Samsung and Sony to launch QD OLED TVs on the market

The year 2022 holds some exciting innovations in panel technologies for TVs. Accordingly, Samsung will present a TV with QD-OLED technology for the first time at CES 2022.

The panel manufacturer Samsung Display already presented the new panels in August, so a first model next year is not that unlikely.

However, the information that the manufacturer Sony is also interested in this technology and wants to join Samsung is somewhat more surprising. Therefore, Samsung Electronics started mass production of the new QD panels this November and already delivered the first quantities to Sony. This could greatly expand Sony’s range of OLED TVs; currently, the Japanese manufacturer purchases panels from LG.

Samsung display chief Joo-Sun Choi revealed in an interview with the South Korean daily Edaily that 65-inch and 55-inch panels for TVs and a 34-inch panel for monitors are going into production. Samsung has focused on its own QLED technology in recent years, but the focus in the future will be on QD panels and OLED in general, among other things.

The new QD QLED technology – Photo: Samsung Display

What is QD-OLED?

According to Samsung Display, QD OLED offers a “brighter and wider color display,” deep blacks, fast response and wide viewing angles. The manufacturer previously explained that a “blue self-luminous” layer (either OLED or microLED) produces blue light whose intensity can be regulated at the pixel level, comparing QD-OLED to LCD.

“Conventional displays limit screen brightness due to light source or power consumption issues. Because the backlight serves as the light source, it is nearly impossible for LCDs to control the brightness of each pixel, which prevents them from showing perfect blacks on the screen. Unlike LCDs, the QD display’s blue light source can control the light source of each pixel. QD displays with 4K resolution have about 8.3 million (3840×2160) light sources that can be controlled separately”

Samsung Display
QD compared to QLED/LCD – Photo: Samsung Display

The new technology is also said to be significantly easier on the eyes, as harmful blue light is reduced by 40 to 50 percent compared to LCDs, which is said to be the lowest of all displays. Thus, QD displays include all the advantages of an OLED panel, such as perfect black, fast response time and a good viewing angle. The new technology takes OLEDs to a new level and has even better colors and can be even brighter.

To find out when the new models will hit the market, we will probably have to wait until CES 2022 in January. However, the alleged target for the release is still the first quarter of next year.

Photo: Samsung Display

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