Best TVs under $1000

With a limited budget, the selection is not quite as large, but you can still buy a lot of great TVs below the magic limit of 1000 Dollars. Depending on the offer, you can get excellent high-end devices and even sizes up to 77 inches are quite possible. We have compiled the best TVs under 1000 Dollars here, so that you can make the best choice for your needs.

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OLED at the lowest price: LG OLED A19

When it comes to OLED TVs, it is rare to come across one that costs less than 1000 Euros. However, the LG OLED A1 is the perfect candidate for an OLED TV that can brighten up the living room with its brilliant picture quality and that for a good price.

Especially for home theater, OLED TVs are often the first choice because their contrast is unmatched by the competition and colors are displayed intensely and brightly. Furthermore, the A1 features the dynamic HDR format Dolby Vision IQ, which adjusts the picture quality to the ambient brightness and is thus optimized significantly.

Even though the A1 only has a 60 Hz panel, movements are displayed smoothly, even when gaming. Because despite the lack of an HDMI 2.1 port, you can connect the PlayStation 4 or Xbox Series X to the TV without any problems and start gaming, because only absolute enthusiasts will notice a difference.

The sound is a bit thin, but that is no wonder due to the flat design, but the LG OLED A1 offers a very good basis for an expandable sound with a soundbar or another external solution. This includes an HDMI eARC port, which can transmit Dolby Atmos uncompressed.

In terms of smart features, you don’t notice at any point that this is the entry-level model of LG’s OLED lineup, as the A1 offers a fluid operating system with all the conveniences you could want. This includes a large app selection, support for voice assistants, Time Shift, a USB recording function, and even Apple AirPlay 2. You can also navigate through the menus very easily with the Magic Remote, so you get an all-around smart TV.

Sony A80J
4K / UHD
120 Hz
2x HDMI 2.1

Sony’s TVs are known for their terrific picture optimization and the Sony A80J is no exception. Thanks to the OLED panel, it delivers an already great picture quality, but it is optimized even more. HDR content benefits from Dolby Vision, which means every movie & series fan will get their money’s worth.

In addition, the Sony TV offers ideal conditions for gamers and the new consoles can be supplied with all important functions via two HDMI 2.1 ports. Even the otherwise very thin sound can be seen thanks to formats like Dolby Atmos or DTS.

Those who are simply looking for a good Smart TV will be happy with the Sony A80J. Google TV runs smoothly and offers a lot of features that make the TV smart. A large app selection offers a wide variety of series and movies, and things like voice control are also available.

Sony test winner: Sony X90J

One of the best LED/LCD TVs is probably the Sony X90J, which is available for well under 1000 Euros. It is especially convincing due to the excellent picture optimization, which can only be found at Sony. This makes content like skin colors or nature scenes look incredibly natural and authentic. The image can even be optimized further with the dynamic HDR format Dolby Vision.

Sony X90J
Elden Ring on the Sony X90J

The picture quality is also noticeable when you connect the current consoles to the TV via the two HDMI 2.1 ports, because games are also put in perspective on the X90J. The interfaces then allow the consoles to enjoy all the necessary functions so that you can play for hours.

The sound could sound better for some applications, but the X90J offers both Dolby Atmos and DTS, which is why you should reach for an external solution anyway. Then the audio formats can also be transmitted uncompressed via the HDMI eARC port.

The side ports of the Sony X90J

The Sony X90J becomes smart with Google TV, which offers a huge app selection, support for common voice assistants and even a twin tuner. Apple services are also supported, so you get a well-rounded overall package.

Samsung Q70A
4K / UHD
120 Hz
1x HDMI 2.1

The Samsung Q70A is one of the best allrounders when it comes to inexpensive LED/LCD TVs, which is especially popular with gamers. Here, it namely offers the best basis for extensive gamer sessions thanks to an HDMI 2.1 port. Current consoles can be supplied with all imaginable functions, so extensive gaming fun is guaranteed.

In addition, the Q70B also offers a very good picture quality and a large color gamut, so that movies and series are displayed realistically. Thanks to the 120 Hz display, even movements of fast content like sports are displayed smoothly and without jerks.

The sound is okay for everyday use, but can easily be improved via an HDMI eARC port and an external sound solution. Dolby Atmos can then also be transmitted uncompressed.

In terms of Smart TV, the Tizen 6.0 operating system does a good job and runs smoothly without stuttering. The remote control comes with a sustainable solar panel and the app store is also full. You also have access to the integrated voice assistants Alexa and Bixby.

Samsung AU8079
4K / UHD
60 Hz
No HDMI 2.1

With a size starting at 75 inches, you actually have to put a hefty chunk of money on the table, but not if you can do without certain things and get the Samsung AU8079 for your living room. The model offers the best price-performance ratio in all sizes and is therefore suitable for every home and every budget.

The picture quality is quite convincing, especially the deep and even black. The viewing angle is unfortunately a bit narrow, but the TV can handle reflections well. In addition, the TV is responsive and comes without any stutters.

Gamers will have to make do without an HMDI 2.1 port, but that doesn’t really matter since the current consoles work wonderfully without it. The sound, on the other hand, should be enhanced with a sound bar or another external solution, and the HDMI eARC port is perfect for that.

However, if you are looking for a comprehensive Smart TV, the Samsung AU8079 is perfect. Tizen 6.0 runs smoothly and without jerks, and it also offers a wide range of apps, as well as voice control and integration into the smart home.


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OLEDs as well as LED TVs for under 1000 dollars

The magic limit of 1000 dollars

Meanwhile, the prices of TVs have developed in favor of the buyers, because even the expensive OLED technology is now available at a lower price. Therefore, you can already get real high-end devices or really big TVs over 70 inches for under 1000 Dollars in some cases. Here, it always depends on current offers, which is why it is always worth keeping your eyes open here as well. Nevertheless, there are features that are simply reserved for the expensive models.

You can expect a bit more in this price segment, but not everything. Therefore, you have to question your own needs and see what you want to use the TV for. For gaming, you can definitely count on HDMI 2.1 connections, especially for the standard 55-inch size. The picture quality is also much better here, since you can already get inexpensive OLED devices that offer theoretically infinite contrast and perfect black. If HDR10+ or Dolby Vision is also available, every home theater fan can expect a real treat.

Frequently asked questions about cheap TVs

Usually, a new TV cycle starts in January with the presentation of the latest models at CES in Las Vegas. In the following months, the new models then go on sale at the manufacturer’s RRP. It is not until the late summer and early fall months that prices begin to drop significantly. Often, there are already some bargains in the month of November, but a purchase after Christmas can also be worthwhile, since new models are already waiting in the wings.

If your own budget is small and has to be in the foreground of the purchase, you should consider exactly what you want to use a TV for. If you want to use it mostly for gaming, you can already buy a good gaming TV for 1000 Dollar, which has HDMI 2.1 and can thus utilize the current consoles. For home cinema fans, the contrast should be as high as possible and also have an appropriate brightness.

If the size is to be more than 70 inches to bring a real home cinema feeling into the living room at home, you might have to do without one or the other feature. An even cheaper TV is sufficient for a simple Smart TV, since you can also get very good Smart TVs for less than 500 Dollar.

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