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Here we give you comprehensive buying advice on sound(bars) and essential accessories for your home theater.


The current sound of your TV is not enough for you? Maybe you're missing a suitable soundbar or you just need tips for the right settings? Here it's all about what goes on your ears.
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Frequently asked questions about Audio

What is Dolby Atmos & DTS
What is HDMI ARC or eARC anyway?
What is a soundbar?

Audio articles from our tvfindr editorial team

Cinema sound in your own four walls!

The optimal sound solution depending on the available budget for your home theater. With Teufel, Onkyo, Sony and other providers to the crystal clear surround sound!

Dolby Atmos: The equivalent of 4K in sound?

Picture and sound are equally important in a home theater. But the sound is neglected by many, so that they are sounded by tinny speakers of the TV. We show you the innovations that create a really great sound from all directions!

Soundbar purchase advice

Find exactly the right soundbar for you from the huge range of different soundbars! We show you what you should look for and which soundbar is right for you.


For a complete and functioning home theater, it is not enough just have a new TV. A wall mount, new furniture or even a keyboard that operates everything more conveniently. Here you will find all the accessories for your perfect home theater.

Frequently asked questions about Peripherie

Wall mounts & VESA standard

Peripherie articles from our tvfindr editorial team

4K TV or Beamer?

In the home theater, the choice between 4K TV and projector is not easy - especially if it should be larger than 65 inches. Therefore, here are our recommendations of high-quality 4K TVs and projectors to help you choose.

Ambilight Do-it-yourself!

The smart LED lighting is a real eye-catcher in any setup - unfortunately, it's only available on Philips devices. Here are 4 Ambilight kits so that your TV doesn't have to miss this great feature.

TV furniture purchase advice

Since TVs are getting bigger and bigger, they also need the right base to stand safely. But at the same time, the new piece of furniture should also fit perfectly into your own four walls. Here is a small selection of TV furniture for your home theater.

TV keyboard purchase advice

Controlling the TV with the remote control is often annoying and rarely really intuitive. A wireless Smart TV keyboard can easily remedy this and makes the TV much more user-friendly.

TV wall mount

The most space-saving solution to put his TV in the living room. But how does it actually work and which wall mount is right for me? Instructions for mounting and information about the different types of wall mounts.

Universal remote control

Sound system, TV, receiver and Bluray player - each device comes with its own remote control. To be able to keep track and not have to constantly search for the right remote control, there is a simple solution - the universal remote control!
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