Samsung “The Terrace” – QLED for outside

With the announcement of “The Terrace”, Samsung is expanding its range of lifestyle TVs to include outdoor TVs. Available in the US from this May 2020 onwards, these TVs will make watching movies, sports and gaming outside possible.

New features of the “The Terrace” TVs

IP55-rated for protection against dust and spraying water, the televisions, available in 55, 65 and 75 inch models, are designed for outdoor use. With a specified operating temperature in the range of -30 to +50°C, they are designed to provide the user with unrestricted viewing pleasure outside the home.

4K-QLED display with up to 2000 nits and Adaptive Picture Technology

The TVs are equipped with a 4K-QLED display and full array local dimming which includes 90-120 dimming zones. According to the manufacturer, the brightness can be 2000 nits and more which is higher than that of a comparable Q90. In addition, an anti-reflection layer and Adaptive Picture Technology are used to reduce glare and reflections caused by sunlight. This gives the QLED display an even wider viewing angle. It is therefore also ideal for watching with larger groups. For content with lower resolution than 4K, “The Terrace” TVs use AI upscaling. The motion handling ensures smooth motion sequences at a rate of 120 Hz, making it ideal for movies, TV-shows and gaming on the terrace. The Ambient Mode also allows the screen to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings outdoors.

Dolby Digital Plus and the optional “The Terrace” 210 watt soundbar

To ensure that the sound also meets the requirements of an outdoor TV, Samsung works with two integrated 20 watt speakers. In addition, “The Terrace” TVs can, for an additional charge, be combined with a 210 watt soundbar, also weatherproof to IP55 and equipped with 3.1 sound. Thanks to its distortion-cancelling technology and the TV’s Active Voice Amplifier, the sound is adapted to the environment. This prevents environmental noise from disturbing the perceived sound. Samsung also offers the soundbar as the perfect solution for listening to music on the patio. It can be mounted either on the wall or on the TV itself. This sets Samsung’s “The Terrace” soundbar apart from other soundbars designed for indoor use and offers an outdoor alternative, completing the TV set.

Familiar Tizen Smart-TV

“The Terrace” TVs run on the Tizen operating system and are compatible with a wide range of streaming services. This means that TV-shows, gaming and music are also accessible outdoors. This also includes compatibility with the Samsung One Remote, SmartThings and the voice assistants Bixby, Amazon Alexa and Google. The devices also have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access. Airplay 2 makes it possible to transfer videos or music from a mobile device to the TV display and share them with a large group.

Who´s “The Terrace” for?

With the “The Terrace” series, Samsung offers a valid TV alternative for the outdoor area. The models, which are available in different sizes and thus also in different price categories, offer the usual advantages of a Tizen smart TV, but also bring along features that are especially suitable for outdoor use. These include the increased brightness and Adaptive Picture Technology, but also the soundbar, which was especially developed for outdoor use. Thanks to their weather resistance and adaptation to changes in light and volume in the environment, “The Terrace” TVs are ideal for a barbecue or gaming evening on the patio. Sports fans should also keep Samsung’s new TV range in mind, as this puts beamer set-ups for watching sports with friends in the past. Especially regarding the postponed Olympic Games 2020, it is worth keeping an eye on the price development of the “The Terrace” TVs.

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