Sharp announces rollable OLED concept TV

by Tobias
16. December 2019

Rollable, 4K resolution, 30 inch screen size and RGB pixel structure – Sharp has now announced a new rollable OLED TV. What does LG think of it? Find out all about the new Sharp OLED TV here.

In cooperation with NHK, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Sharp has announced the production of a rollable OLED with 30 inch screen size, 4K resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate. This was announced in a press release from the Japanese electronics group. It will be shown for the first time at Inter BEE 2019, the International Broadcast Equipment Exposition, in Makuhari, Japan.

When not in use, the 30 inch panel simply rolls itself up in a housing that encloses all the technology.

In this video you can watch the rolling Sharp OLED TV.

Competition for LG

LG has only recently announced that it intends to launch a rollable OLED with a 65 inch screen in 2019. So far, so good. The so-called LG R9 is to be released in the fourth quarter of 2019, but this has not yet happened (as of November 2019). While the company is running out of time, the device has even been removed from the website in the meantime.

However, it should be noted at this point that this is a concept product that is not yet intended for the market.

Half size – better image quality

Although the rollable Sharp OLED is only about half the size, according to the manufacturer, it is supposed to deliver a better picture than LG itself. The main difference lies in the image technology: LG uses a WRGB pixel structure for its OLEDs that uses four subpixels per pixel to produce the colors white, red, green and blue. Sharp, on the other hand, uses RGB pixel structure, which produces red, green and blue directly. According to Sharp, this is supposed to create more vibrant colors.

However, Sharp has not disclosed any more precise technical details, so we cannot confirm these allegations. It remains to be seen whether the device will eventually be available for purchase. At least Sharp is not a newcomer to OLED displays, as the company produces displays for smartphones. With the rollable OLED, the company now wants to “explore advanced technologies and open up the future of displays”.


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