Updates about the 2021 TCL TV lineup: OD-Zero miniLED

TCL has already had models equipped with Mini LED technology for years. Since other manufacturers like LG or Samsung have caught up, it is not too surprising that TCL now releases an optimized version. They call this further development OD Zero miniLED. What it is all about and which information were dropped about the upcoming 2021 lineup are described in the following article.

OD Zero miniLED – Already the next generation of mini LED LCD TVs?

The name OD Zero stands for optical Distance Zero, which means the distance of the Mini LED backlight to a diffuser layer. This layer is needed so that the light emitted by the LEDs is spread more and thus a smoother illumination is created, where you can no longer really recognize the individual LEDs.

In conventional mini LED TVs, this layer is a certain distance away from the mini LEDs so that the required dispersion can be achieved. TCL has managed to reduce this distance to zero and can therefore produce even flatter TVs. In addition, considerably more mini LEDs are used, which will of course also have a positive effect on the picture quality.

Since more LEDs are used, they can also be divided into more local dimming zones, which can make a serious difference in the picture quality. It is also very likely that the peak brightness will benefit from a larger number of LEDs – the power consumption, on the other hand, will probably increase.

OD Zero Technology Explained © TCL

News about the 2021 US models

TCL is known for delivering an outstanding price-performance ratio and has thus established an aggressive pricing strategy against the other manufacturers. Unfortunately, unlike TCL Europe, the complete lineup was not shown. However, some information about the upcoming models was shown.

The 6-series, which was released in 2018, has been known for its low price and great quality since its release. Since then, however, some features have been added that further increase the performance of the series. In 2019, QLED technology was added, in 2020, the conventional LEDs were replaced by mini LEDs, and this year, the entire series is to be released with an 8K resolution – and that without noticeably increasing the price.

However, those who do not want to share the 8K hype can safely buy the 4K models from 2019. The series will still be sold in 2020.

In addition, TCL has also provided information regarding larger models, which will be positively received by many who want an affordable but still high-quality TV that is larger than 65 inches. Three TVs are supposed to come with the XL Collection, which will be released in 85 inches. Therefore, it is not unlikely that TCL will sell the most affordable 85-inch TVs in 2021, which will also have great features.

TCL 2021 EU Lineup

TCL Europe also announced its lineup for 2021 at CES. However, since their own Lauch event in the spring is still pending, some dates might still change until then.

ModelSizesDisplayResolutionRefresh RateFeatures
X925 Pro85''miniLED FALD8K120HzOD Zero miniLED,
Dolby Vision IQ,
HDMI 2.1
X92565'' & 75''miniLED FALD8K120HzDolby Vision IQ,
HDMI 2.1
C82555'' & 65''miniLED FALD4K120HzGoogle TV,
Dolby Vision IQ,
HDMI 2.1
C72855'', 65'' & 75"VA-LCD4K120HzGoogle TV
Dolby Vision IQ,
HDMI 2.1
C72550", 55'', 65'' & 75"VA-LCD4K60HzDolby Vision
P72543'', 50'', 55'' & 65''VA-LCD4K60HzDolby Vision

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