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LG OLED B2 test seal english tvfindr

A price-performance winner?

LG OLED B2 Review

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LG OLED B2 test seal english tvfindr

LG OLED B2 Review

A price-performance winner?

LG OLED evo G2 test seal english tvfindr
LG OLED evo G2

LG OLED evo G2 Review

An OLED elite due to heat sink?

lg-oled-evo-c2-test seal
LG OLED evo C2

LG OLED evo C2 Review

Even better now thanks to the panel upgrade?

Samsung Neo QLED QN95B

Samsung Neo QLED QN95B Review

Is the brightness increase really worth it?

Sony X90J

Sony X90J Review

High-quality home theater in the mid-range?


LG OLED C1 Review

Still at the top level in 2022?

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Buyers of new, but also owners of existing LG TVs, who are interested in cloud gaming, can now use Google’s Stadia Pro service for three months free of charge. This applies to all TVs with webOS 5.0 or higher.

The offer can be found in LG’s Content Store. Once there, you just have to scan a QR code and complete the subscription process on your smartphone.

Source: LG

The new LCD TV by Philips are now available in Germany and Europe.  While the higher-priced ones are equipped with Android 11, the Philips 7607 uses the Linux-based Saphi. The new Game Bar is especially aimed at console owners and summarizes almost all important information like frame rate, resolution and more in a compact way.

Source: Philips

During a Quartal 2022 conference call, LG Display confirmed that negotiations with Samsung have been unsuccessful so far, as Korea Bizwire reports. As a result, a supply solution has not yet been found. According to a source, the companies could not agree on the price.

What had happened? Samsung reportedly started negotiating a deal to buy WOLED panels from LG’s subsidiary back in April 2021. Presumably, Samsung wanted to place cheaper OLED models below the new QD OLED TV S95B this way. However, the debate does not seem to be completely off the table yet.

Source: Korea Bizwire

As reported by the gfu in its sales survey for the first half of 2022, TV sales decreased by a total of 17 percentage in comparison to the same period last year. However, OLED TVs are increasing in popularity despite this trend and were even able to increase by 13 points with 295,000 units sold, according to the report. In terms of the total number of devices sold, OLEDs now make up almost one third. 

The decline had been expected due to the strong sales years 2020 and 2021 and was therefore by no means surprising. However, considering the upcoming World Cup in November and December and the – usually – stronger sales in the second half of the year, the sales could get a significant boost again.

Source: gfu

In an interview on the occasion of the quarterly results, the co-founder of Netflix, Reed Hastings, commented on the future of classic television broadcasting. In his opinion, the so-called “linear television” will be a thing of the past in 10 years at the latest, as streaming is clearly on the rise.

In June, Netflix reached its all-time high market share of 7.7 percent in the U.S., putting it on par with the two most-watched tv stations, CBS and NBC.

Source: IndieWire

Anyone who buys a German promotional model of the electronics manufacturer’s 2022 lineup by December 31 will get a huge streaming package for free. Depending on the device, the company is giving out gift codes for subscriptions of up to 12 months as part of this promotion. Streamingproviders like Magenta TV, RTL+, Zattoo, WOW, Sportworld, waiput.tv, and Qobuz are among those.

Source: Samsung

The South Korean electronics company is freshening up its lineup with several new lifestyle TVs. Among them are the digital picture frame TV “The Frame” and the easel-like “The Serif”. Both models will feature a matte display this time.

Especially works of art, which you can either purchase directly or get on your screen via subscription, are supposed to look more real. Movies and series, on the other hand, are supposed to have a lower-contrast impression. While “The Serif” is only available in sizes from 43 to 65 inches, you can choose from a diagonal of 32 to 85 inches for “The Frame”.

Source: Samsung

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