PS5 VR games: The best games with VR support and what you need for virtual reality!

PS5 VR Spiele

Games that take place in virtual reality are right up your alley? If you want to find out which PS5 VR games you might not have discovered yet, we have a separate list of the best VR hits for the Playstation for you to check out. If you want to get into the VR experience but don’t know what accessories you’ll need, you’ve come to the right place.

Playstation 5 games with VR support

We particularly like these PS5 VR games

Star Wars Pinball VR Cover
Star Wars Pinball VR
Release date:
Apr 29, 2021
Simulator, Pinball
VR support
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Star Wars Pinball VR

Pinball machines were very popular at the end of the 1970s. Thematically, the waist-high tables with overlying glass panes and an obstacle course in the middle covered all possible fields. Nowadays, thanks to VR technology, you can experience this as deeply as never before. Star Wars Pinball VR offers you a total of eight setups from the science fiction universe around Luke Skywalker and Co. Whether you start your own career and have to fulfill additional tasks under time pressure or use the arcade mode to play more calmly. This VR title is not only worth experiencing for Star Wars fans.

Fracked Cover
Release date:
Aug 20, 2021
Shooter, Adventure
Game modes:
VR support
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The acrobatic shooter Fracked combines merciless gunfights, adventurous climbing and daredevil skiing elements into a unique action variety, in which you’ll be able to become the savior of the planet with your hero. Admittedly not entirely voluntarily, you’ll go into battle against interdimensional enemies in a final battle. Outwit your opponents in a remote mountain complex through the clever use of interactive weapons and a skilful cover strategy. One of the most successful PS5 VR games.

HITMAN 3 Cover
Release date:
Jan 20, 2021
Shooter, Tactical, Adventure
Game modes:
DualSense, HDR10, Optimized for Xbox Series X|S, Raytracing, Supports 4K resolution, VR support
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Hitman 3

As a cold-blooded Agent 47, you know only one thing: contract killings! In the VR version, you experience the world of the contract killers from the first-person perspective and can look your victim face-to-face in the eyes, perceive sounds around you and interact with the game world. You’ll use crowds to go underground and gain an advantage. All of the areas from the two predecessors can also be played in Part 3. If you have the PS4 version, you can also expect a free PS5 upgrade.

What is PlayStation VR?

Under the label PlayStation VR, Sony almost combines its virtual reality division on consoles. This includes the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 4 Pro, and the PlayStation 5. Besides a PlayStation VR game and one of the consoles, you will also need some other equipment. Fittingly, Sony provides you with everything you need on the shelf. Here you can find out which components are available:

PS5 VR Games VR Glasses
PlayStation VR glasses allow you to dive into virtual reality.

PlayStation VR headset

The PlayStation VR headset is, of course, the core of your VR equipment and provides a horizontal field of view of 100 degrees that you perceive via an integrated OLED screen with Full HD resolution for each eye and 120 frames per second.

All the while, the battery lasts for up to 10 hours of use. Nine LEDs on the front and back take care of positioning. The audiovisual helmet generates a three-dimensional surround sound via the integrated inears.

You can communicate with friends in the virtual world with the help of the built-in microphone. A size adjuster ensures the fitting to your head measurement. Spectacle wearers can simply put the headset over their visual aid.

PS5 VR games – PlayStation Camera

PS5 VR games camera
With the help of the camera, the Playstation can find you in the room.

The VR headset alone is not enough to gain a foothold in artificial environments. You need the PlayStation Camera so that your position and the head movement can be detected properly. Using 3D depth sensors and two lenses, not only the headset but also the controller and the so-called PlayStation Move motion controllers can be detected in this way.

PlayStation VR processor unit

In addition to the glasses and camera, Sony also provides a small box. This is necessary to connect your VR system to the console and finally to the TV. Ultimately, the device serves as a so-called HDMI splitter and splits the output signal between the TV and the headset. A social screen is displayed on your TV as an output image as soon as you start PlayStation VR. This allows people without VR headsets to see what you are doing in the virtual world.

PlayStation Move motion controller

If you want to dive a bit deeper into the digital world, you can use up to two of these motion sensors in addition to the headset to expand your interaction options even further. Each Move motion controller has its own user interface with all the important buttons.

PS VR target controller

An alternative to the Move motion sensors is the Aim Controller. This input device was especially designed for use in shooters and provides a more authentic gameplay. As soon as you pull the trigger, the device reacts via vibration feedback. You navigate through the game using the two analog sticks. You can use the familiar function keys from the controller to make your entries.

PS5 VR Games Headphones
The alternative to the inears of the Playstation VR glasses.

Pulse 3D Wireless Headphones

If the sound of the included Inears of the PlayStation VR headset is not enough for you, you can optionally fall back on the Pulse 3D headphones. The ear cup attachment can be paired directly with your PlayStation VR headset via the included 3.5 mm audio cable and used non-stop for up to 12 hours thanks to the built-in battery.

3dRudder motion controller for PS5 VR games

At first glance, this motion control is probably the most curious one in Sony’s entire VR portfolio. However, when used correctly, the circular platform provides more flexibility for compatible VR games. The funny foot controller allows you to change directions with your legs and perform other actions with your hands at the same time.

Camera adapter

Using a special adapter, you can easily connect your camera to the PlayStation 5 and enjoy your VR experience on Sony’s latest console. Therefore, you are not necessarily limited to a PS4 or PS4 Pro. However, there is a small catch: The converter cable is not part of the delivery and can only be purchased separately.

PS5 VR Games Demo Versions
You have the accessories, but no games yet? Then check out the demo versions.

Demo versions of the PS5 VR games

Do you already have the necessary equipment, but are missing games to try out? No problem! There are two collections of downloadable VR demos available on PlayStation Store that you can try out for free. This is a great opportunity to try out one or two VR games before you buy them.

PlayStation VR2 – The second generation

The second generation of the virtual reality headset under the PlayStation VR2 label was launched in February 2023. In addition to the VR2 goggles, the standard package includes two PS VR2 Sense controllers and a pair of stereo headphones. Compared to its predecessor, the new version is significantly more powerful. An OLED display with a resolution of 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye and an adjustable refresh rate of 90 to 120 hertz is installed by Sony this time. The field of view is around 110 degrees.

The sensors include a six-axis motion sensor system with rotation rate and acceleration sensors and an IR proximity sensor. Four cameras are integrated into the headset for tracking purposes, as well as an IR camera for eye tracking per eye. The headset has vibration feedback and communicates with the PS5 via USB-C.

PS VR2 Sense controller

In addition to the conventional PlayStation buttons, the two Sense controllers also offer motion sensors, finger touch detection, IR LED position tracking, trigger effects and haptic feedback. Communication is via Bluetooth. A built-in lithium-ion battery provides the power supply. To ensure that the battery can be recharged regularly, Sony provides you with a separate VR2 Sende controller charging station. This allows you to recharge both controllers at the same time wirelessly using the click-in principle.

Is PS VR2 compatible with the PS4?

As the VR2 glasses and accessories were specially designed for the PlayStation 5 console and therefore rely on the significantly more powerful hardware, Sony has not provided backwards compatibility with the consoles of the PS4 generation. For this reason, VR titles that were originally released on the first VR version cannot be played on the new peripherals unless an adapted port of the game is available.

The game highlights also include sequels to popular franchises, new releases and exclusive titles. These include an adventure from the world of “Horizon” with“Horizon Call of the Mountain” and “Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge”. Other notable games include “Demeo”,“No Man’s Sky“, the sequel to “The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners” and the action-packed “The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR”.

PS5 VR Games Cost
The virtual reality experience on the PlayStation is not entirely cheap.

How much do PlayStation VR and VR2 cost?

While you can add the Starter Pack with goggles and camera to your equipment inventory for around 200 euros, Sony also offers other more comprehensive packs. These include a PlayStation VR Mega Pack for around 300 euros with 5 additional PS5 VR games. If you buy the Starter Plus Set, you will also receive the Twin Move Controller.

As not everything takes place in virtual space these days, you can still experience many games on standard flat-screen TVs. If it’s getting on in years and you’re looking for a new one, the best TVs for the PlayStation 5 might have something suitable for you.

However, this will cost you well over 400 euros. A Gran Turismo Sport bundle is also available. This will cost around 270 euros. Regardless of the bundle, you can download The Playroom VR for free from the store. This collection contains a total of six VR games that allow you to experience different gaming experiences. In general, the price range for VR titles is wide. You can pick up some PS5 VR games for less than 10 euros or you can easily pay the full price for one or two games.

To purchase the latest generation from a retailer, you will have to dig much deeper into your pockets. While the standard package is offered at a retail price of around 600 euros, the Horizon Call of the Mountain Bundle costs an additional 50 to 100 euros. In addition to the VR2 headset, the two new Sense controllers and a pair of stereo headphones, you will also receive the game as a download version via a code. Compatible VR games can cost up to 70 euros and are therefore also very expensive.

How can I recognize Playstation games with VR support?

You can recognize PlayStation VR and VR2 games for your PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5 by the labels “PlayStation VR” and “PlayStation VR2” on the upper side of the cover directly below the logo. But beware: This notice distinguishes between“Required” and“Compatible“. The former means that you absolutely need VR hardware to play a title on your console. If, on the other hand, the game is “only” compatible, you do not necessarily need the respective equipment and can therefore play the game as usual without the additional hardware components. You can of course also find this label in the PlayStation Store.

Of course, you can also use VR together with a suitable home theater system or soundbar. If you are already looking for one or are thinking about buying one in the future, our soundbarfindr buying guide might give you some ideas. So feel free to take a look.

PS5 VR Games - How much space do I need?
You should have some space if you want to play VR titles properly.

PlayStation VR games: How much space should I have at home?

To create enough space for tracking, a play area of around six square meters is recommended. You should have about 3 meters in length and about 2 meters of space to the sides. Important: The player should sit about 1.5 meters away from the TV and camera. Caution: If there are potential obstacles such as furniture or other objects in this area, make sure that you clear them out of the way beforehand so that you can return from your VR experience without injury.

Although standing up or even walking around while playing is expressly not recommended, the degree of immersion in PS5 VR games means that there is a good chance of jumping up or making an unintentional movement in the heat of the moment. Your health and your furniture will thank you in any case. If you play permanently in a seated position, a playing area of around one square meter is generally sufficient as long as you have enough space to move your arms freely in all directions.

Motion sickness through PlayStation VR

As a rule, you should not have any problems with motion sickness, also known as simulation sickness. If you have not experienced VR before, you may feel uncomfortable the first time you put on the VR headset. However, this sensation usually subsides within a short time. In general, however, you should take regular breaks of around 15 minutes per hour when playing.

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