Best 4K TVs under $500 2019/12

A good TV doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money. Beyond the $1.000 mark, there is a huge selection of different UHD TVs. But even in the price class below $500 there are tons of devices of different well-known brands, which may not offer the whole range of technical features, but nevertheless deliver a great picture. Here we recommend three 4K TVs under $500 from Samsung, Hisense and LG! If your requirements are a little more specific, just try our TV finder!

These are the Best TVs under $500 in 2020

Value for money
The Samsung RU7100 is the affordable entry-level 4K TV from South Korean tech titan Samsung. It hardly has anything to offer in terms of technical extras, but offers a rock-solid base and scores with a great picture. It is especially interesting for gamers. Due to the VA panel, colors look vivid and black areas very dark and deep. Unfortunately, the viewing angle is a bit narrow, but this is no problem with a straight view.
  • Very low input lag
  • Good uniformity
  • Narrow viewing angle
  • Mediocre HDR

Check prices: 435055586575 Inch
for bright rooms
The LG UM7300 is one of the UHD entry-level televisions from South Korean manufacturer LG. It offers a good viewing angle thanks to the IPS panel – but this is at the expense of contrast ratio and black level. It is better suited for bright rooms than for dark rooms. Gaming is really fun because input lag is very low and motion blur is almost non-existent.
  • Good viewing angle
  • Very low input lag
  • Mediocre HDR
  • Mediocre picture in a dark environments

Check prices: 435055657075 Inch
120 Hz Hisense
Hisense 55H8F
The H8F by Chinese company Hisense is one the best entry-level 4K TVs you can buy. It features Hisense's very own ULED technology, which is close to Samsung's proprietary QLED. Full Array Local Dimming, 120 Hz and an extremely low input lag are only a few of the stellar specifications that you can enjoy with the H8F.
  • Good HDR features (HDR10, HLG)
  • Dolby Vision
  • Extremely low input lag
  • Full Array Local Dimming
  • Slow response time
  • Bad viewing angle

Check prices: 505565 Inch
435055586575 Inch
10 Bit
60 Hz
VA Panel

The Best Value for Money TV under $500

The Samsung RU7100 is the entry-level model of the 2019 UHD series from Samsung. It doesn’t have any technical high end features but certainly provides one thing: a great picture. Unfortunately, the number of ports is very manageable: two HDMI ports, HDMI-ARC, tuner, LAN, WLAN, USB and an optical audio output.

For passionate gamers there are better devices in more expensive price ranges. But those who occasionally play video games will have a lot of fun with the RU7100. The input lag is fantastic, which is good for action-packed gaming. Unfortunately, there’s some motion blur, which is evident in fast-moving content.

Unfortunately, the viewing angle is very narrow. But that’s no problem if you sit directly in front of the TV. The RU7100 is available in the sizes 43, 50, 55, and 65 inches and is especially recommended for occasional users who want to watch the afternoon program after work or want to have a relaxed TV evening from time to time.

435055657075 Inch
10 Bit
60 Hz
IPS Panel
43UM7300PUA, 49UM7300PUA, 55UM7300PUA, 65UM7300PUA, 70UM7370PUA, 75UM7570PUD

The Best TV under $500 for bright rooms

The LG UM7300 belongs to the midfield of the UHD televisions of the South Korean manufacturer. In contrast to the Samsung RU7100, the UM7300 uses an RGB IPS panel instead of a VA panel. This results in the contrast ratio and black level not being as good as on the RU7100. Therefore, the UM7300 is only moderately suitable for darker environments. The rather greyish black is very noticeable. The color space is also less accurate due to the RGBW IPS panel. The picture looks much better in daylight. Enthusiasts may find this annoying, while occasional users will probably have no problem with it.

As with the RU7100, gamers can enjoy the low price of the UM7300. The input lag is very low, which is positive for fast video games. Fast movements can be displayed clearly and fluidly without stalling or blurring.

The UM7300 has three inputs for HDMI and HDMI-ARC, two for USB, one for cable or antenna and a network connection. Two of the HDMI inputs go out to the side, so wall mounting is no problem.

The viewing angle is wider than with VA panels due to the IPS panel. Therefore, the TV can be viewed from any position and can be used during everyday life at home. For occasional users living in bright rooms, the UK6470 cuts a fine figure.

505565 Inch
10 Bit
60 Hz
VA Panel
50H8F, 55H8F, 65H8F

The Best TV under $500 with 120 Hz
Hisense H8F

Chinese company Hisense presents an entry-level 4K TV that is really up to par with some more expensive models made by bigger names. The H8F provides an excellent picture, decent motion handling, a wide color gamut, impressive contrast ratio and an extremely low input lag for a budget-friendly price. It has been available since Spring 2019. It has few disadvantages, two of them being a bad viewing angle and a slow response time, which leads to motion blur with fast playing content. The build quality isn’t as high as more expensive models though, as the H8F is almost entirely made out of plastic.

Four HDMI 2.0 ports (one of which is HDMI ARC), two USB ports, an analog AV out and a digital audio output are available for connections. WiFi and a LAN connector are also on board. The Hisense H8F is stood on two plastic stands that look a little cheap albeit hold the TV very well.

Rich colors, deep blacks and strong contrasts ensure a great TV experience. It is also good for gaming since it offers an very low input lag, provided you’re using the Game Picture Mode. Unlike with more expensive models, you have to switch to Game Picture Mode manually. The Smart TV features are great – the most popular apps come preinstalled on the TV. The Smart OS Android TV is a real bonus as well, since it is running completely ad free. It is available in 50, 55 and 65 inches.

The Best TVs under $500 compared

Good features for gaming include low input lag, low motion blur and sufficient frame rate.
Viewing angle
The viewing angle is the angle at which the screen can be viewed without the colors being washed out and the brightness diminishing.
Bright environment
A classic bright environment would be a well lit living room with many windows. Good televisions should be able to deliver good pictures in a bright room.
Dark environment
In dark rooms, televisions should also be able to display content correctly. This requires good black levels so that black content does not appear dark grey in complete darkness.
Home cinema
To bring the cinema experience home to you, a good television set should be able to reproduce images and sound equivalent to modern cinemas.
Smart TV
Every Smart TV has a number of Smart Features that are designed to make operation easier. In addition to apps such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, these include voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as well as Apple AirPlay 2.
The number of connections to ensure flexibility for the technical periphery pay for the equipment.
Available sizes
The compared TV under $500 are available in following screen sizes
* All prices are in USD incl. VAT, if necessary plus shipping. Interim changes of prices, ranking, delivery time and costs are possible.
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What makes the best TVs under $500 in 2019?

The best television under $500 depends on the needs of the user. If you don’t need any technical features and only use the TV for a few different purposes, you will get might get a larger screen instead of additional features. All three televisions are ideal for occasional video games or the afternoon program. Blu-rays and streaming on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video are also great fun with all devices. Satisfactory solutions are definitely available at a low price!

Here again my recommendations:
Value for money for bright rooms 120 Hz Hisense
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