Finally OLED under 55 inch – LG 48CX will be released in June

Originally, the release of the LG 48CX was announced for mid-May. In June, the model that many have been waiting for so eagerly will finally be released. For the first time LG expands its line-up with an OLED TV under 55 inches.

The 48CX – The smallest OLED variant from LG

As announced at the CES in Las Vegas, LG is launching the 48CX in June, a model for all those who are looking for an OLED TV under 55 inches. This expands the product series, which already includes TVs in the sizes 55, 65, 77 and 88 inches by it´s smallest version so far. Therefore it is the smallest 4K and UHD-capable TV on the market.

First releases in June

Since LG was unable to meet the original release date, the first releases will now be in June, as the Korean manufacturer has announced. This means that the wait for all who are looking for a medium sized OLED TV comes to an end. Gamers in particular might be happy about the confirmed release next month, as the model is already being said to be an attractive console-option.

OLED TV with familiar features

The 48CX’s performance and features are said not to be inferior to those of the larger CX models. In addition to the advantages of OLED technology, the model supports Dolby Vision and HDR 10 at 120 hertz. Moreover it has HDMI 2.1. With these features, the 48CX is aimed at those who are looking for an OLED TV for gaming or use in a smaller room and don’t want to compromise on quality. This small version of the CX series is also suitable as a second TV.

When will the US release be?

The 48-inch CX will be available in European an Asian stores from June at the price of 1799 euros, as confirmed by LG. This is initially limited to Europe and Asia, the USA will follow later this year at a price starting at 1500 USD.

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