This TV was replaced by the Samsung RU7100 (2019)

Samsung NU7100

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The NU7100 is Samsungs cheapest 4K TV in 2018. It comes in some variations depending which country you’re in. The Samsung NU7100 offers a decent picture quality for a very affordable price point but leaves out stuff like Bluetooth, a Smart Remote and DTS.

Simple design & material

Even though being mostly made of plastic the Samsung NU7100 does seem to be well built. There are no noticeable gaps or construction mishaps.
The TV got a very clean look to it. The bezels are quite thin, the stands are in the same color as is the rear of the television. Between the two stands there is enough space to place a normal sized soundbar. The grooves on the rear help to guide cables to the stands so you can hide them easily.
All inputs are connected from the side so there is no trouble if wall mounting the Samsung.
Apart from the stand it is quite similar to the mid class NU8000.

Decent picture quality but not for HDR

Having a VA-Panel, the NU7100 produces deep blacks and a high contrast ratio of over 5000:1. The screen doesn’t get to bright, so although dealing very well with reflections, it is not a great choice for bright rooms as the screen struggles to overcome the brightness.
The 8 Bit panel with Frame Rate Control (making it 8+2 Bits) provides a very good gradient and uniformity in grey and black. It does not have a wide color gamut so its color volume is quite limited.
For its cheap price point there is no local dimming feature.
All of these specs result in a very good SDR performance. So content without HDR looks quite good. But lacking a local dimming feature, a wide color gamut and the necessary brightness the NU7100 isn’t made for displaying HDR content. The Samsung TV does support HDR10 and HDR10+ but you won’t see much of the intended effect.
At last the viewing angle isn’t too great either as the picture quality degrades rather quickly.

Subpar motion handling

The NU7100s motion handling can be best described with “you get what you pay for”. And as the set is rather cheap you shouldn’t expect the perfect motion handling. The response of the 60Hz Panel is still below 10ms but this can lead to some noticeable blur. It is possible to interpolate 30fps content up to 60fps but the TV cannot remove judder from 24p content like a lot of cinema movies. You must be sensitive to notice it though.

Casual Gaming with the Samsung NU7100

Samsung NU7100 - the cheap gaming TV
cheap gaming TV

If you’re looking for a cheap gaming TV the Samsung NU7100 actually isn’t a bad choice. You might not have the best motion handling but you do have a very low input lag of about 13ms. You can even connect older gaming consoles via an adapter as the NU7100 still has an analog video input! If you are looking for a TV for your Xbox One S or X it is highly recommended to have a look at the NU8000 though as it offers way more performance including a VRR!

Sufficient audio for daytime TV

Like most flatscreen TVs the sound of the NU7100 isn’t too great. There is no subwoofer channel installed in the Samsung. The 20W stereo system does provide clear dialogues though. Its maximum volume is only average.
This is sufficient for daytime TV but it lacks the power to set a great acoustic atmosphere for movies ore games.
For better sound quality a dedicated soundbar or HiFi-system is recommended. Sadly Samsung stopped supporting the DTS format in its 2018 line-up. But as most content has a Dolby Digital audio, which is supported, it should be fine for most people. The multi channel surround sound from Dolby Atmos isn’t supported either.

Samsung NU7100: Smart TV without Bluetooth

The Samsung NU7100 has Samsungs Tizen 4.0 operating system. This includes a large variety of apps with the most common ones being preinstalled. There are some ads in the menus but they shouldn’t bother most users.
Without Bluetooth the television does not come with the Smart Remote. It is controlled with a classic remote. The classic remote is not connected via Bluetooth and there is no Bixby voice assistant as with more expensive Samsung TVs. Without Bluetooth consumers also have less possibilities to connect other handy devices like a keyboard.

Update October 2018: There is a possibility to get rid of the ads via the service menu. One should be careful as there are many important settings you can mess up when accessing the service menu.

Different variants of the Samsung NU7100

US variant Samsung NU7300

In the US there are two other variants of the NU7100.
The NU7300 is basically the same TV with a curved display. This does not create a better viewing experience so it is just a personal preference.

US variant Samsung NU6900

The NU6900 is the even cheaper variant of the NU7100. Its input lag is a little higher with roughly 23ms which is still relatively low so it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. It has only 2 HDMI ports and only one USB port which is one less each as in the NU7100. The stands are a little lower and a little cheaper as well.
If you are trying to save money the NU6900 can be a good choice cause its overall performance is the same as the NU7100s.

European variants

In the European market on the other hand there are even more variants.
The NU7300 again is the curved variant. If you prefer a curved screen this is a valid option as it offers the same performance.
The smaller sizes (40 & 43 inches diagonal) with the article number NU7120 have an IPS-Panel so they do not have the deep blacks and high contrast ratio of the NU7100 but will loose less picture quality when viewed at an angle.
The NU7020 is the even cheaper variant with less ports (2 HDMI ans 1 USB) and different stands. It’s probably the same as the US NU6900.

There are some variants which are a little better than the NU7100. The Variants NU7400, NU7470, NU7500 and NU7670 all have a wide color gamut. They all feature Bluetooth a Smart Remote and a few more smart features like mirroring the TV on a mobile phone or PVR and TimeShift. The NU7500 and NU7670 would be the curved variants.
The NU7470 and NU7670 have Samsungs Micro Dimming Software “Supreme UHD Dimming” instead of “UHD Dimming”. But as Samsung doesn’t tell the difference and no difference is visible, it is believed to be the same thing.
Apart from the mentioned differences the design also does vary slightly form model to model.
The NU7400 and NU7500 can be a nice upgrade if you are looking for Bluetooth or better smart features. The wide color gamut doesn’t benefit the TVs much though.

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Decent entry 4K TV

For everyone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a new 4K TV the NU7100 (or one of its variants) can be a very good choice.
The picture quality for content without HDR is quite good and as there isn’t too much HDR content widely available this is the most important thing. If it isn’t set up in the brightest of rooms it offers good performance for a variety of types of usage. It’s suitable for video games, daytime tv, streaming, sports and movies alike.
The lack of Bluetooth and some smart features is a downside.
Overall the NU7100 does very well considering its price so you can strike a bargain.

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