This TV was replaced by the Sony X900H Bravia (2020)

Sony X900F

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The X900F is the best television from Sonys 2018 mid range line up. It’s available form 49 to 85 inches diagonal and really works well in a dark room. It offers great picture quality in both SDR and HDR content. With very good Motion handling and a Full Array Local Dimming the Sony X900F leaves few things to be desired.

Minimalistic Design

The Design is quite straightforward yet still comes across as reasonable and humble. The TV is rather thick due to its direct LED backlight but this offers enough benefits to be tolerated easily. The stands are relatively wide apart so one can place a soundbar in between. The bezels are quite thin and the rear looks very tidy. There are no grooves for cable management like on this years Samsung TVs yet cables can be guided through the stands to keep them hidden from the front view.
Overall the build quality makes a very sturdy and proper impression. There are no flaws visible.
The TV can be wall mounted fairly easy but some important inputs might be hard to reach if it´s too close to the wall.

Excellent Picture Quality

The X900F has one of the best picture quality among LED TVs, especially for its price. The VA-Panel produces deep blacks and a native contrast ratio of ~5000:1. By activating Full Array Local Dimming the contrast ratio rises to almost 6000:1.
With a maximum brightness of close to 1000 Nits it is able to display both SDR and HDR content very well, especially bright highlights in HDR. Having a finish which provides good reflection handling the Sony is also suited for bright rooms only being surpassed by some Samsung QLED TVs.
The 10 Bit Panel offers good uniformity and color volume with a wide color gamut with a little room for improvement though. The gradient on the other hand is very good!
The TV does support Dolby Vision as well as HDR10, HLG and so on. Missing is the HDR10+ format but this shouldn’t be a concern.
Having a VA-Panel the picture looses accuracy rather quickly if viewed at an angle.

Very clear motion on the Sony X900F

The Bravia X900F deals very well with fast moving objects on screen. The tv has an average response time of ~3ms which is really good. With the backlight flickering at 720Hz the motion looks very clear. The 120Hz Panel can also interpolate low frame rate content to smooth out motion. Judder as well is no problem at all so you can perfectly enjoy your 24p movies.
It should be noted that all sizes (including 49 inch) have a 120Hz panel. A lot of the time the smaller models below 55 inches only have a 60Hz panel like for example the Samsung NU8000.

Games look very good

Games look amazing on the Sony X900F
Enables gaming on many devices

From a gamer’s point of view the X900F can be quite good but there are some little downsides. First of all the the games look great, no matter if it’s SDR or HDR games. This is due to the picture quality and motion handling.

The input lag on the other hand depends on the signal. In game mode the input lag for a 4K input is ~24ms which is very good (but other TVs are even faster). Getting a 1080p @120Hz input the lag is the lowest with about 14ms. This can be very useful for PC gaming. For lower frame rates the input lag gets up to 45ms which is a little too much. So the X900F would be suited for a PS4 Pro, Xbox One S / X or a gaming PC. For older consoles the input lag can be to a little too high; definitely too high for competitive gaming.

Meager sound quality on the Sony X900F

The sound quality of the X900F is ok at best. There is no real bass and it could be and even though it can get pretty loud the quality suffers quite a bit if you turn up the volume. If you’re just using it for daytime tv it could be sufficient but as this rarely is the case an external sound solution is recommended. Even a cheap soundbar or HiFi system will improve the quality perceptibly. The Sony TV does support Dolby Digital Plus and DTS but not the multi-channel formats Dolby Atmos and DTS:X


Extensive Android Smart TV

As most high end Sony TVs the Bravia X900F is equipped with the Android TV platform. This includes the biggest selection of apps among all OS. It also comes with the google assistant for voice control features. The UI isn´t the most intuitive so it might be a little difficult at first. The remote is rather classic with lots of buttons and not as sleek as other maker`s remotes.
The remote app for mobile devices on the other hand can do more than most. Although it still doesn´t enable text input for youtube, one can use the voicee control features via the remote app.
Update April 2018: Only two of the HDMI ports are HDMI 2.0 the other two are HDMI 1.4. For most people this isn’t a problem but if you have multiple sources which require 2.0 they have to be connected in a different way. For example you can connect a soundbar to the HMDI 2.0 ARC port of the TV and then connect your devices to the soundbar instead of the TV.

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One of the best LED TVs

The Sony X900F is a great TV. Due to its Full Array Local Dimming and overall good specs it offers very good picture quality in SDR and HDR as well as excellent motion handling for fast moving objects. Its minor flaws are only surpassed by OLED or certain QLED TVs but usually they are more expensive.

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  • Deep Blacks
  • Contrast Ratio: 5700:1
  • Full Array Local Dimming (FALD)
  • Color Accuracy
  • Dolby Vision & Atmos
  • 120Hz VA-Panel
  • Android 8.0
  • Viewing Angle
70 %
- outdated rating -
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