FAQ about TVs

Since we get a lot of questions regarding the TVs functionality or what else might be interesting to know, we thought it might be useful to collect them all for you here.

How can I connect the remote with my TV?

Digital TV tuner with remote control on white background

Usually, when you purchase a new TV that comes with a fitting remote it shouldn’t be much of a problem to connect them. The TV will automatically try to pair with it as soon as you turn it on. However, it may be a problem when you need to substitute the remote for a new one.
OLED TV remotes work with a combination of old infrared-technology and bluetooth connection. The infrared signal does the basic stuff like turning the device on and off. Hold the remote in less than 1 meter distance from the screen and turn it on. Now you need to press two buttons in combination. It’s either return/play or setting/pair that need to be pressed for a few seconds until the TV will pair with the new remote.
Another tip: In case the remote shouldn’t connect with your TV check out if your internet router stands close by. Turn it off before trying again cause sometimes the WIFI signals disturbs the bluetooth connection.

Do I have to turn off my TV during a thunderstorm?

Shortly: no. You get to hear a lot of different answers to that question and most of them are misleading. There is a very small chance that even though your house doesn’t get struck by a lightning the high voltage of a lightning strike near-by is conducted to your house/devices. To save your devices from damage due to short circuit you’d have to separate your TV entirely from electricity. Before pulling all the plugs in the house, it would be easier to invest in a power strip of high quality which has an overload protection.

How do I dispose of an old TV?

There are different options. In case the old TV still works properly you could sell it online. Alternatively, there are plenty of social organizations that collect old devices, furniture or clothing to resell them for little money.
If your device really doesn’t work anymore, you can give it to a recycling station in your town. Many companies also offer that you can give them your old device in exchange for the new TV you buy from them. Just inform yourself about the most convenient option.

What if my TV comes with defects? Do I need to pay for guarantee?

First of all, let us differentiate between warranty and guarantee. Every company or salesman has to offer two or more years of warranty on their products. That means if you recognize a malfunctioning within those two years, the company is committed to repair but not to replace it. Guarantee means that whatever happens to your device, it will be repaired or even replaced by the company or the responsible one who sold it to you. If you want to be prepared for whatever may happen to the screen, it can be a good idea to invest in guarantee (usually it costs more). Pay special attention on the exact conditions of the guarantee contract though. However, even without paying more you can be assured that you do not have to accept a defect device.

What exactly is a triple tuner?

Digital satellite receiver with satellite dish, telecommunications concept. 3D rendering

Generally, as the name suggests, a tuner receives and manages the signals coming in from satellite, cable or free-to-air providers. Triple Tuners are relatively new. They are able to receive all three kinds of TV signals.
Dual or Twin Tuners are able to receive two signals at a time. That enables you to watch one program while recording another. Alternatively, you can also watch different programs on two separate TVs.

How can I connect to a WI-FI network?

That’s pretty simple, it actually works like connecting a computer to WI-FI. Open up the menu of your TV. There you can find the Network settings. Select the WI-FI of your router and type in your password or the combination of numbers written on the bottom of your router. Done.

How do I prevent my pet from chewing on cables?

It’s a nightmare! Imagine your new OLED TV destroyed by your little friend. We don’t want you to be unprepared so let’s better think about solutions in advance. First of all, it would make everything so much easier if you mounted the TV on your walls. There it would be of reach for your pet, couldn’t be knocked over and would certainly stay free from scratch marks. In case you really wanna have your TV stand around, better get a very solid base.
To save the cables you can buy special cable sleeves, you could hide them behind dry-walls or even apply anti-chewing spray. The ladder needs to be applied regularly, we recommend you to simply hide the cables.

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