CES 2020 – 48 inch OLED and more!

Right now, from 7.1.2020 to 10.1.2020, the CES is taking place in Las Vegas. At the Consumer Electronics Show most TV manufacturers will present their new 2020 models. For most potential customers the smaller 48 inch OLEDs from LG are probably the most interesting novelties!

Only OLED from LG & LG Display

At the CES, you can actually only see OLED televisions from LG (except the 8K Nanocell TV). The new models BX, CX, Gallery GX, Rollable RX, Wallpaper WX and 8K ZX are being presented. X stands for the roman numeral 10… It is noticeable that there is no E9 successor, but the GX, which gets its letter from “Gallery”, because it is supposed to look like Samsung’s “The Frame” like a picture frame, but much thinner. It might also be the more compelling product than the Wallpaper TV as it does not rely on a bulky soundbar underneath the TV.

In contrast to the Z9, the ZX is also available in 77 inch and has “normal” feet, which can be removed for wall mounting. LG promises that the Rollable RX will really make it to the market now in 2020.

But the best thing LG has introduced is the CX, which is not only available in 55, 65 and 77 inches, but also for the first time in 48 inches! This is a new OLED size that is already in demand, but which is also perfectly suited as a gaming monitor. The CX also wins the “Best of CES” award again, in 2020 for the sixth time in a row!

LG Display, LG’s subsidiary, which produces the actual OLED screens, also has a few interesting new “TVs” in its portfolio. After the well-known Roll-Up R9 or RX, the Koreans now also present a Roll-Down OLED Display. There are also transparent OLED displays, which are more suitable for B2B applications.

But what might be great for many of you is the Bendable OLED, an OLED that can be turned from a flat screen to a curved TV. Actually, curved TVs have gone out of fashion, but for monitors, especially gaming monitors, the curved version has really established itself. Since LG is more and more going into the gaming monitor sector with OLEDs, this prototype is really exciting. Because besides the possibility to turn the TV into a gaming curved, it also has the Acoustic Surface technology (actually “OLED Cinematic Sound”, but this term is still unknown 😉 ) with it, so you get a surround sound from the screen itself at the same time.

LG Display OLED Displays
LG Display OLED Displays at CES 2020

Sony A8H and 48 inch A9H

Most interesting for consumers is probably Sony’s AH8 OLED, which is an upgrade of the AG8, which then has many features that were actually reserved for the AG9. These include the X1 Ultimate processor and the resulting better image processing and interpolation, a light sensor that can automatically optimize the image for brighter environments and Acoustic Surface Audio including two subwoofers in the TV. However, the HDMI 2.1 connection is still missing. So only the remote control and the possibility to use the TV as center speaker remain as differences between AG9 and AH8.

Sony will also be launching a 48-inch OLED in the AH9 series. This will probably have all the features of the AH8, the remote control of the AG9 and possibly more.

Samsung with more 8K QLED at CES 2020

Three new 8K series, namely Q950TS, Q900T and Q800T from 55 to 98 inches, depending on the series, are coming from the best-selling TV manufacturer. The QLED Q950TS is the top model and comes with the “Infinity Design” which stands for a very thin frame. Although the TV has a very good full array local dimming feature, it’s quite thin and looks very chic with the center stand. On the other hand, the TV is slightly slanted towards the back. The Q900T manages without a One Connect Box and is therefore a bit thicker than its big brother. Otherwise the second QLED is very similar to the first one.

With the Q800T, Samsung wants to make 8K cheaper, as it is very similar to the 2019 Q950R, except that it also has the central stand. In contrast to the others, this QLED is already available in 55 inch. According to the current information, the 8K QLEDs should also have a real full HDMI 2.1 connection.

Samsung QLED 8K
Samsung QLED 8K
Infinity Design
Infinity Design
Samsung Lifestyle TV "The Sero"
Samsung Lifestyle TV “The Sero”
Samsung Lifestyle TV "The Sero"
Samsung Lifestyle TV “The Sero”

But Samsung also has new ideas in its luggage, namely the new lifestyle TV “the Sero”, which is aimed primarily at the “mobile generation”. This TV joins “The Frame” and “The Serif” and offers a rotating screen orientation, which is actually only known from smartphones or tablets. That’s also where the name “The Sero” comes from, which means “vertical” in korean.

The novel approach was also directly awarded the “Best of Innovation” award at CES 2020. The concept makes it even easier and more accessible to display the content of the mobile device as is on the TV. We are curious to see if technology has a future outside of Asia, as well.

According to Samsung, Micro LED technology will also be aimed at home cinema customers in 2020. With display sizes ranging from 75 to 110 inches, you can get these impressive displays with perfect black and 5000 nits of maximum brightness into your own four walls, if you can afford the high price. The 88 and 150 inch versions are without frames, so that you can combine several modules and adapt them to individual requirements. And of course there was also a new version of “The Wall” in Las Vegas, which now comes in up to 292 inches.

Dynamic Dolby Vision Upgrade

Together with LG and Panasonic, Dolby introduces the “smart” Dolby Vision IQ at CES 2020. Dolby Vision is a dynamic HDR format that can adjust the dynamic and contrast range frame by frame. Dolby Vision IQ can then use light sensors to adapt the material that Dolby Vision has to the individual situation. In this way, films or games can be perfectly optimized in real time, even for brighter or darker environments. Since Dolby Vision is also being used on more and more platforms, this is another sign that Dolby is ahead of the competition in the HDR10+ format.

TCL Vidrian – 5184 Dimming Zones Mini LED

Under the new name “Vidrian” (Spanish for glass manufacturing) TCL presents the second generation of Mini LED. Mini LED is virtually a normal LCD TV with FALD, except that the backlight LEDs are much smaller. Thanks to the new technology that allows even smaller LEDs to be implemented in a glass substrate, the planned 8K TV will have 25000 individual LEDs in one TV, which can be controlled and dimmed separately in 5184 local dimming zones.

Panasonic at CES 2020

If you have read this section carefully and you know our contribution to IFA 2019, you can already imagine what Panasonic presented at CES 2020 😉
After the tuned OLED GZW2004 comes the HZ2000 OLED with Filmmaker Mode and Dolby Vision IQ. So it will be even better than its predecessor. Thanks to Dolby Vision IQ and the even brighter OLED panel than the competition, it is the best OLED for brighter environments and for HDR in general.
The Filmmaker Mode deactivates “unnecessary image processing” so that you can watch movies on the excellent, color-accurate TV as the filmmakers intended.
In addition, even more calibrations are possible, whether for home cinema or for professional users.

More content will be added shortly!

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