Disney Plus – a success story so far!

Since launching on November 12. 2019, Disney plus has gained 28.6 million subscribers. CEO Bob Iger also revealed that the new streaming service had 10 million sign-ups after its first day. The company achieved numbers which go beyond the estimates of many analysts and which clearly show that Netflix and Amazon Prime from now on have to deal with a new, fierce competitor.

Costs and advantages of Disney plus

A monthly subscription will cost the customer $6.99. A year’s subscription is available for $69,99. The new streaming service is therefore slightly cheaper than established competitors like Netflix, which charges the customer for a basic membership with $9 and $15,99 for a premium membership.

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Account Sharing

Disney plus is not only cheaper than Netflix, but also offers a big advantage when it comes to ”Account sharing”. The new streaming service allows the customer to stream from four different devices simultaneously, when you get a single monthly subscription for $6,99. Netflix offers the same service, but you have to pay extra and get a premium membership for $15,99. The basic membership from Netflix allows the user only to stream from a single device. So when it comes to ”Account sharing”, Disney plus is way more attractive than its competition.

Impressive Content

Soon: Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker. Exclusively on Disney plus.

Disney is gradually removing all licensed works from the database of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co. to put them on its own streaming platform. When you think about how many popular brands Disney owns (including Marvel and Star Wars), you realize that Disney plus can provide the customer with an impressive film database, that in time may outshine the competition.

Time will tell whether Disney will show similar ambition in producing new content as Netflix and Amazon Prime, or whether its main focus will be on securing its existing brands and by that, maximizing its profits.

Is Disney plus worth a try?

The coming months and years will show how Disney plus will assert itself in the existing streaming market and how much focus will be placed on producing new, high-quality content. The fact that Disney has launched its own streaming platform also informs about a trend that I believe will increase in the coming years.

What does it mean for the customer when every major film studio decides to make their productions exclusive for their own streaming platform? Do you have to be registered with a bunch of different providers to be able to enjoy your favorite films and series in the future?

Alle Marvel Filme. Bald nur noch auf Disney plus.
All Marvel Movies. On Disney plus.

A must for fans!

Anyone who is a fan of the movies and series that Disney produced so far, can get a Disney plus membership without hesitation. The account sharing option, as well as the lower price (compared to Netflix and Amazon Prime) make Disney plus an attractive, new streaming provider. For all customers who expect a steady supply of new, original content, I would recommend to be a little bit patient and see how Disney will handle the production of new content, before they sign up.

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