Differences in Samsung TV 2019: QLED, UHD series and more

26. July 2019

After the first half of 2019, Samsung has made a good impression on the market with its QLED TVs. New features and designs are to declare war on the OLED TVs from LG. Here you can find an overview of the different series and technologies.

Innovations of the 2019 QLEDs from Samsung

In 2019, the South Korean electronics giant will focus in particular on screen sizes. Screens larger than 65 inches are no longer a rarity. The largest screen diagonal in the repertoire is 98 (!) inches. However, this is exclusively reserved for the 8K TV Q950R. More about this later.

Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

Bixby, the language assistant is standard on all Samsung TVs from 2019. But that’s not all: compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is also guaranteed in order to operate the television via voice control.

Apple AirPlay 2

Anyone who wants to mirror or stream content from external devices can enjoy Apple AirPlay 2 on all devices.

Quantum Processor 4K and 8K

Samsung’s new image processors are used in all 2019 QLED TVs. Depending on the panel, there are 4K and 8K versions. The latter, however, is only used with the Samsung Q950R. The task of the Quantum Processor is to expand textures, smooth edges and reduce noise.

Ultra Viewing Angle

In the top models of the QLED TVs from 2019, Samsung has significantly improved the viewing angle. This applies to Q80R, Q85R and Q90R. The built-in VA panels can produce a very high contrast ratio – but the picture quickly becomes bland when you look at it from the side. With an additional layer, Samsung manages to keep the viewing angle as wide as possible with the models Q80R QLED TV and higher without losing much contrast.

Samsung 4K QLED TVs 2019

The QLED TVs are characterized by a special layer in the screen: The improved LCD panel is complemented by the Quantum Dot layer. This layer splits the backlight into red, green and blue, resulting in higher brightness and a wider gamut. Here are the 2019 4K TVs that take advantage of this new technology from Samsung.


The Samsung Q90R is the flagship of QLED TVs. Available in 55, 65 and 75 inches, it is one of the best TVs currently available on the market. This, of course, has its price. It is particularly suitable for rooms with a lot of light. Vibrant and bright colors are shown to their best advantage of the TV, even in direct sunlight. Unfortunately, the color image is not always natural, but animated content looks very good. Thanks to the Ultra Viewing Angle Layer, it is even possible to view from the side without loss of saturation or brightness.

The Full Array Local Dimming backlight is called Direct Full Array 16x. The number of dimming zones is 240 in the 55 inch model and 480 upwards from 65 inches.

The stand is reminiscent of an Apple iMac and looks very classy. Alternatively, wall mounting with space-saving cable management is also possible thanks to the One Connect Box.

The Q90R is especially interesting for gamers. Video games can be played at highest resolution without tearing, because FreeSync VRR is supported. Thanks to the Automatic Game Mode, the input lag is record-breakingly low. In combination with an Xbox One X or Playstation 4 Pro, gaming is really fun.


The Samsung Q80R has slightly less features. Here we are more in the upper midfield of the 2019 QLED TV lineup from Samsung. In terms of picture technology, it offers slightly less than the Q90R.

Samsung specifies Direct Full Array 8x with 96 dimming zones. Like the Q90R, an additional layer in the panel provides a good viewing angle thanks to Ultra Viewing Angle technology.

The Q80R doesn’t have a One Connect Box. Cables must be connected at the back of the tv and can be hidden away in the stand with the Clean Cable Solution. It is available in 55, 65, 75 and 82 inch sizes.


The Q70R is the second cheapest QLED TV from the 2019 Samsung line up. Unlike the Q60R, it has full array local dimming. Combined with a pleasantly high brightness, this results in a beautiful display of HDR content. Like the two larger models, the color space is neat with 10 bits. However, this is only available from a screen size of 55 inches. At 49, the 10 bits are generated by an 8 bit panel with dithering.

The 49 inch model also differs in the frame rate: while the smallest model has only 60 Hz, the frame rate of all models from 55 inches is 120 Hz. This is especially noticeable in gaming. However, there is no Ultra Viewing Angle here – but if you don’t look at the TV at an angle, you won’t have any problems with it.


The Samsung Q60R is the entry-level model in Samsung’s QLED 2019 Series. In contrast to the larger models, some features have to be omitted here. Contrast, color space and brightness are better in the Q70R and up, but definitely sufficient for beginners.

The Q60R has no local dimming. A LED strip in the lower edge of the TV is used for backlighting. Unfortunately the VA panel doesn’t support 10 bits, but 8 bits + Frame Rate Control (FRC), which corresponds to 10 simulated bits and can’t be distinguished by most people.

Samsung Premium UHD TVs 2019

Priced under the QLED series, the UHD TV series from Samsung follows. No QLED technology is used here. It is the successor of the NU series from 2018.


The RU8000 from Samsung is the premium model of the UHD series. The picture of the TV is very good according to the price. Nevertheless, you have to make some compromises compared to the QLED series. The 8 bit + FRC offers a native refresh rate of 120 Hz from the 55 inch model onwards. In the smallest model, 49 inches, the frequency is only 60 Hz. Another feature of the screen is the Wide Viewing Angle. This is not to be confused with the Ultra Viewing Angle of the higher quality QLED models.

Especially for gamers the RU8000 is a real recommendation, because the input lag is extremely low. In addition video games are displayed without tearing, because FreeSync VRR is possible with AMD graphics cards or the Xbox One S / X. There is also the Real Game Enhancer, which optimizes the picture with Dynamic Black Equalizer to make dark scenes more visible.

The screen is available in 49, 55, 65, 75 and 82 inches. The RU8000 also has no Full Array Local Dimming. There is also no One Connect Box – this feature is reserved for the QLED models.

Samsung UHD TVs 2019


The affordable UHD TV of the 2019 line up is the Samsung RU7100. It is available in the screen diagonals 43, 50, 55, 58, 65 and 75 inches. Given the price, you shouldn’t expect many bells and whistles. One thing is certain: you get a rock-solid UHD TV at an affordable price. It is suitable for every kind of use: afternoon program, gaming, streaming, etc. The Samsung Smart Remote is unfortunately not included.

Like all Samsung UHD TVs it is compatible with Apple AirPlay 2, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. PVR and Time-Shift are not supported. You also have to do without Samsung’s Smart Home Software Smart Things.


The Samsung RU7300 differs only slightly from the RU7100. The only difference is the curved display. That’s a matter of taste, because it doesn’t improve the image quality. It is available in 49, 55 and 65 inch sizes. No Smart Remote is included here. Also PVR and Time-Shift are not supported.

Special models in the Samsung Line Up

8K Q900 2019

The Samsung Q900 2019 is the extravagant top model of the 2019 series. The 8K panel has 7680 x 4320 pixels. Full Array Local Dimming and Ultra Viewing Angle are included.

8K sounds like the highest level of television enjoyment – but unfortunately the reality is that there is hardly any content of this quality. Photos can be viewed in such a high resolution, but this contradicts a little the purpose of a television. However, one can make good use of the Q900 at the moment. With the integrated 8K Quantum Processor, the QLED TV scales up content with lower resolution, which works well in practice.

All the imaging features are available on this model, just like on the Q90R. Especially two Big Screen models are available: In 82 and even 98 inches. The prices are in the five-digit range and make the Q900 2019 a prestige object.

Samsung “The Serif”

Another special model is “The Serif”, which does not resemble a conventional television at all, with its unusual design language. Thus it fits wonderfully into industrial and modern furnished living rooms.

The Samsung Q60R’s technology is hidden behind the artistic facade, which is why “The Serif” is able to reproduce any content in sharp 4K quality. What’s nice is that when switched off, the TV literally merges with the interior design: instead of a black screen, it displays decorative and informative content, such as art, the time or Smart Home Infos.

Samsung “The Frame”

This QLED TV is something for art fans: “The Frame” is a Q60R disguised as a picture frame. Behind the painting is identical technology. If desired, the screen can be equipped with a digital passe-partout, which can be adjusted in color and size as desired. This brings the individual picture gallery home.

It is intended for wall mounting, in order not to attract more attention as a television set. Thanks to the One Connect Box, cable management is no problem either. The Frame” reproduces all content in 4K quality, whether it’s a football match or an art gallery. For the former purpose, however, it is less intended.

All Samsung 2019 TVs at a glance