Updates and differences in the 2020 Samsung TV lineup: QLED, 8K and Dual LED?

At the CES in Las Vegas, Samsung presented the first new TVs for 2020. The focus is clearly on QLED and 8K. We will always update this overview of all the new features and differences between the various Samsung TVs as new information becomes available.

Updates in the 2020 Samsung TV lineup

Q950TS, Q900TS & Q800TS – 3 different 8K QLEDs

Samsung presented at the CES mainly the 8K QLEDs and for the first time these are several different models. If the medium version Q900TS will be launched on the European market is not sure yet.

Samsung advertises with the term “Infinity Screen” on the Q950TS, as the borders are kept to a minimum. Although the TV has a full array local dimming feature, it is quite thin and looks very elegant with the central stand. This design, more stylish than its predecessors, means that the screen is slightly tilted backwards.

The Q900TS will be very similar to the Q950TS, although it comes without the Samsungs One Connect Box and therefore has to be a bit thicker as its housing all the electronics and . The Q800TS will be very similar to the current Q950R in terms of picture quality.

Dual LED

With Dual LED, Samsung has again chosen a clever name. This is because where other brands, such as Hisense or Panasonic, work on true dual LCD panels, i.e. with two LCD panels in a row, Samsung has a similar-sounding new technology that is much simpler. The QLED Q60T and also the Q70T will have two types of LED backlighting. One should be responsible for warm colours and the other for cold colours. However, it is not the groundbreaking, new technology, otherwise Samsung would have pointed this out more strongly for the 8K QLEDs at the CES. How much this technology will bring cannot be said at this point in time.

However, the naming of the new technology is very cleverly chosen, as it sounds like much more to the ignorant customer than is actually behind it. The information on this comes from the Samsung website.


With the 2020 QLEDs from Samsung, Q-Symphony is a 2.2.2 channel sound system. The 6 loudspeakers come up to a total of 60W and are supposed to already produce a Dolby Atmos surround sound. If you use a suitable Samsung soundbar with the TV, the Atmos channels of the TV even remain active, which in fact extends the soundbar by 2 height channels, or the surround sound sound stage is improved.

Performance Cut below 55 inches

As already known from the last years, there will again be big differences between the 49 and 55 inch units of the same series. With the Q80T for example, the 49 inch version will have only a 60Hz panel and also only a 40W 2.2 channel sound system without the Atmos channels. Logically, due to the lower frequency, the coveted gaming features will also be missing. What will probably be less noticeable because of the smaller size is the reduced number of local dimming zones.

2020 Samsung TV lineup

ModelSizesDisplayResolutionRefresh RateFeatures
QLED Q950TS65'', 75'' & 85''VA-LCD8K120 HzHDMI 2.1
QLED Q900T65'', 75'', 85'' & 98''VA-LCD8K120 HzHDMI 2.1, No One Connect Box
QLED Q800T55'', 65'', 75'' & 82''VA-LCD8K120 HzHDMI 2.1
QLED Q80T49'', 55'', 65'', 75''VA-LCD4K120 HzDirect Full Array 12X
QLED Q70T65'', 75''VA-LCD4K120 Hz
QLED Q60T43'', 50'', 55'', 65'', 75'' & 85''VA-LCD4K60 HzDual LED
The SeroLCD4KPortrait mode
The Frame 202032'', 49'', 55'', 65'' & 75''VA-LCD4K120 HzDual LED
The Serif 202043'', 49'' & 55''LCD4K
TU800055'' & 65''VA-LCD4K60 Hz
TU700058'', 65'', 70'' & 75''VA-LCD4K60 Hz

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