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Why the Apple Pro Display XDR is so interesting

Apple Pro Display XDR im Arbeitsbereich.

The Apple Pro Display XDR is really expensive. However, it is not aimed at normal consumers. We'll explain who it's made for and why it's so interesting.

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The latest TVs

LG UM7300

LG UM7500 auf einem Sideboard
75 %

In our opinion, the LG UM7500 is a very good "first" 4K TV and especially suitable for bright rooms. Find out what else makes it a great and affordable choice.

LG UM6900

LG UM6900 in the living room
71 %

The LG UM6900 is one of the most affordable recent LG TVs and is an excellent choice for gamers. However, it uses a different pixel structure that might throw some people of. Find out if it's worth a look.

Philips 804 OLED

Philips 804
92 %

The Philips 804 is one of the newest OLED TVs from Philips to be shown at IFA 2019. We'll explain what makes the 804 a great choice.

Philips 7304 “The One”

Philips 7304
81 %

The Philips 7304 is advertised by the manufacturer as "The one to take home". We check what's behind this statement.

Sony X800G Bravia

Sony XG80
76 %

The Sony XG90 is the most affordable Sony Bravia TV of 2019. We explain what's under the hood and for whom it's suitable – or not.

LG SM9000

LG SM9000
82 %

The LG SM9000 is one of the best LG NanoCell TV of the year. It impresses especially with HDMI 2.1 functionality. We have an overview of all the advantages and disadvantages.

TCL 4 Series S425

74 %

We're taking a look on the TCL 4 series S425 4K TV made by Chinese company TCL. It is set at a very affordable price point, but how does it perform?

Hisense H8F

Hisense H8F auf einem Sideboard
81 %

The Hisense H8F is a very affordable entry-level 4K TV that offers stellar performance. It manages to outshine TVs that are much pricier – we check out why.

LG SM8600

LG SM8600
78 %

We take a detailed look at the LG SM8600, which works well in bright rooms due to its IPS panel and scores with a low price.


93 %

The most affordable OLED TV from LG has received a detailed update. We took a close look at the new model and show you the advantages and disadvantages of the LG B9.

Samsung RU8000

Samsung NU 8000
78 %

The Samsung RU8009 is a solid 4K TV that is extremely interesting for gamers. Here are some features that make hearts beat faster.


Sony A9G
90 %

The Sony A9G is an impressive OLED TV with excellent picture quality. Although it doesn't have the full range of HDMI 2.1, like its competitor LG OLED C9, it does have everything necessary for the enjoyment of home cinema movies.

Samsung Q70R QLED

Samsung Q70R
86 %

The Samsung Q70R is the cheapest QLED TV with Full Array Local Dimming. Black levels, contrast and brightness are very good, but in view of the low price some disadvantages are to be expected.


93 %

The C9 scores with outstanding picture quality, unmatched contrast, HDMI 2.1, top motion handling and great response time. But there are a few drawbacks.

Sony X950G Bravia

Sony X950G
87 %

The Sony XG95 is the flagship of the Sony Bravia LCD lineup. It delivers very good picture quality thanks to its VA panel with Full Array Local Dimming and is suitable for any environment, bright or dark.

Samsung Q90R QLED

Samsung Q90R
91 %

The Samsung Q90R is the top model of the QLED TVs and is particularly suitable for gaming and use in very bright rooms. The picture is fantastic especially with the larger sizes – but unfortunately there are also a few disadvantages.

Samsung Q60R QLED

Samsung Q60R
79 %

The Samsung Q60R is the QLED TV for beginners and is especially suitable for gaming. In contrast to the more expensive models, however, the picture leaves some things to be desired.

Samsung RU7100

Samsung RU7100 4K UHD TV
68 %

The Samsung RU7100 is ine of the cheapest 4K TVs with a VA-Panel. This makes it an interesting budget option especially for darker surroundings.


91 %

The LG B8 is one of the cheapest 2018 OLED TVs. Yet it doesn't have any drawbacks in picture quality. More expensive OLEDs just provide better sound or a different design.

Sony X900F

Sony Bravia X900F
85 %

The Sony X900F probably is the best LED TV at its price point. It has an excellent picture quality and is suited for every kind of surrounding.

Samsung Q9FN

Samsung QLED Q9FN
90 %

The Q9FN is Samsung's best 4K TV in 2018. It is one of the few sets which can compete with an OLED TV.

Samsung NU8000

Samsung NU8000 4K TV
77 %

The Samsung NU8000 offers great value for money. Especially for Gaming on the Xbox One S/X the NU8000 is great being the cheapest TV with a Variable Refresh Rate.

Samsung NU7100

Samsung NU7100
64 %

The NU7100 combines the advantages of VA-Panels, high contrast and good black levels, with Samsung's intuitive smart OS Tizen. And you can still get it on a very tight budget.

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