Best 65 Inch TVs

TVs with a screen diagonal of 65 inches have become one of the most popular standard sizes and are now frequently used in living areas, home theaters and gaming rooms. Manufacturers have also recognized this and adapted their product range to the buying behavior of their customers.

Today, there is a more than wide range of models in this sector, with tvs in various price and performance categories. To give you the best possible overview, we have compiled the best 65-inch TVs here.

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Allround TV and OLED gaming in one: LG OLED evo C37

As one of the best TVs in 65 inches with gaming features, we consider the LG OLED evo C3. On the other hand, the popular model from the C-series is suitable for long TV evenings as well. Thanks to numerous HDR formats, such as Dolby Vision, every scene is optimized individually and thus tuned by the device.

In contrast to the previous year’s version, however, the C3 saves on technical innovations and, apart from a revised control including a new processor, only brings a manageable amount of real innovations. Of course, the screen still shows its expressive strengths – especially in dark lighting conditions – and brings all the usual OLED advantages like high contrast, perfect black level and the wide viewing angle.

LG OLED evo C3 Tiled Image

As mentioned earlier, the C-series is known for offering gamers an extensive range of options and settings that enhance the gaming experience. Here, not many competing TVs can keep up and provide everything you’ll find on LG’s traditional gaming model. This includes, of course, a screen capable of 120 hertz, four HDMI 2.1 ports and a game mode.

LG OLED evo C3 Connections

Thanks to the available connections, the audio output can easily be realized via a home theater or soundbar. In addition to Dolby Atmos, the setup also offers DTS:X passthrough support for the first time.

With the help of a modular stand you can fix a compatible soundbar and attach it directly to a wall mount, together with the case. Thanks to webOS 23, you have a user-friendly operating system with many streaming services and additional smart features at your disposal.

Samsung S95C
4K / UHD
144 Hz
4x HDMI 2.1

Samsung continues to follow the QD line established in 2022 with the S95C and adds some improvements. Unlike the predecessor, which did not have one, the One Connect Box is now part of this segment. As a result, a fast connection of external devices and a quick reconnection will make your life a bit easier therefore.

On top of that comes a performance that is in the upper class and capable of a peak brightness level with more than 1300 nits. Combined by perfect black, this results in a great contrast, which is especially good on dark backgrounds.

Due to the slim casing, which the marketing department of the South Korean manufacturer likes to call Infinity Design, this model is also particularly suitable for wall mounting. Apart from that, you get a top tv with great specs here, which – unsurprisingly – does not include Dolby Vision.

A Mini-LED top model: Samsung QN95C

Samsung continues to focus on precision and an above-average luminance in the successor of the QN95B. Therefore, the QN95C has considerably more dimming zones that can be controlled individually by the algorithm and thus also a better contrast ratio. Particularly bright objects on a dark background benefit from this because an overshadowing in the contour areas is minimized. At the same time, you get a comparatively wide color spectrum with enough power for use in high room illumination.

Users who value Dolby Vision will be left empty-handed, as usual, since Samsung once again did not license Dolby’s HDR standard. However, if you are actually looking for a 144 Hertz TV with a size of more than 50 inches for your gaming machine, this Mini-LED could be quite an interesting option for you to buy.

After all, the South Korean manufacturer also includes almost everything that is available on the market in terms of gaming features in the specs list. As a result, even console gamers with the latest hardware will be satisfied to a large extent.

Exclusive features like Q-Symphony or Object Tracking Sound+ give you more variability in terms of audio performance and support the Dolby Atmos codec in a practical way You can forward the sound to more capable devices via the eARC port if necessary in order to enhance the viewing experience with an appropriate audio background. Samsung’s own Tizen OS serves as the modern control center.

Apart from the wide range of appsΒ  and streaming services, there is also a gaming hub with various cloud gaming services. However, the package is only really rounded off with the One Connect Box in the slim line. This simplifies cable routing and connectivity.

Samsung QN95C
4K / UHD
144 Hz
4x HDMI 2.1
Sony X90L
4K / UHD
120 Hz
2x HDMI 2.1

Home theater enthusiasts for whom an OLED device does not seem practical due to their personal usage behavior or the lighting conditions on site will get an option with the Sony X95L that impresses with its color optimization in combination with a high luminance. These features are flanked with an Mini-LED ilumination as well as a slim design and adjustable feet in width and height.

In addition to PlayStation 5 exclusive features like an Autogenre Mode and Automatic Tone Mapping optimization during initial setup, you’ll get a TV with the ability to use almost all of your consoles’ available next-gen features.

Only Dolby Vision Gaming on the Xbox Series X|S with a refresh rate of 120 hertz is not possible. As part of a gaming mode, the model gains response time and shortens the input lag on the game controller.

Hisense U8K
4K / UHD
144 Hz
2x HDMI 2.1

One way to keep more money in your wallet and still get a powerful TV is the U8KQ by Hisense. Also available as a 65-inch TV, this well-priced device provides more than sufficient brightness to hold its own even in strong daylight conditions.

At least when the TV is not regularly occupied by large groups of people. Here, the VA panel starts to lose some of its quality at comparatively low viewing angles. If that isn’t an issue for you, a good device based on Mini-LEDs, including many HDR formats, is waiting.

Gamers will also get their money’s worth. In fact, the U8KQ has a screen that is capable of displaying 120 frames a second, which allows for HFR content. A gaming mode including response and input adjustment is also a part of the specifications. Dolby Atmos via eARC ensures a sound experience without data loss using compatible soundbars or home theater systems.

Slim upper class design: LG OLED evo G39

With the G-series, LG launched a product line a few years ago that not only performs at the very top, but also looks rather inconspicuous at the same time and thus perfectly fits into your interior design. Unlike many flat-screen TVs, the rear casing is actually formed uniformly flat here and thus allows a mounting via the adapted bracket using the VESA standard, which optically fits almost flat to the wall.

Thus, there is practically no noticeable gap left. Ultimately, the look is similar to a picture frame. The G3 can be quickly “transformed” into a painting via the matching Gallery feature and thus be integrated into the room design in a colorful or thematically matching way. Since the concept is specifically designed for this kind of use, LG does not include a separate stand in the scope of delivery. Instead, you get a customized mount in the form of a slim-fit bracket.

Apart from the usual OLED advantages and brightness values, which – also thanks to Micro Lens Array technology – are in the absolute upper class, the Gallery TV includes all gaming features of the LG OLED evo C3 in its spec sheet without further ado. So not only do you get a flat, unobtrusive design and a high brightness output, but you can also consider this TV a full-fledged, next-gen gaming TV. Besides features like ALLM and 120 Hertz refresh rate, this also includes the Game Optimizer already known from other models.

An additional special feature is the Vanta Black Polariser embedded in the screen. This significantly improves the reflection resistance and visibly minimizes ambient reflections on the display. You can easily navigate though the interface, browse your streaming services and manage a wide range of apps via the webOS 23 interface.


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Table of contents

65 inches as the new TV standard

65 inches – A little bigger is fine

55-inch TVs are still considered the norm on the TV market, but the 65-inch variant is slowly becoming the new favorite. One of the reasons for this is that the size is now much more affordable and easier to find in the budget price segment. But also because of the now huge range of streaming services, which brings a real cinema atmosphere directly to your home.

In terms of price, there are no limits in this category either, since you can get a 65-inch TV in your living room for less than 1000 dollars, but you can also put significantly more on the table. Since most manufacturers carry a 65-inch variant, you don’t have to do without any features, especially in the high-end range, if they are available in the corresponding model series. This is usually the case with the smallest models in a range, but not with the golden centerpiece.

Such a large screen is especially suitable for movie & series fans who like to enjoy picture-rich content. But a much bigger TV than the norm is also suitable for a large living room, and gamers who want to enjoy role-playing games with an open, detailed world also like to reach for 65 inches.

Frequently asked questions about TVs with 65 inches

The recommended seating distance here are 3 meters, but this can also be exceeded or undercut if the space does not allow it otherwise. At a seating distance of 4 meters, the TV should be at least 65 inches, and at an even greater distance, you should go for an even larger TV.

A TV with a screen diagonal of 65 inches is on average 1.4 meters wide. That’s how much space is needed at least on a TV bench, and even more if other devices are to fit there. Enough space should also be planned for wall mounting, since a 65-inch TV is 80 cm high on average.

Even though 55 inches is still the standard when it comes to TV sizes, the 65 inch size is becoming the new sales favorite. Therefore, there is also a wide price range here and you can already get LCD TVs well below 1000 Dollars. However, the price can also go up and especially with the design TVs, you pay significantly more. On average, however, the price for a 65-inch TV is 1500 – 2000 Dollars.

The VESA standard of your TV is important if you want to mount it on the wall. The abbreviation VESA stands for Video Electronic Standards Association and is an international agreement regarding mounting systems for flat screens. On the back of a TV that is suitable for wall mounting, you will find four drill holes with a horizontal and vertical spacing. To determine the correct VESA standard, measure the distance between the holes.

For a 65-inch TV, the dimensions can vary, but 400Γ—400 is usually available. Appropriate wall mounts should be purchased for the existing VESA standard.

On average, a 65-inch TV consumes 130 – 260 watts. This puts them in the EU energy efficiency class G. Again, HDR material consumes significantly more power than SDR content.

A 65-inch TV has a very large screen and is therefore perfect for those who want to experience movies and series up close. But gamers who like to play role-playing and detailed games will also like a 65-inch model much more than a smaller size.

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