Updates to the 2021 Hisense line-up: U7 144Hz TV & Laser TV

On the whole, Hisense has remained quite vague in their presentation regarding TVs. The new processors designed for 8K are supposed to be able to guarantee a refresh rate of 144 Hz, which would be a real innovation. However, Hisense did not go into detail, which means that this article does not yet have completely confirmed information.

144Hz ULED U7 TV without HDMI 2.1?

Hisense CES 2021 144Hz TV with XDR © Hisense

The ULED U7 is supposed to be able to do so, but Hisense does not provide more detailed information. Since no material is available in 144Hz and the U7 most likely does not have HDMI 2.1, the high refresh rate has to be generated by picture interpolation.

The Chinese manufacturer justifies this by saying that they are partners of the 2020 European Football Championship and that 144Hz will allow them to display the action on the soccer field even more realistically.

In addition, the TV is supposed to have an extremely High Dynamic Range, or XDR for short, which has never been seen before in this form – but we can only speculate about what that means exactly.

Hisense 100L9 Pro TriChroma Laser TV

Screenshot Hisense CES 2021 100L9 Pro TriChroma Laser TV © Hisense

However, it is certain that Hisense wants to launch the new Laser TV 100L9 Pro TriChroma in 2021. This short-throw projector uses RGB lasers to produce all colors. Therefore, the projector is supposed to be able to have an incredibly large color space coverage. Hisense talks about 151% of the DCI P3 color space and 107% of the BT2020 color space, which is a truly remarkable achievement.

The 100L9 Pro TriChroma is also supposed to be brighter. The reflected brightness is said to be up to 430 Nits, which is really an announcement for a projector – especially when you talk about a screen with up to 100 inches!

However, it is still unclear where the mentioned products will be launched. Hisense has increasingly adapted its product range to different sales regions in the past few years, so that different TVs were sold in North America than in Europe, for example.

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