Best 48 – 50 inch TVs

TVs don’t always have to get bigger and bigger, because for many users a small size in the 48 – 50 inch range is already enough. They are much more mobile, so it is easier to move them to a different location, and they are also ideal as monitors in some cases. That’s why many manufacturers are increasingly producing smaller TVs again, since not every user has enough space for large TVs and the more compact sizes are becoming more and more popular. We’ll show you here which small TVs are the best and which ones you can currently get for the lowest price!

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Best 48 - 50 inch TVs in comparison

Pos. 1
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  • Precise color reproduction
  • Brilliant picture quality
  • High contrast image with perfect black
  • Great reflection behavior
  • Everything you need for gaming
  • Small risk of burn-in
Pos. 2
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  • Perfect Blacks
  • Contrast Ratio: ∞:1
  • Motion Handling
  • Viewing Angle
  • HDMI 2.1 ([email protected])
  • HDMI VRR & G-Sync Compatible VRR
  • Dolby Vision
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Alpha 9 Gen 4 AI Processor
  • Automatic Brightness Limiter (ABL)
Pos. 3
Samsung QN50QN90BAFXZA
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  • Classy 4K TV
  • Stunning picture quality
  • Vibrant colors
  • Superb contrast
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Great reflection behavior
  • Excellent gaming and smart features
  • No headphone jack
Pos. 4
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  • OLED with great price-performance ratio
  • Perfect black with infinite contrast
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Sophisticated smart features
  • Precise motion handling
  • Not very bright
  • No next gen gaming features
Pos. 5
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  • Perfect black
  • High contrast image
  • Clear movements
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Very accurate color reproduction
  • No HDMI 2.1, therefore maximum 4K at 60Hz
Pos. 6
Sony XR50X90J
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  • Contrast Ratio 6200:1
  • Full Array Local Dimming
  • Great Motion Handling
  • Cognitive Processor XR
  • HDMI 2.1 with [email protected]
  • Viewing Angle
  • No ALLM
Pos. 7
Sony KD-50X85J
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  • 120Hz VA Panel
  • Contrast Ratio 6300:1
  • Wide color gamut
  • HDMI 2.1 with [email protected]
  • Android 10.0
  • Viewing angle
Pos. 8
Hisense 50U6g
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  • Contrast Ratio 4750:1
  • Low response time (~4ms)
  • Full Array Local Dimming
  • Dolby Vision & HDR10+
  • Dolby Atmos & DTS
  • Android 10 smart OS
  • 60Hz panel
  • Narrow viewing angle
  • No HDMI 2.1

The test winner in the LCD range: Sony X85J

The Sony X85J in its small 50-inch size is our favorite when it comes to smaller TVs. Not only is it well-made and fits even on the smallest sideboards due to its two slim stands, it can also score in gaming and home theater.

The wide color gamut gives the X85J many advantages in HDR and upscaling also works wonderfully, so regular TV or old movies and series also look much better. Even though the viewing angle is a bit narrow, the LCD TV can convince with a true-color and brilliant picture. Furthermore, the Sony TV offers Dolby Vision, a dynamic HDR format that is supported by many contents.

Gamers should also have fun with the X85J. The TV offers a 120Hz panel, which means that movements are displayed smoothly. In addition, the TV has two HDMI 2.1 ports, which means that current consoles can be connected without any problems.

Of course, the TV also makes an excellent modern Smart TV, because it can convince with a smooth and intuitive Google TV operating system that offers all the features you could want. This includes a large app selection as well as support for various voice assistants and Apple services.

Only the sound of the Sony X85J shows isolated weaknesses, which is due to its flat design and affects every flat TV. However, it is easy to optimize and can be easily expanded with a soundbar or sound system via the available ports.

Samsung AU8000
4K / UHD
60 Hz
No HDMI 2.1

If you have to keep an eye on the budget in particular, the Samsung AU8079 is a good choice. It is an excellent smart TV and offers all features that are needed in smart everyday life thanks to the intuitive Tizen operating system. Furthermore, it can convince with a good picture quality, which is especially evident in dark rooms.

However, gaming enthusiasts should be aware that the Samsung TV does not have an HDMI 2.1 port, but that is not absolutely necessary for a good gaming evening. After all, the new consoles also run excellently on the TV, even though the AU8079 only has a 60Hz panel.

The OLED Champion : LG C2 evo OLED

When it comes to OLED TVs, the LG C2 can fight its way to the top this year, as it is an all-around excellent TV. In its small 48-inch size, it fits wonderfully in smaller rooms or in large gamers’ dens, as it is a true wonder for gamers. In the gaming sector, there is currently no better candidate that offers everything: Four HDMI 2.1 ports with all the features, Dolby Vision Gaming for Xbox Series X and a responsive 120 Hz panel.

LG OLED evo C2 Gaming Final Fantasy
In terms of gaming, the C2 offers everything you can wish for.

LG’s C2 also offers perfect OLED performance in the home theater sector. Thanks to the built-in Evo panel, the TV also has a higher brightness, which makes HDR content like movies and series even more effective. Here, the C2 can shine with an outstanding image contrast and brilliance. A wide viewing angle also comes in handy!

LG OLED evo C2 Magic Remote
Using the Magic Remote, you can navigate through the C2’s menu easily.

The C2 also cuts a good figure as a Smart TV and convinces with the revised webOS 22 operating system. This offers a large app selection, the creation of individual user profiles, and support for voice assistants and Apple services. LG remains faithful to the Magic Remote and even offers the possibility to speak directly with the TV thanks to Hands Free Voice Control this year.

The OLED TV also delivers a clean sound so that broadcasts are well understandable. However, even better sound can quickly be provided via the available connections.

The picture frame feature: Samsung The Frame 2022

If the design of a TV is more important than specific features, Samsung’s The Frame 2022 is the perfect solution. The picture frame TV can be wonderfully hidden on the wall and doesn’t look like a TV if you don’t want it to. Thus, it can turn into a painting in the blink of an eye, blending in beautifully with the gallery wall at home.

It also offers solid features, making it a good smart TV as well: A One Connect box takes care of any cable tangles with ease, and the 60Hz panel combined with HDR10+ provides a good template for the perfect TV evening. Even gamers will get their money’s worth here, even though HDMI 2.1 with all its features is only available with a larger inch size. However, gaming is still fun on the picture frame TV!

Tizen 6.0 also provides a reliable operating system and offers the unique Art Mode in addition to a large app selection, supported voice control and Apple AirPlay 2. This can even display beautiful pictures in power-saving mode that put any painting in the shade. In addition, there are various decorative elements that can be attached around the TV, making Samsung’s The Frame 2022 a real eye-catcher.

Table of contents

It all comes down to size

48 – 50 inch TVs as all-rounders

When buying a TV, the size is unfortunately always important, because there is not always enough space or the TV should not be given so much importance. Small sizes like 48 – 50 inches are also ideal as a monitor in the streaming basement or as a second device in the bedroom. The possibilities are numerous and manufacturers often offer a small version of their best-sellers to fill just that niche.

Furthermore, the distance to the TV has to be right, since not everyone can call a huge living room their own, and the wrong distance leads to not being able to enjoy the picture well. For 48 – 50 inches, a seating distance of about 2 meters is recommended.

In most cases, the smaller TVs have the same technology built in as the larger ones, but they are not automatically cheaper by any stretch due to their smaller size. Since they are so versatile, they are often still quite expensive in comparison, which is why it is always worth taking a look at current deals.

Questions about TV with 48 - 50 inch

With a seating distance of 3 meters, the TV should be at least 48 inches. The recommended distance is two meters for sizes 48 – 50 inches.

The screen diagonal for 48-inch TVs is 1.2 meters on average, and a few centimeters more for 50-inch. The width of 48 – 50 inch TVs is more than 1.1 meters.

TVs in sizes 48 – 50 inches are already available for less than 500 Dollars and even OLED TVs are already available for less than 1000 Dollars.

TVs of this size consume an average of 80 or 130 watts, depending on the content shown. HD content always requires more power than linear TV. This puts the 48 – 50 inch TVs in EU energy efficiency class G. However, this does not mean that the TVs are power guzzlers, but that the limits have been tightened significantly in 2021.

Smaller TVs are especially popular for gamers because they deliver a crisp picture and you can easily fit the small size in the bedroom, small apartments or streaming basement.

That depends on the usage. Gamers who want to use the new consoles on the TV should definitely look for HDMI 2.1 connections, a low response time and a low input lag. If you want to use it primarily for watching movies and series, the contrast is important, which should be correspondingly high, as well as the brightness and the supported HDR formats. A TV with a not quite as high peak brightness is sufficient for the bedroom.

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