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Solid Smart TV with excellent price-performance ratio!

The Samsung AU7000 is part of the most affordable model series from the Korean manufacturer Samsung. This is the 4K Crystal UHD TV series, whereas the discussed TV here is the cheapest of the entry-level models and it replaces the TU7000 from last year. The AU7000 primarily wants to convince with its good price-performance ratio and thus has to do without features that are reserved for more expensive models. But where are the disadvantages compared to its in-house competitors, the more expensive AU8000 and AU9000, and for whom is the TV worthwhile?

Samsung AU7000 Prices

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The AU7000 - simple and modern

Despite the completely plastic housing, the AU7000 looks extremely modern and robust due to its narrow frame and simple design. Its shallow depth and slim design also make it ideal for wall mounting – not least because most of the cables run to the side, making them easy to reach when wall mounting. If you use the widely spaced feet, the TV is well supported and wobbles only slightly at most when you bump it.

Cable management is very easy, as you can attach them to the feet, which makes the living area look tidy. There is enough space between the TV and the storage surface for a flat soundbar.

verarbeitung Samsung AU7000
  • Narrow frame
  • Suitable for wall mounting
  • Cable management
  • Space for a soundbar
  • Completely made of plastic

Good for the price!

When evaluating the picture quality of the AU7000, it must of course be taken into account that the TV is an entry-level device and the evaluation is based on the performance in relation to the price. On a positive note, the AU7000 can decode HDR formats HDR10, HDR10+ as well as HLG, which is definitely good for the price range!

However, HDR content is not displayed as impressively as one would hope due to the color space, which can only be rated as okay, and the very low peak brightness of 300Nits. Thus, SDR and HDR content do not clearly differ from each other.

Due to the installed VA panel, the viewing angle is also relatively narrow and thus unsuitable for larger groups. The contrast of 3020:1 is quite okay, but nothing impressive, which means that the TV only shows what it can do in dark environments. The Edge Lit TV unfortunately doesn’t have a local dimming function, which would give the contrast that extra something to make the black level stand out – but that would be a bit much to ask for at this price.

In very bright rooms, the low peak brightness doesn’t do very well in bright surroundings and reflections are visible. However, it does much better here than the predecessor.

Thus, the picture display cannot create a breathtaking experience, but you get a solid picture for little money – especially with a straight viewing angle and in dark surroundings.

bildqualitaet Samsung AU7000
Picture Quality
  • contrast 3020 :1
  • VA panel
  • Viewing angle
  • HDR10, HDR10+ and HGL
  • Price/Performance
  • Color Space
  • Peak brightness ~300Nits

The AU7000 has as good as no stutter

Due to the quite solid response time of 8ms, the motion handling of the AU7000’s 50/60 Hz panel can just be rated as okay. At most, flaws are noticeable in the form of motion blur in fast-moving objects, which makes the AU7000 not ideal for watching sports or playing very fast games like FPS shooters.

However, the slightly higher response time also has an advantage. Stutter almost never occurs in content with a low refresh rate. This means that, for example, slow camera pans are rendered smoothly and you don’t have to worry about jerkiness here. The backlight flickers fast enough to be perceived as continuous illumination and in general, the average consumer should be quite satisfied with the AU7000’s motion handling – especially considering the price.

motionhandling Samsung AU7000
Motion Handling
  • 50/60 Hz Panel
  • Response Time ~8 ms
  • Almost no stutter
  • Motion blur

Quite good - but not perfect

The HDMI ports of the AU7000 support [email protected], but not HDMI 2.1 and thus not [email protected] A Variable Refresh Rate function is also missing. However, if you can manage without it, the AU7000 is a solid option as a gaming TV. This is thanks to the low input lag of around 10 ms and the available Auto Low Latency Mode, which detects game consoles and thus automatically switches to gaming mode. This makes gaming feel fluid and responsive.

Especially when you look at the price, you have to do without a few features, but you also get a lot for your money in the gaming segment.

However, you should keep in mind that you will probably have to gamble alone or online. Since the viewing angle is quite narrow, the gaming experience with several players will be somewhat clouded, since some players will have a disadvantage due to fading colors.

gaming Samsung AU7000
  • Input Lag ~10 ms
  • Auto Low Latency Mode
  • No HDMI 2.1
  • No VRR
  • Narrow viewing angle

Smart TV thanks to Tizen 6.0

The AU7000 offers everything you could want in terms of smart home features through the Tizen6.0 operating system. The remote control makes it possible to control multiple devices and content with just one remote. Furthermore, the remote control convinces with its material, which is made from 24% recycled plastics, which is why it was affectionately christened the “Eco Smart Remote”.

Numerous media libraries and streaming services are available via the Smart TV interface. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Disney+ are already installed in advance. And if the preferred app is not included, it can simply be downloaded via the App Store.

The voice assistants from Amazon and Google are compatible via external devices, but not integrated.

Compared to the AU8000, the AU7000’s equipment only lacks the Bixby Assistant, as well as the Ambient Mode, which allows the TV to present selected pictures in off mode.

A twin tuner is not available as well as the USB recording function and the TimeShift function are not supported either.

smarttv Samsung AU7000
Smart TV
  • Tizen 6.0 operating system
  • Eco Smart Remote
  • Partly made of recycled plastic
  • Intuitive operation
  • Great selection of apps
  • Triple tuner
  • No Bixby Assistant
  • No Ambient Mode
  • No Twin Tuner, PVR, TimeShift

Convincing price-performance ratio!

The AU7000 represents a solid 4K TV that has an excellent price-performance ratio. Thus, the TV is recommended for those who would not miss the non-existent HDMI 2.1 interface or VRR. For those who want to buy a TV that is easy on the wallet but still delivers a great picture, they have found it in the AU7000. It benefits especially in dark environments and also the reflection behavior in brighter rooms, has been improved compared to the previous model, which makes it not suitable for this, but it should be able to cope with the most common lighting conditions.

Another positive aspect is that the AU7000 has a low input lag and an Auto Low Latency Mode – which should especially please gamers.

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A solid UHD TV for the small budget.
  • Price
  • Smart Features
  • Input Lag & ALLM
  • No HDMI2.1
  • Viewing Angle
  • No FALD

Samsung AU7000 Prices

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