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A TV is still a big, dark box, even if the box has become quite narrow over the years. However, there are many people who simply find a TV in the apartment unattractive and prefer a fancy design. Therefore, the picture frame TVs were invented, which look like a painting on the wall with their “Gallery Design” and thus become downright invisible in the environment.

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The high end model: LG OLED evo G29

If you attach great importance to both a sleek design and great inner values, the LG OLED evo G2 is just right. The manufacturer’s picture frame TV is incredibly thin and also rests directly on the wall thanks to its flat design. The included wall mount nestles seamlessly into the recess on the back, leaving hardly any space between the wall and the TV.

LG OLED evo G2 wall mount
Instead of a stand, you get an extremely flat wall mount included.

The Gallery Mode feature then turns the TV into a real painting in no time, because it lets you display real artworks by renowned artists on your TV when you’re not using it in the classic sense. The paintings are hardly distinguishable from real pictures, which makes the TV almost invisible between their real pictures.

LG OLED evo G2 Gallery Mode
Gallery Mode transforms the G2 into a painting.

Beyond that, the G2 naturally also offers excellent inner values, making it one of the best OLEDs on the market. A brilliant picture quality, outstanding gaming features and a very easy-to-use smart operating system makes the G2 a work of art not only on the outside.

The design marvel: Samsung The Frame

If you don’t want an OLED on your wall, you can take Samsung’s The Frame 2022 into your home, which has been the picture frame TV for several generations now. With its new matte display, it truly looks like a painting on the wall and thus has something over LG’s G2. Thus, the TV fits very aesthetically into every living room that does not have a black screen, and reflections are much less noticeable than with the glossy competitors.

Another advantage is that the TV can also be customized. The frame of The Frame 2022 is exchangeable and Samsung offers a large selection of exchangeable frames so that The Frame 2022 fits perfectly into your living room. You can then display countless paintings via the Art Mode when it is turned off, or you can also set the scene for family photos that you can upload from your phone to the TV. Unfortunately, there are only twenty free paintings available from Samsung directly, and if you want more, you’ll have to sign up for a subscription model, in which you’ll then have 1200 paintings to choose from.

To maintain the illusion of a painting on the wall, the brightness is dimmed down as soon as the TV is in Art Mode, so the paintings are still illuminated, but they don’t shine so brightly on the wall. In addition, only one cable leads away from the TV. The Frame 2022 comes with Samsung’s One Connect Box, which allows connecting all other devices without having to worry about annoying cable clutter.

In terms of picture quality, the device is also convincing, even though the contrast is significantly lower than that of the OLED competitor. However, that will be sufficient for most users, and The Frame 2022 can score points in gaming. The response time is low, so fast movements are incredibly smooth, and a huge advantage of the Samsung The Frame 2022 is the Samsung Gaming Hub. This allows games to be streamed directly from the TV, without the need for a console and annoying downloads. The only requirement: a fast Internet connection.

TVModel yearPanelResolutionHDMIHDRSizes

The high end model:

LG OLED evo G29
LG OLED evo G29
2022 OLED evo4K/UHD
4x HDMI 2.1 (4K@120fps)
HDR10 HLG Dolby Vision IQ Dolby Vision

The design marvel:

Samsung The Frame
Samsung The Frame
2022 VA4K/UHD
1x HDMI 2.1 (4K@120fps)
HDR10 HLG HDR10+ Adaptive HDR10+

Other picture frame TVs worth mentioning

LG OLED evo Posé

Another TV that can also pass for a designer piece is the LG OLED evo Posé, which is available in 55, 48 and 42 inches. The special thing about the Posé is that it not only looks good from the front, but it can also convince with a durable textile fabric in beige on its back and thus fits seamlessly into almost every living space. This is because LG has designed the novelty under the motto 360° design, which can shine from every angle.

Additionally, the compartment on the back can be used for records, magazines, power strips or other things, so that the TV remains functional even in the middle of the room. The special stand also makes LG’s Posé look like a work of art on an easel, which can also be mounted on the wall by detaching the base. Of course, the Posé also offers a Gallery Mode, which displays pictures and paintings when it’s not being used as a TV.

In terms of inner values, the simple yet special model is one of the big ones, because you also get the inner values of the big Gallery Design model LG OLED evo G2 here. Even gamers can put this elegant TV in their living room, because it offers all the gaming features that LG is so famous and popular for. In addition, there is of course the always brilliant looking OLED display in 120 Hz.

LG OLED evo Posé
4K / UHD
120 Hz
3x HDMI 2.1

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Table of contents

Design above all

The days when a TV was a big, unattractive block of electronics on a sideboard with a lacy cover are thankfully over. Today, TVs are still big and mostly black, but their design has become much more modern. For some people, however, that’s not far enough, and some would rather have a TV that hangs completely inconspicuously on the wall or is a real designer piece in the living room.

Fortunately, manufacturers remain creative in this regard, which is why there is now a solid selection of TVs in a special design that can function as a painting on the wall or as an interactive work of art in the center of the room. Many models are also customizable or simply classically elegant. They often come with exciting and useful additional functions, which can make them a real all-rounder despite the design.

Even if the design and aesthetics of the models are in the foreground, the technical features inside the works of art often do not have to hide. After all, a lot has happened here over the years as well, and the models are often indistinguishable from the flagship and high-end models of the manufacturers. Even enthusiastic gamers can now equip themselves with a picture frame TV and enjoy the same features that the “normal” model has. The only catch in the story is and remains the price, which is often significantly higher for the picture frame TVs and designer pieces.

Frequently asked questions about picture frame TVs

Not necessarily! LG’s models in particular show that a modern-looking TV also has a lot going for it and is in no way inferior to the normal models. However, there are also TVs that save on technical features and give more space to the design itself. However, these TVs are aimed at a different audience anyway.

Displaying paintings and works of art naturally means that the TV has to be continuously supplied with power when the function is used. This naturally increases the power consumption, but the consumption is kept within limits.

Since the TVs are special models, you pay a significant premium for the looks and special features. In most cases, you can also get the product in a “normal” form at a much more affordable price, which is why you should think about whether you absolutely want the design before buying.

So far, only the manufacturers LG and Samsung offer so-called lifestyle TVs, which also include the picture frame TVs. Even manufacturers like Bang & Olufsen, which are known for consumer electronics in the high-price segment, use LG OLED models as the basis for their products.

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