Updates and differences in the 2020 Sony TV lineup: Ready for PS5?

Sony has already published a whole range of specifications for their 2020 models. Very interesting is the XH90 with HDMI 2.1 and of course the 48 inch OLED from Sony. As well as technical innovations, Sony has also come up with practical innovations, such as the explanation of picture settings through illustrations in the menus.

Updates in the 2020 Sony OLED TV lineup

Sony A8H OLED with many premium features

The new A8H OLED will have a whole range of specifications that are familiar from the 2019 top model A9G OLED. These include the X1 Ultimate Chipset and Pixel Contrast Booster, Sony’s outstanding upscaling. In addition, A8H will have the X-Motion Clarity for OLEDs, which will most likely be a 120Hz Black Frame Insertion feature, possibly similar to the Panasonic HZW2004. Like the other manufacturers, Sony will also have a feature on the A8H that optimizes the image for ambient light. The Acoustic Surface Audio feature on the A8 has also been enhanced with two subwoofers, further improving the sound-from-screen experience.

Cleverly designed are the feet, which are either very flat on the floor or, if you turn them by 90°, lift the screen so that you can place a soundbar in front of it without covering the screen. With all these new features, the Sony A8H is as good or better than the A9G. Only the Center Speaker Mode is missing compared to the A9G.

48 Zoll Sony A9S OLED

By and large, the Sony A9 in 48 inches will probably be very similar to the Sony A8 from 2020. However, it probably has no subwoofer and only a flat base.

Updates in the 2020 Sony LCD TV lineup

Z8H – 8K LCD TV with HDMI 2.1?

Via the HDMI 2.1 connectors [email protected] or [email protected] signals can be transmitted. One of the connectors also has the HDMI eARC function. It is unclear wether the Z8H will receive an update for ALLM and VRR.

The focus, as you’d expect from Sony, is not on super-high contrast and perfect black, but on colour accuracy and the displaying of all details. That’s why the Full Array Local Dimming feature is rather reserved. The Z8H 8K TV will also have the X-Wide-Angle layer on the screen, which significantly improves the picture quality under wide viewing angles. In order for the high resolution to have an added value, you’ll be so close to the TV that you’ll automatically view the sides at a slight angle.

The Acoustic Multi Audio has received an update with a new tweeter and two new subwoofers and, like the A9G OLED, can also be used as a centre speaker in a home cinema system.

The feet of the 75 and 85 inch TVs are next to the actual screen, but can also be placed further in the middle. A new remote control is also included, which uses a light and motion sensor to detect when the buttons need to be illuminated, namely only when the remote control is held in a dark environment.

XH95 – The XG95’s successor

The XH95 or X950H packs everything Sony has to offer in terms of image processing and picture quality. In contrast to its predecessor, the Sony X950G, the X-Wide-Angle coating is available from 55 inches and not only from 75 inches. Thus, the weakness of the VA panel, namely the limited viewing angle, is already compensated for in the more common sizes.

As with the Z8H, the feet can be moved further inwards and the remote control is the same as for the 8K model.

XH90 – Sonys TV for the upcoming PS5?

Besides the 8K Z8H, which is probably too expensive for most people, the Sony XH90 or X900H is also supposed to enjoy the full HDMI 2.1 range. Already at the sales launch, [email protected] and HDMI eARC as HDMI 2.1 features are on board. ALLM and VRR will most likely be released as an update later.

The XH90 only has the normal X1 processor and not the X1 Ultimate or X1 Extreme. So it will not have the same level of image processing and interpolation as an XH95. But you don’t want to use these features in gaming to keep the input lag as low as possible! Also, it most likely has less dimming zones in the FALD. Thus, Sony has a TV with a hopefully very attractive pricing for the upcoming Sony PS5 in its lineup.

Sony PS5 Logo

XH85, XH80 & XH70

There is little interesting to report about the cheaper 2020 Sony TVs. They will probably all be equipped with IPS panels again and will gradually have less performance and features.

2020 Sony TV lineup

ZH875'' & 85''VA-LCD8K120 HzHDMI 2.1, X-Wide Angle
A948''OLED4K120 Hz
A855'' & 65''OLED4K120 HzHDMI eARC
A85/A87/A8955'' & 65''OLED4K120 Hz
XH9549'', 55'', 65'', 75'' & 85''FALD VA-LCD4K120 Hzab 55'': X-Wide Angle, HDMI eARC
XH90 / XH9249'', 55'', 65'', 75'' & 85''FALD LCD4K120 HzHDMI 2.1
XH8043'', 49'', 55'', 65'', 75'' & 85''LCD4K60 Hz
XH7555'' & 65''LCD4K60 Hz
XH7043'' & 49''LCD4K60 Hz

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