Updates and differences in the 2020 LG TV lineup: Even more OLED!

At the CES in Las Vegas, LG introduced the first 2020 TVs and everything revolves around OLED TVs even more than in the past. We will always update this overview of all the new features and differences of the different LG TVs as soon as new information becomes available.

Updates in the 2020 LG OLED TV lineup

48 inches OLED CX

Probably by far the best novelty for all end users is the first 48 inch OLED TV by LG. Until now, 55 inch was the smallest size for an OLED TV with UHD (4K) resolution. Especially since the 2019 OLEDs B9 and C9 were already super attractive for gamers, the 48 inch version of the CX is a real highlight. HDMI 2.1, extremely low input lag, VRR and the excellent OLED picture quality make the OLED48CX a serious high-end competitor for gaming monitors.

Market-ready Rollable OLED RX

The Rollable OLED R9 has already impressed everyone at the last CES 2019 and could also impress us at IFA. The only problem was that you couldn’t really buy it. This should be different now with the revised RX and it should be possible to really get it. In addition to the market-ready RX, LG has also presented another rollable OLED study, which according to LG is based on a completely different design. . This is a downward rolling OLED, so in the style of a classic roll-down screen.

Gallery OLED GX replaces OLED E9

In 2020 there will be no successor to the E9. So if you like the design of the E9, you have to go for the 2019 E9 and don’t have to wait for a successor. But there is the new Gallery OLED GX. It is not quite as thin as the wallpaper OLED WX, but it has the complete technology in the TV case and does not need an external soundbar. The complete back side, including the connectors and wall mount, was designed to be as flat as possible.

8K OLED in 77 and 88 inches

In 2020, the new 8K OLED ZX will not only come in 88 inches but for the first time also in 77 inches. The special thing about the 77-inch version is that it comes with normal feet and without the large box under the TV. This also gives you the possibility to hang the 8K OLED on the wall.

Bendable OLED and Sound from Screen

At the CES LG also presented several new concepts and prototypes. The most interesting is probably the Bendable OLED, which transforms from flat screen to curved TV at the push of a button. This has mainly to do with the ever increasing demand for gaming TVs, where such a TV is sure to gain fans quickly.

The OLED Cinematic Sound, as LG Display now calls the Sound-from-Screen technology, is already known from Sony OLED A9G, but it was also implemented in the Bendable OLED prototype and you may find it in more models in the future.

Of course, in addition to the new downward rolling OLED, a transparent OLED could not be missing from the presentation. For the time being, however, this product is aimed more at business customers who can use it for advertising purposes.

Dolby Vision IQ & Filmmaker Mode

It is expected that all 2020 OLED televisions from LG will also support the new Dolby Vision IQ and Filmmaker Mode. Dolby Vision IQ allows the TV to adapt the picture to the environment and the content displayed. Filmmaker Mode is all about watching the latest Hollywood movies exactly as the producers intended, i.e. without any distortion caused by image processing and interpolation, but only with optimization.

Updates in the 2020 LG LCD TV lineup

Up to now not so much is known about the LCD lineup. LG has clearly focused on the OLED segment in its previous presentations. According to an English site, LG, like Samsung, even wants to sell LCD factories in South Korea in order to be able to concentrate entirely on OLED in the future.

2020 LG TV lineup

ModelSizesDisplayResolutionRefresh RateFeatures
Signature ZX77'' & 88''OLED8K120 Hz
Signature RX65''OLED4K120 HzRollable
Signature WX65'' & 77''OLED4K120 HzWallpaper TV
Gallery GX55'', 65'' & 77''OLED4K120 Hz
CX48'', 55'', 65'' & 77''OLED4K120 Hz
BX55'' & 65''OLED4K120 Hz
NanoCell 9965'' & 75''LCD8K120 Hz
NanoCell 9765'' & 75''LCD8K120 Hz
NanoCell 9565'' & 75''LCD8K120 Hz
NanoCell 9055'', 65'', 75'' & 86''LCD4K120 Hz
NanoCell 8549'', 55'', 65'' & 75''LCD4K120 Hz
UN730043'', 50'' & 55''LCD4K60 Hz

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