 / 50 inch television, you should ask yourself what you would like to use it for. It is a fact that 49 and 50 inches are only intended for smaller rooms or a small viewing distance. If the 4K TV is to be used as a second set, for example in the bedroom, then a cheaper set with a smaller range of functions will suffice.

However, if the TV is to be your main unit, for example in a smaller apartment, I would recommend the Sony X900F. The surcharge is worth it: HDR content looks great and black levels and contrast are unmatched in this category. It is also good for gaming, although there are other devices in this price range that offer better gaming performance. These televisions, on the other hand, do not offer such a solid all-in-one package as the Sony X900F does.

Here again my recommendations:
budget wide seating area HDR content
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