Streaming services: Netflix or Fire TV

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the major streaming platforms offering various 4K content. Watching 4K TV is now a pretty simple thing to do.

While many major broadcasters haven’t fully developed their 4K Ultra High definition content yet, there’s actually plenty of 4K content thanks to the rise of streaming services.

Netflix vs. Amazon Fire TV


Streaming Service Netflix 4K content
Netflix provides 4K content including their Netflix Originals

To be able to delightfully enjoy 4K content on Netflix there are a few things to keep in mind. 

When watching Netflix through an external source such as an Apple TV 4K or any game console, you should make sure the TV has an HDMI 2.0 connection that is HDCP 2.2 compliant.

As streaming 4K content is highly data intensive, a very solid broadband connection is advisable. Therefore Netflix recommends an internet connection of 25 megabits per second or higher. Most of the big providers offer a quick, high speed broadband thats stable. Your availability can be checked by entering your post code.

While the Netflix content is constantly changing there is usually a decent library on 4K movies and series available.

Netflix US

  • When possessing Netflix Premium and a connection thats capable of streaming 4K content there’s currently a pretty wide range of 4K substances in the US.
  • Favorites like House of Cards, 13 Reasons Why, Breaking Bad, The Blacklist and Daredevil, some movies as well as the Netflix Original content including more than 100 original films ad specials are available in 4K.
  • Streaming Netflix on a new 4K TV comes with the purchase of Netflix Premium and the costs of $13.99 per month instead of the standard plan with $10.99 per month (HD Available), while you’ll be able to stream on four different devices.
Streaming Service Netflix 4K
Netflix 4K content is available in the UK as well as in the US

Netflix UK

  • Attention, your TV might not be compatible. The first 4K generation of TVs purchasable in the UK with H.264 codec did not support HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) H.265 compression standard, which Netflix needs support of to run 4k content.
  • Streaming Netflix on a brand new 4K TV comes with the purchase of Netflix Premium and the costs of £8.99 per month instead of the standard £5.99, while you’ll be able to stream on four different devices.
  • When possessing Netflix Premium as well as a connection that is capable of streaming 4K content there’s currently a pretty small library of 4K substances.
  • House of Cards season 2 and 3, as well as beloved series like Breaking Bad, The Blacklist and Daredevil. In the Future more movies as well as the Netflix Original content should be available in 4K.

Amazon Prime (Fire TV)

Amazon offers 4K content through its Prime Instant Video platform without purchasing any extra costs for a different package:. $12.99/ £7.99 per month is the only price . While the 4K service has been available to certain TV companies like Sony and Samsung, it’s now available to everyone.

Amazon Streaming service 4K Fire TV
Amazon offers 4K content on Fire TV including Videos for purchase and rental
  • With a compatible 4K TV, the 4K content is available from now on
  • As well as Netflix Amazon’s Prime Instant Video library is limited. Fortunately the number of Amazon Originals available in 4K is gradually increasing. Shows such as Transparent, Alpha House or favorites like Mad Men are already watchable in 4K. While investing in the future Amazon should be able to highly increase the amount of 4K content in the next years.
  • The content on Fire TV changes: offering different movies and shows in 4K on different times
  • You can buy ($20-$30) or rent (<$8) many 4K movies in addition to their free selection but there’s not such a big library of TV shows like on Netflix.
  • The opportunity to pay less with discounts for students: £3.99 per month or £39 per year/ $6.49per month or $59 per year
4K content via Netflix or Amazon Fire TV?

Conclusion: Netflix or Fire TV

4K Netflix or Amazon Fire TV
Netflix and Amazon Fire TV are some of the major opportunities to easily enjoy 4K content

Both services, Netflix and Amazon are offering 4K content on a decent level. There are differences between the two streaming services. Everyone should decide on their own whether they’re focusing on prices, the selection of movies, the range of series or other aspects. Both platforms constantly change their content. You can check which content might be more interesting for you or whether you prefer paying less a month but purchase or rent movies instead of paying more per month without paying for additional stuff, to come to a decision.

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