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If you are a passionate movie fan, have the necessary space and the money to spend, it might be worth taking a look at the world of screen sizes above 80 inches. These sizes are particularly ideal for large rooms with longer distances to the screen or compact home cinemas. To give you an idea of the model selection, we have compiled the best 82 – 88 inch televisions here.

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Brilliant HDR performance: Samsung QN90C

Samsung’s top-level TV from the backlit segment in the us confirms the good and, most importantly, bright picture performance of its predecessor, but has been shortened by one very important feature. At this point we are not referring to the size range, but the One Connect Box that has been long established.

What this means for you is that the useful connection kit has been removed without replacement. Nevertheless, the TV still cuts a fine figure and is consistently one of the brightest 4K devices on the market.

You can see this in terms of the detail brilliance when watching HDR content as well as with dark scenes. Thanks to the superior surface brightness, the QN90C is also ideal for use in daylight or rooms that are well lit in general.

A small deficit is the usual lack of Dolby Vision support. Apart from that, you get a vast range of features and the availability for next-gen options on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. If no console is ready to go, you can use a cloud gaming service via the Gaming Hub – as long as you have a proper subscription. Apart from that, this Mini-LED has all the essential gaming features and is also capable to operate at a refresh rate of up to 144 hertz – requiring a powerful gaming PC.

You should aim to round off the experience properly when it comes down to sound. Besides Q-Symphony and Object Tracking Sound+, eARC support is available, which forwards the Dolby Atmos codec uncompressed onto an external audio device. Tizen is of course in charge in terms of the user interface.

Sony X95L
4K / UHD
120 Hz
2x HDMI 2.1

As Sony already showed as part of the 2022 offer, the Japanese manufacturer is continuing to focus on 85-inch formats of its TV sets for sizes above 80 inches. Therefore, you can also get the top model from the LED range with this screen diagonal.

Alongside the usual large color volume, this time the manufacturer is offering significantly more brightness also. A Mini LED backlight, which again has considerably more light zones, forms the basis for this. As a result, the X95L can once again increase the black level and produce lower values here.

The dual HDMI 2.1 interface has also been kept. Other manufacturers equip their top TVs with more options at this point. Dolby Vision Gaming can be displayed in 4K resolution with up to 60 hertz. On the other hand, PlayStation 5 owners get exclusive features such as Auto Tone Mapping for example. Although the Bravia Cam is not part of the equipment, it can be attached to the X95L additionally.

Hisense U7K
4K / UHD
144 Hz
2x HDMI 2.1

The U7K marks the start of Hisense’s mid-range Mini-LED segment in 2023. With it, the Chinese manufacturer has significantly increased the price-performance ratio compared to the previous year. This has resulted in a screen with robust brightness values and a black level that is also really low thanks to VA technology. The small LEDs in the background not only achieve an above-average contrast ratio, but also effectively reduce blooming on bright objects during dark scenes.

On top of that, you get full next-gen compatibility. The screen is capable of displaying 120 frames per second in native 4K without any problems. VRR support from Nvidia and AMD, low input lag and a panel with a fast response time also add useful functionalities for gamers. Navigation takes place in the company’s own Vidaa U6 system.


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A step towards your own Home Cinema: 82 - 88 inch TVs

For all those who want great cinema

With a screen diagonal of more than 2 meters and a height of one meter on average, an 82 – 88 inch TV certainly offers a lot of surface area to excellently stage your favorite movies or series. Smaller TVs often can’t convey the right atmosphere here, especially when it comes to your own home theater. However, the selection is much smaller than for standard sizes like 55 or 65 inches, since some manufacturers do not produce such large TVs.

As is already the case with 75-inch TVs, the devices over 80 inches usually have additional layers installed that expand the viewing angle or can better deal with reflections. 8K TVs are also found among the large sizes, but they are quite a bit more expensive and you cannot always talk about added value here.

Frequently asked questions about TVs with 82 - 88 inches

The recommended seating distance for 82 – 88 inches is about 5 meters. However, this can be exceeded or undercut if necessary. To achieve a real cinema atmosphere, the distance should be reduced.

Since such a large TV is sometimes almost 2 meters wide, you should also plan accordingly for such a colossus. A wall mount is possible, but get informed beforehand about the wall condition and the weight of the TV.

One factor that not many buyers do not consider when buying such a large TV is the transport route. While the joy of the purchase you just made is still great, it dwindles in a flash when you arrive at the car. Here you should take advantage of the offers of the retailers, because often the new TV can be delivered for a small extra charge. Of course, ordering on the Internet is even more convenient, because the device is delivered directly to the front door.

Such large TVs are definitely a premium product, which is why you also have to pay a premium price to have such a TV in your living room. You can get inexpensive LCD models for less than 2000 Dollars, but you have to pay at least twice that for the high-end competition. If a special design is added, the fun can easily cost three times as much…

To offer such a large TV the best stability on the wall, the VESA standard is also correspondingly large. For TVs 82 inches and larger, the standard is 400×400, but this can vary.

The abbreviation VESA stands for Video Electronic Standards Association and is an international agreement regarding mounting systems for flat screens. Accordingly, you will find four drill holes on the back of the TV, the distance of which you have to measure to determine the VESA standard.

For 82 – 88 inch TVs, the average power consumption is 160 – 350 watts. This puts the models in the EU energy efficiency class G and F, respectively, whereby the latter mainly refers to SDR content.

If you want to have the largest possible picture in your living room, you can also use a projector. This makes sense especially if the screen should be even bigger and preferably over 90 inches.

Projectors are available for just a few hundred dollars, but these are not to be taken seriously, as they do not provide a good picture. For a good projector, you should spend significantly more and can also reach for a good TV in terms of price.

Large-screen TVs are often offered in 8K resolution. However, they are usually much more expensive and there is very little native 8K content, which is why many series and movies are simply upscaled. Moreover, many users cannot notice a significant difference.

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