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Samsung’s The Frame 2019 definitely belongs to the category of extraordinary TVs. The design is more like a work of art – but what’s actually behind the screen is a very capable QLED TV. We explain exactly what The Frame 2019 is all about.

Workmanship and design of the Samsung The Frame 2019

The design already shows that Samsung wants to serve a special niche with The Frame 2019. Simulating an art piece, the design of The Frame is fantastic. The TV rests on two feet on either side, but The Frame is designed to hang it on the wall like a painting. Samsung also supplies the No Gap wall mount.

To increase immersion, Samsung offers an optional range of wooden-look frames that make a very chic impression. This allows the TV to be better integrated into the home environment.

Cable management is extremely comfortable and easy thanks to the included OneConnect box, which is usually reserved for the higher-quality Samsung Q90R & Co.

Deep black und great brightness make a brilliant picture

Samsung has cleverly marketed The Frame, because strictly speaking this TV is a Samsung Q60R with an artistic design. Therefore the picture characteristics are corresponding. The VA panel allows a very deep blacks and the contrast is reasonably wide.

Demanding HDR content, however, becomes difficult with The Frame due to the lack of peak brightness. SDR content looks great, but massive HDR material should be played in dark environments because less ambient light can affect the image.

Basically, The Frame is best suited for rooms with little ambient light and few windows. It works best in dark rooms.

Excellent Motion Handling

When it comes to motion handling, The Frame 2019 works outstandingly well. The very fast response time of around 3.8 ms ensures that very fast content is displayed with hardly any motion blur. However, this can also lead to stuttering in films with 24 Hz.

Motion interpolation can be added on request to interpolate content to 120 Hz at lower frame rates. However, this results in the so-called Soap Opera Effect, which is perceived as unpleasant by some people. This is a matter of taste and does not have to be used.

Gaming on Samsung The Frame 2019

Like all high quality Samsung QLED TVs, The Frame has a number of gaming features that should impress passionate gamers. First, The Frame has VRR FreeSync, which avoids tearing when gambling. However, this requires that you use an Xbox One X, Xbox One S or a PC with an AMD graphics card. Further features are ALLM, i.e. Auto Low Latency Mode, and a very low input lag.

These are about 5.7ms at 1080p @ 120 Hz and 14.2ms at 4K @ 60 Hz. With VRR on, the values are in the same range. The Frame 2019 is not only an interactive painting, but also a very capable gaming TV due to the already mentioned picture characteristics.

Mediocre sound quality

The design and picture of The Frame 2019 are very nice, but the sound is unfortunately only average. On the one hand, the sound is not balanced enough to reproduce all frequencies appropriately. As you’d expect from flat-panel TVs, the bass isn’t strong enough to make an impressive impression on action or horror movies.

In addition, as usual with Samsung, only Dolby Digital is supported. There is no DTS support and no HDMI eARC for Dolby True HD. If you are interested in better sound and are considering a surround option, you should take a closer look at a soundbar to improve the sound.

Great Smart TV Features

As with all Samsung TVs, The Frame 2019 is based on Samsung’s own OS Tizen 5.0. Unfortunately, commercials are displayed by default, which can’t be turned off. However, this is also the case with some competitors, for example LG. All usual apps are pre-installed at the start, for example Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube. If you need more, you’ll find a wide range of other apps in the Samsung App Store.

The scope of delivery also includes the practical OneConnect Box and a white Samsung Smart Remote, which makes a very chic and high-quality impression. Wiring and operation of The Frame 2019 are therefore child’s play. In contrast to the Q60R there is the so-called Ambient Mode. When not in use, The Frame becomes a virtual picture gallery and displays changing paintings on the digital screen.

TV or art piece?

The Samsung The Frame 2019 is the perfect TV for those that don't necessarily want to have a TV in their living space. Art fans and culture lovers will find an innovative solution to transform the TV into a virtual painting when not in use. And when the TV is to be used, it delivers an impressive 4K performance, which is particularly effective in gaming, movies and TV shows.
Picture quality67
Motion Handling78
Smart Features85
Reader Rating0 Votes0
Deep blacks
Low input lag for responsive gaming
Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple AirPlay 2
Ambient Mode
No local dimming
No DTS support

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