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From the encyclopedia, to the right seating distance, to frequently asked questions about the technology and picture settings of the TVs.

How-To Guides

The purchase and ongoing care of a TV should be well thought out. After all, you want to use your TV for as long as possible. If you have decided to replace your old set with a new one, proper disposal also plays a role. In this section, we provide you with assistance and expert support for this very purpose.


The current sound of your TV is not enough for you? Maybe you're just missing the right soundbar to take the sound experience to the next level? Maybe you need nothing more than a few helpful tips for the right settings? Here we inform you about everything that hits your ears.

TV Tech

Have you ever wondered what's inside your TV? Manufacturers are constantly advertising their latest developments. Some of them stay, while others disappear from the market after only a short time. Only a few still have a clear view at this huge amount of technical progress. What are micro LEDs? Why do I need HDR and what are the differences between the various operating systems? What is HDMI 2.1 capable of? Technologies and technical terms that we will clarify for you in this category.


The adjustment of a perfect TV image depends on all kinds of factors. And it's not just the manufacturers that differ. To make life as easy as possible for you at this point, we'll show you tips and tricks on the best picture settings for your TV in this section.

Movies & TV

Which standards and filmming methods are actually used by the world-famous Hollywood studios? How do the most popular streaming services work in order to bring these blockbusters into your living room and in which resolutions does linear television actually broadcast? If you're looking for answers to these or related questions, you're in good hands in this category.

Buyer's Guide

Are you looking for a new TV? Or should it be the right accessories? There are always offers everywhere, but at some point you can't see the forest for the trees and don't know what's really a good bargain. We are happy to help you and find the right TV for your needs!


Do you think your TV isn't big enough, or are you unhappy with your viewing distance for some reason? With our tool for calculating the optimal screen size and the overview of different TV sizes, you're guaranteed to find the perfect setup for your space.


For you to enjoy a full-fledged home theater experience, buying a new TV alone isn't enough. A reliable wall mount, new furniture, and a fancy keyboard that makes everything more comfortable will really round things out. Our accessories section will help you make the right decision for your perfect setup.
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