Curved TVs – Quality or short-lived trend?

The production of Curved TVs is declining more and more across all manufacturers. The question arises whether Curved TVs are just another short-lived trend that is about to be put on ice? This article should provide clarity on this matter.

The 3D Hype

Curved TVs are a phenomenon that can be seen as a side effect of the ”3D hype”. The success of 3D movies in the cinema market has led TV manufacturers to launch products that bring the 3D experience into the home and create a never before seen immersion. At least that was the intention. What came out in the end was a short-lived hype that dried up within a few years.

Expensive Curves

Apart from their shape, Curved TVs have no technical advantages over normal LCDs or OLEDs. However, you have to expect that you have to dig deeper into your pocket for a Curved TV that has the same properties as a standard TV set. In short: The beautiful curves will cost you 100 to 1000 Dollars extra.

Curved TVs - Quality or short-lived trend. advantages /disadvantages. Curved Tv as PC Monitor. Good option for Gamers. New Curved TVs in the future?

Samsung RU7300 – The last of a dying breed

Immersion – When you got the right size and angle 

If you want to remain flexible in terms of viewing angle and seat distance, you could get a problem with Curved TVs. To illustrate this, I will take the Samsung RU7300 as an example, as it is currently the only Curved TV produced by a well-known manufacturer. 

Curved TVs quickly create a distortion of the picture when viewed from the side. Therefore, you have to limit yourself to a frontal viewing angle if you want to avoid a reduction in picture quality. 

With Curved TVs, the seat distance is even more important than with standard TVs, as a fixed distance should be maintained to take advantage of the curved design. The curve radius of the RU7379 is 4200R. This means that you have to keep a distance of 4.20 meters to get the best picture. This technical peculiarity of the RU7300 shows that you need a larger screen and the appropriate space for Curved TVs to add visual value. When you have a 4.20 meters viewing distance, this results in the following viewing angles between the left and right edges of the screen: 14.5° at 49 inches, 16.4° at 55 inches and 19.4° at 65 inches. But this is very little, which becomes clear when you take a look at our recommendation for the right seat distance.

If you cannot meet these requirements due to the specifics of your living space and have to sit closer to the screen, it is better to use a Curved PC monitor, because at short range it has a much sharper picture than the Curved TV sets.

Curved design for PC monitors

Because of the above mentioned disadvantages, Curved TVs could not establish themselves in the home entertainment sector. The situation is completely different in the gaming realm. Curved monitors enjoy great popularity, as here the promised immersion actually occurs (as long as you sit close to it). The shape of curved monitors also helps to eliminate a technical disadvantage that VA panels have. With VA panels, the edges of the screen can look a bit pale. Curved monitors solve this problem with their special shape.

Home entertainment on a small screen

If you don’t want to invest money in a large and expensive Curved TV, but don’t want to miss the aesthetic and technical characteristics of the curved devices when watching television, we recommend buying a high quality Curved Monitor, in combination with the Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD. In our opinion, it is an ideal tool to turn your monitor into a reliable replacement for your TV device.

Curved TVs - Quality or short-lived trend. advantages /disadvantages. Curved Tv as PC Monitor. Good option for Gamers. New Curved TVs in the future?

Samsung C32HG70One of the best curved monitors on the market

Who needs it?

Curved TVs offer no technical advantages whatsoever, restrict the customer’s sitting position and cost considerably more. If you are looking for a primary television set, then Curved TVs are not necessarily the best choice.

If you are willing to pay extra for aesthetic reasons, then you can get one without hesitation. Likewise, if you want to get a curved monitor that you primarily want to use for gaming. For everyone else there are significantly cheaper and better options when it comes to home entertainment.

Curved TVs – Not a short- lived trend after all?

The fact that most major TV manufacturers stopped the production of Curved TVs and premium models are no longer made, severely limits the choice of customers and suggests that, similar to 3D TVs, Curved TVs will soon be a thing of the past. At least in the home entertainment sector. For the gaming sector, curved monitors are still very popular and will keep their safe spot.

At the CES, LG presented a new prototype that is to be called Bendable OLED. The Bendable OLED will have the ability to transform from a flat screen to a Curved TV at the touch of a button. LG’s new prototype gives hope that Curved TVs will enjoy a renaissance in the near future and will once again find a firm place in the home entertainment sector.

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