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If you want to, you can also ask for personal advice regarding your future TV. Therefor you just have to tell us a few things about your situation.

How does it work?

You’ll write about your situation in detail and what you expect from your future TV.
We will then reply promptly via E-Mail.
To help other visitors on our website we would like to publish the conversation at a fitting location.

What do I have to say about my situation?

In order for us to advise you properly you should take these points as a guideline what to write us:

  • Brightness in your room (windows, lamps, general brightness)
  • Viewing angle (wether you sit at an angle to the screen)
  • Screen size or seating distance
  • What do you want to use the TV for? And what is most important to you?
  • If youΒ΄re looking for a gaming TV, tell us which consoles you use.
  • Personal preferences (Maker, Panel Type, etc)
  • Further requests (Bluetooth, Dolby Vision, Ads-Free OS, etc)
  • Budget
  • And whatever you can think of πŸ˜‰

We are respectful and kind to one another and expect you to be as well! Otherwise we will not answer your queries.

What do I have to keep in mind?

We will not make across-the-board statements like “This makers TVs are always the best and always will be”.
Everybody can have his or her personal opinion but we try to stay reliable and fair.

Sadly we will not always be able to answer the next minute. Therefor we ask you to have patience and understanding.

Please tell us a name in case we want to publish our conversation. If you do not provide us with a nickname we will be using your first name.

How does publishing work?

If you are sending us your request for personal advice you allow us to publish this request and the following conversation on .
If you want us not to use your fist name, just tell us how we can call you πŸ™‚

We reserve the right to change or shorten your written text in order to help more people on our website.

We won’t be publishing every request.
If you do not want us to publish your request in particular, please let us know in your request.

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