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Sony A80L Review

Still with fine colour fidelity in 2023?
Published on 09/18/23
Last updated on 09/19/23

With the 2023 line-up, the Japanese manufacturer is dropping two OLED models at once from its portfolio, and thereby reducing the portfolio of self-luminous TVs by half. This makes the Sony A80L not only the flagship device based on conventional technology, but also the only new TV with a classic WOLED panel from Sony’s development pen for this year.

To find out whether the successor surpasses the good performance of the A80K, how bright the screen actually is compared to its competitors and which other special features are part of the equipment, read our detailed review.

Samsung Neo QLED QN90C Review

The new price-performance peak?
Published on 08/25/23
Last updated on 09/12/23

While Samsung has also been offering OLED-based models since 2022, the LED segment remains the main sales area. Here, Samsung is once again pushing forward with several Mini-LED models and a comparatively wide range of sizes for the now third generation. The Samsung Neo QLED QN90C represents the midpoint of this segment.

In our test, we look at what distinguishes the successor to the QN90B, what the main differences are to the surrounding TVs from the Neo QLED series and where the television has its issues.

LG OLED evo C3 Review

Equipped with real innovations?
Published on 08/04/23
Last updated on 08/10/23

In recent years, LG has built up a more than respectable market position in the OLED TV segment. Models from this product line often score with extensive features at a comparatively good price and are therefore requested frequently.

To find out how much momentum the LG OLED evo C3 from the 2023 range has around the bend and whether the continuation of the popular C-series can also convince with real innovations, read our in-depth review of one of the most popular series of the electronics company.

Samsung S90C Review

Convenient QD-OLED entry?
Published on 07/19/23
Last updated on 08/07/23

Within the 2022 line-up, Samsung addressed its customers for the first time with an OLED TV. In the meantime, the South Korean manufacturer has decided to continue this mission. For that purpose, the series will not only continue with one fresh TV in 2023, but came up with two successors at the same time.

In our detailed review of the Samsung S90C QD-OLED, we show you what the smaller model of the upper mid-range has to offer, which differences exist to the larger S95C and what else you need to know.

Philips PUS8807 Review

The all-in-one package?
Published on 12/19/22
Last updated on 02/08/23

Ambilight TVs are quite popular among buyers and justifiably impress with their great visual effects. Phillips is still the only brand that sells televisions with the colorful LED technology on the back directly out of the factory.

However, the “The One” is actually one of those TVs and is more on the lower end of the price range. However, you can check out how well the TV actually performed in our lab and whether it really makes sense for you to buy it in our full review.

LG UQ81 Review

Decent 4K TV at an affordable price?
Published on 11/30/22
Last updated on 02/08/23

Compared to older Full HD TVs, a 4K TV promises four times higher screen resolution. But is that on its own enough to satisfy today’s quality-conscious buyer? In our test lab, we demanded extensive proof of performance from the LG UQ81.

Read our detailed review to find out what the device from the 2022 lineup offered us, what it did not, and why we were partly surprised in a positive way.

LG QNED81 Review

A cheap gaming TV?
Published on 11/11/22
Last updated on 02/08/23

LG tries to score with a technology combination of Quantum Dots and NanoCell for the QNED81 and convince potential buyers that this LED model is of high quality. Whether the electronics company from overseas succeeds impressively or misses the mark, we found out for you.

Furthermore, you can learn in this hands-on review what exactly awaits you with the QNED series’ entry-level model and in which areas the mid-range TV did not perform so well.

Sony A95K Review

The best picture quality of all?
Published on 10/26/22
Last updated on 02/08/23

You demand image quality that not only looks good, but as outstanding as possible? A high color fidelity and perfect black at the same time? Then take your time and have a look at our review of the Sony A95K. In contrast to the competition, the first so-called QD OLED from the Japanese electronics manufacturer tries to convince in a different way.

In our review of the QD TV, you will learn what advantages the technology exactly offers, how the Sony device stands out and how Samsung comes into play.

LG OLED B2 Review

A price-performance winner?
Published on 08/17/22
Last updated on 02/08/23

If you are looking for a TV in the mid-range price range, the LG OLED B2 might be worth a look. For a comparatively low price, this TV brings an equipment package into your home that is suitable for many applications.

We will tell you in our comprehensive review which models the device from the 2022 lineup exactly belongs to and whether the B2 even comes close to the popular gaming TV from the C-series this time.

LG OLED evo G2 Review

An OLED elite due to heat sink?
Published on 07/14/22
Last updated on 02/08/23

Do you need a new photo frame, but can’t make up your mind when it comes to selecting an artwork? This is exactly where LG’s OLED evo G2 could lend you a helping hand. Are you wondering how that could be done? The magic word is Gallery Design. This special feature makes the G2 stand out and lets the model appear extraordinarily slim.

You can probably imagine that this is still not everything. In our extensive review, we will show you which additional features make LG’s OLED evo G2 become the top model of LG’s OLED lineup and let it compete far up in the league of self-luminous pixels.

LG OLED evo C2 Review

Even better now thanks to the panel upgrade?
Published on 05/12/22
Last updated on 02/08/23

With the LG OLED evo C2, the manufacturer from South Korea relies on an Evo panel in the display frame – just like in the Gallery series last year. This new addition to the popular C-series promises more brilliance and improved brightness values than its predecessor.

Read our detailed review of the C2 to find out whether the current model of the 2022 lineup actually succeeds in this and which results our test lab reveals for the OLED.

Samsung Neo QLED QN95B Review

Is the brightness increase really worth it?
Published on 04/27/22
Last updated on 02/08/23

The follow-up model of the Samsung Neo QLED QN95A features Quantum Matrix technology. A further development that conjures up significantly more lighting levels on the panel and ensures better peaks in brightness. The mini-LED panel with 144 hertz now features HDR10+ Adaptive as well as HDR10+ Gaming. The QN95B also has a special feature in terms of cable routing.

Our review shows whether the Samsung Neo QLED QN95B from the 2022 lineup can really convince us across the board or if you have to deal with some compromises.

Sony X90J Review

High-quality home theater in the mid-range?
Published on 03/21/22
Last updated on 02/08/23

The Sony X90J is probably one of the most popular TVs of 2021. This is probably due to its excellent features, which invite both gaming and movie nights in the living room. You don’t really have to do without anything with this mid-range TV.Β 

Sounds too good to be true? We thought so, too, which is why we took a closer look at the X90J in our test lab to see if it can really deliver as well as Sony promises. We answer the question whether you can still buy a Sony Bravia TV in 2022 or whether the wait for the new generation is worth it.

LG OLED C1 Review

Still at the top level in 2022?
Published on 03/07/22
Last updated on 04/24/23

LG tries to claim the OLED throne again in 2021 with the promising successor of last year’s CX. The South Koreans hardly make any compromises in terms of the equipment package.

We have taken a closer look at the popular model from the C-series and reveal what the feature monster has to offer and whether you can buy LG’s OLED C1 with a clear conscience or rather leave it alone this time.

What does our on-site TV review look like?

In order to put a TV device through its paces and make as meaningful a judgment as possible about the quality in relation to the price of a TV, we base our evaluation on a whole range of different optical and technical factors as part of our TV review. 

Conclusion of our TV review and alternatives

At the beginning of each review you have the opportunity to read the most important information about our findings in a summary. If you want to dive into the review in more detail afterwards, you can easily navigate through it with the help of the sidebar on the left.

First, we subject the device to an optics review

First, we put the device through an optical review.
First, we put the device through an optical review.

Before an LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips or Panasonic TV is allowed to show its technical finesse, we - after unpacking it - first of all look at the optical impression the respective model makes on us.

We then go into more depth and include criteria like the manufacturing quality of the case including the stand and the material quality of the components.

We will then summarize our impressions of this for you in the Processing section.

The panel review: What's in the device?

Image of the panel with macro lens for our C1 test
Image of the pixel structure with the macro lens.

Once the TV has cleared this hurdle, the picture quality and so-called motion handling are assessed.

Using a macro lens, we illuminate the pixel structure of the panel up close.

We measure how bright the TV gets and at what level the device can display colors and movements.

In order to better assess the display quality, we show specially created test patterns for local dimming or the so-called blooming effect on the TV device, for example.

We pay attention to the following during calibration

Besides these parameters, another point of attention is the image settings. What can the panel do out-of-the-box?

Calibration via the Calman test software
Calibration via the Calman test software.

Which measurement values do we achieve with a readjustment of the image in HDR color space and SDR color space?

How does the brightness gradation of the panel behave beforehand and after our adjustment? 

To do this, we use a colorimeter, for example, which helps us measure and compare colors.

Last but not least, we check if the response time matches the manufacturer's specifications or if there are unexpected deviations in the screen's response at this point.

The gaming suitability of the TV

We test the suitability for play
Of course, the gaming suitability also has to be checked.

In the further course of our TV review, we will of course also take a closer look at the gaming suitability and reveal which functions the corresponding model has under the hood in this category and how good the measured input lag turns out to be.

In short, is it worth the purchase for you if you're a gamer or can you find a better gaming TV on the market at this point?

Of course, we also summarize our impression of the sound quality and give an overview of the audio formats supported by the TV, such as Dolby Atmos.

Review of navigation and other functions

Test navigation with the Magic Remote
We navigate our way through the menu structure and apps.

Last, but not least, we will go through the operating system of the device.

How easy is it to navigate through the TV's menu structures? What software interfaces - for example, in the form of voice assistants - does the device offer us?

What is the range of apps available to us and what about smart home applications?

More TVs on tvfindr

TCL R646 6 Series

TCL R646 / 6 Series

A reasonable price and still all the important features?

The TCL R646 6 Series is a QLED mini LED TV with HDMI 2.1 and a comparatively low price. This year instead of the Roku OS with the Google TV operating system.


LG NANO75 (2021)

An affordable entry into the world of 4K TVs?

The NANO75 attracts 4K newbies with a low price. However, it cannot convince with its features and picture quality.

Featured Image LG QNED99 MiniLED


The 8K flagship that can do everything?

High end 8K LED flagship TV from LG with mini LED backlight.

Sony Z9J Master Series

Sony Z9J Master Series

What features does the 8K Master Series have?

High-end 8K LED LCD flagship that leaves nothing to be desired. Superb image processing, high peak brightness, a wide color gamut and a wide viewing angle - in fact, everything you need.

V5 Series 2021

Vizio V5 Series 2021

a worthy successor?

The Vizio V5 Series 2021 is a good choice as your first entry-level 4k TV. The high native contrast ratio and the good reflection handling will give you a nice experience. Unfortunately it's not a good TV if you want to watch HDR content or play games on it.

Featured Image Sony X95J

Sony X95J

The new all-rounder with HDMI 2.1

Sony's X95J XR Bravia is the flagship model of 2021 and once again scores with great picture quality in the home theater. It also has two HDMI 2.1 ports this year. But is that enough for a great gaming experience?



new technology promises great pictures

The mini-LED technology is also present in the LG QNED90 and offers a good all-round package for bright rooms. Together with the ADS panel and a low response time, it is perfect for sports afternoons.

Vizio P Series 2021

Vizio P Series Quantum 2021

Better than the 2020 series?

The Vizio P Series Quantum 2021 is the successor of the 2020 series with some upgrades but also old problems.



Is the cheaper OLED still worth it?

The LG OLED B1 is one of the cheaper OLEDs with an excellent picture and everything gamers could want. Nevertheless, there are a few flaws that you have to put up with.

Hisense A6G Featured Image

Hisense A6G

The best affordable entry-level model

The Hisense A6G is a good entry-level device into the 4K world and a very good Smart TV at the same time.

Featured Image LG UP7000

LG UP7000

4K on a budget

A solid entry level TV if you're on a budget and like to watch regular TV.


LG OLED evo G1

Just a Gallery TV or the best Gaming Screen 2021?

The LG G1 Evo OLED is the only TV with the Evo panel and brings excellent technology with a wonderful picture frame design into the living room at home.

Hisense U6G Features Image

Hisense U6G

The best budget TV there is?

Looking for good picture quality at a great price? The Hisense U6G delivers just that at a great price-performance-ratio.


Hisense U7G

Inexpensive ULED performance TV?

The Hisense U7G is a ULED TV with Full Array Local Dimming, HDMI 2.1 with 4K@120Hz and VRR

Sony X85J

Sony X85J

VA panel and HDMI 2.1. A perfect midrange TV?

Sony TV with good picture quality in dark environments and HDMI 2.1.


Hisense U8G

FALD 4K ULED TV with great value for money

The Hisene ULED U8G offers a great picture quality for movies and also features an analog video input for retro console playback.


LG NANO90 2021

FALD LED Next Gen Gaming TV

The NANO90 is a 4k mid-range NanoCell TV from LG that is especially suitable for daytime gaming.



The entry-level OLED with 60Hz

An OLED TV at an affordable price? LG's A1 OLED turns the premium product into a mid-range TV.

Sony A80J

Sony A80J OLED

Natural OLED picture quality with Bravia XR

Ein 4k OLED-TV von Sony - 2021 High-End-Fernseher mit HDMI 2.1 und beeindruckender BildqualitΓ€t.

Samsung AU8000

Samsung AU8000

the next great TV for the masses?

Affordable Smart TV with good picture quality in dark surroundings and great gaming performance.

Samsung Q80A

Samsung Q80A QLED

Just as good as the Neo QLEDs?

Mid-range QLED with HDMI 2.1 and all gaming features. Perfect for bright rooms, but has difficulties in a home theater environment.

Samsung Neo QLED QN800A

Samsung Neo QLED QN800A

2021 8K Neo QLED Mini LED TV

The new Samsung Neo-QLED 8K TV offers a great picture and good motion handling.


Samsung Neo QLED QN900A

The 8K top model from Samsung

The Samsung 8K top model with mini LED and impressive picture quality.

Samsung Q70A

Samsung Q70A QLED

The affordable Gaming QLED TV

Samsung's Q70A QLED is an excellent mid-range TV that comes with top-notch features like an HDMI 2.1 port, especially for gamers.


LG UP8000

4K without unneccessary gimmicks

A 4K UHD budget TV from LG with a good viewing angle. Suitable for everyday use and wall mounting.


Sony X80J

Sony 4K Bravia entry-level model

Affordable 4K Bravia entry-level with solid motion handling and wide viewing angle


Samsung Q60A QLED

2021 QLED at an entry-level price

An entry-level 4K UHD QLED from Samsung with a wide color gamut. Suitable for a daily use and for wall mounting.


Samsung The Frame 2021

The 2021 edition of Samsung's picture frame TV

Design TV with HDMI 2.1, 4K QLED display and new features


Sony A90J OLED

Master Series OLED with optimized panel - The best 2021 TV?

Sony OLED TV with brighter OLED panel, HDMI 2.1, impressive picture processing and innovative Sound from Screen feature.

QN95A (EU) and QN90A US

Samsung QN90A Neo QLED

The pinnacle of 4K mini LED technology?

Samsung's 4K Mini LED flagship with HDMI 2.1, wide viewing angle and impressive reflection handling


Samsung QN85A Neo QLED

Samsung's entry level model into the world of Mini LEDs

Entry-level Neo QLED with mini LED backlight and IPS panel. Well suited for bright rooms and gaming with HDMI 2.1.

Hisense H9G Quantum Series

Hisense H9G

Most affordable Premium TV or best mid range overall?

ULED TV with great picture quality and Motion Handling, but narrow viewing angle.

In 2021 replaced by Hisense U8G.


Does LG's entry-level BX OLED pay off?

Affordable LG OLED with great picture quality in dark surroundings and an HDMI 2.1 interface.


LG UN7300

UN7300 - Affordable TV from LG's UHD TV Series

The UN7300 is an affordable entry-level smart TV for bright environments with wide viewing angles.

In 2021 replaced by LG UP8000.


NANO81 - The entry-level model for the 2020 NanoCell Series

LG's most affordable television with NanoCell technology. A TV for brighter rooms with a wide viewing angle. The gaming performance is also quite good, but you have to do without high-end features due to the price.


Samsung Q800T QLED

Q800T QLED - The Budget 8K TV from Samsung

The Q800T is the most affordable TV from Samsung's 8K QLED lineup and offers outstanding picture quality - especially in bright rooms! Its gaming performance is also really impressive.

In 2021 replaced by Samsung Neo QLED QN800A.


NANO85 - The midrange of the NanoCell seires

The NANO85 is a TV with ADS panel and can therefore be used well in brighter environments. Thanks to HDMI 2.1 and all the important features, it is an excellent entry-level model for next gen gaming


Sony X750H Bravia

The new entry-level model by Sony

The Sony X750H Bravia is the entry-level 4K model of the manufacturers 2020 lineup. What does the TV offer anyway? Find out here on tvfindr.

Sony A8


The OLED model with the sharpest and clearest image?

Sony's new A8H Bravia is the second-best OLED from the Japanese manufacturer's 2020 lineup. Does the model really offer as much as its proud price promises? Find out with us.

In 2021 replaced by Sony A80J OLED.


NANO90: The king of LG's 4K NanoCell Series?

Good TV for bright rooms with a wide viewing angle and excellent reflection handling. Also the excellent gaming performance will make it interesting for many people.

In 2021 replaced by LG NANO90 2021.

Sony X900H Bravia

Can Sony's mid-range 4K LED TV stand up to the tough competition?

The Sony X90H impresses with its good picture in both bright as well as dark environments and its outstanding gaming performance. However, the viewing angle is somewhat limited

In 2021 replaced by .

Samsung TU7000

4K Crystal UHD TV from Samsung

Affordable entry-level model with low input lag, great smart features and good picture quality in dark rooms with a straight viewing angle.


Samsung Q90T QLED

Samsung's flagship - Q90T the top tier of the 2020 QLED range

The QLED top model performs outstandingly in almost every category. Whether gaming or HDR, whether light or dark rooms on the Q90T all looks good!

In 2021 replaced by Samsung QN90A Neo QLED.

Hisense H8G

One of the best new Hisense TVs?

The Hisense H8G is the second strongest model in the Hisense Quantum Series of 2020. In this article we check its qualities as well as its weaknesses.


Sony X950H Bravia

The new Sony allround talent?

Sony calls the X950H Bravia its "best 4K LCD TV with great contrast and sound". We will see if the flagship model of the Japanese manufacturer fulfills this promise and what else it has to offer.



The LG CX OLED - The best TV in its price range?

The LG CX OLED is a great TV for most uses with its excellent picture quality. It is a good choice for both HDR content and gaming.

In 2021 replaced by .
Samsung Q80T

Samsung The Frame 2020

More than a new edition for design enthusiasts?

In 2020, Samsung is again launching its lifestyle model "The Frame". How much can the model offer beyond its unique design and art mode? Find out in this article.

In 2021 replaced by Samsung The Frame 2021.

Sony X800H Bravia

Is the entry-level model from Sony worth a look?

Join us to find out what the affordable Sony X800H 4K television has to offer. The result might surprise insiders!

In 2021 replaced by Sony X80J.

Samsung Q80T QLED

Samsung's middle class all-round talent

The Samsung Q80T is the cheapest 4K QLED that has both full array local dimming and an ultra-viewing angle layer. With the Q80R released in 2019 as its predecessor, it naturally takes on a difficult legacy, as this is a great all-rounder with excellent picture quality.

In 2021 replaced by Samsung Q80A QLED.
Samsung Q70T

Samsung Q70T QLED

An all-rounder with gaming ambitions?

The Samsung QLED Q70T will be a great TV for everyone looking for an awesome gaming performance with the upcoming PS5 or Xbox Series X while still not spending too much on the TV set.

In 2021 replaced by Samsung Q70A QLED.

Samsung Q50R QLED

Small but fine QLED?

In this article we take a closer look at the Samsung Q50R 2019 - with 32 inches the smallest QLED from the series. Find out together with us whether it can keep up with the big models and whether it is a possibility for you.

Samsung QLED Q60T

Samsung Q60T QLED

The famous Samsung QLED series returns

The Samsung Q60T is the successor of the Samsung Q60R and the 2020 entry-level model in Samsung's renowned QLED range. Find out with us what's behind it!

In 2021 replaced by Samsung Q60A QLED.
Samsung TU8079

Samsung TU8000

Samsung's better "Crystal UHD TV"

When it comes to new TVs in 2020, the South Korean manufacturer Samsung is of course one step ahead. The new generation of televisions comes with devices for beginners and enthusiasts, from which we would like to introduce the Samsung TU8000.

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