Best 40 – 43 Inch TVs

Even though the market is dominated by big TVs, which are getting bigger and bigger, there is still a demand for small TVs. Depending on the model, these are ideal as a monitor replacement in the home streaming basement, since comparable screens may not have the right technology. We have compiled the best TVs with 40 – 43 inches for you here.

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Small size, great technology: Sony X85J

Our favorite in the smallest LCD TV range is the Sony X85J, as it delivers the best technology for every occasion. The modern design makes it an eye-catcher in the living room and the TV can even be mounted on the wall easily.

The TV also delivers great picture quality with intense colors thanks to a wide color gamut. Although the viewing angle is somewhat limited, the Sony TV can give movies and series that certain extra thanks to the dynamic HDR format Dolby Vision.

Gamers will also have fun with the Sony X85J because it offers everything needed for the latest consoles thanks to two HDMI 2.1 ports. Movements are also rendered smoothly on the display, so there are no unsightly jerks.

The TV can also convince with sound and as a Smart TV. It offers a good sound, as well as various smart features and a large selection of streaming apps, so you are always supplied with the latest movies and series. The Google TV operating system is also quite easy to control, and you also have access to various voice assistants.

Samsung Q60B
4K / UHD
60 Hz
No HDMI 2.1

Another favorite in this category is the Samsung Q60B, which can also convince with a good overall package. It offers a color-intensive and razor-sharp picture, as well as various smart features that facilitate the home theater experience, including voice assistants and various streaming services. However, the viewing angle is a bit narrow, making the TV more suitable for smaller seating areas.

Gamers can enjoy a smooth picture and even though Samsung’s Q60B does not have an HDMI 2.1 port, current consoles can still be connected without any problems. Only the sound needs some help from an external sound solution, since it is not quite convincing.

Samsung AU8079
4K / UHD
60 Hz
No HDMI 2.1

It gets even cheaper with the Samsung AU8079, which has a wonderful price-performance ratio. Thanks to a very good contrast, it offers a very good 4K picture quality for the price and even for gamers, it is a good and inexpensive alternative to more expensive TVs. Although it does not offer an HDMI 2.1 port, gaming on the inexpensive TV is still fun.

You won’t miss anything with its extensive smart features, because the TV offers a comprehensive range of apps and common streaming services are already preinstalled. Voice assistants are also supported and the TV can also be integrated into the smart home. Only the narrow viewing angle has to be mentioned negatively here.

The OLED candidate: LG OLED evo C27

Until recently, OLEDs below 48 inches could not be found on the market, but LG quickly decided to produce even smaller models after the success of its C series. Since 2022, there is now the small LG OLED C2, which is also right at the top of the winners’ podium among small TVs.

LG OLED evo C2 Reflexionstest
As expected, the reflection behavior of the C2 is not the best.

The C2 can also score with its overall package, as it delivers a first-class performance in the home theater sector as well as for gamers. With its superior picture quality and great color brilliance, the TV can enhance both series and movies immensely, making watching TV simply fun. Additionally, the 120 Hz panel ensures clean and smooth movements.

Gamers also benefit from this and have four HDMI 2.1 ports at their disposal, which makes it easy to connect consoles or even a PC.

OLED LG evo C2 Game Optimizer Elden Ring
The Game Optimizer combines all important functions under one roof.

The overall LG C2 package is rounded off by a clear sound quality and a very well-functioning webOS 22 operating system that offers all the advantages of a comprehensive Smart TV. Streaming services provide a supply of movies and series, and the popular Magic Remote makes controlling the device child’s play. Voice assistants are also available, as well as Apple services and personalized user profiles.

The designer piece: Samsung The Frame

When it comes to design, Samsung’s The Frame 2022 is probably no match, because the picture frame TV has already been a real favorite in living rooms for four generations, where a TV is supposed to disappear in the blink of an eye. The Frame can be transformed into a painting at the touch of a button, and instead of showing the famous Doctor and his Tardis, the famous Mona Lisa is suddenly emblazoned on the wall. There are many more famous paintings in the unique Art Mode, which transforms the living room into the Grande Galerie in no time.

But Samsung’s The Frame 2022 also cuts a good figure as an ordinary TV and can score with a good picture quality and a wide color space. Furthermore, the TV offers smooth motion on the 60 Hz display, so there are no annoying jerks. The sound is also convincing and Samsung’s Q-Symphony creates an extensive soundscape.

Gamers can enjoy an HDMI 2.1 port and thus use all gaming features of the picture frame TV. The TV also cuts a good figure as a Smart TV and provides users with a large app selection, a smoothly running Tizen operating system and support for voice assistants.


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Small and yet so big: 40 - 43 inch TVs

Usable everywhere but not high end

Whether in a small apartment, as a monitor replacement or simply as a two TV in the bedroom or kitchen. A small TV can be found everywhere where there is a need for more screen space. TVs with 40 – 43 inches are definitely a niche product and yet they are still produced by some manufacturers. However, you should not expect high-end devices here, since the corresponding features are rather built into the larger models, which also address a much larger target group.

You will not find an OLED TV in such a small size, which is why you have to rely on a few LED products when buying. The small TVs are also not far away from the standard sizes in terms of price, but that is simply due to their niche existence. Here, you usually get better features in larger TVs for the same money.

Frequently asked questions about TVs with 40 - 43 inches

The recommended seating distance for 40 – 43 inches is less than two meters. At a sitting distance of 2.5 meters, the screen should be at least 40 inches, and beyond that, you should go for even bigger TVs. Therefore, the small screens are very suitable as a monitor replacement.

The width of a TV with a screen diagonal of 43 inches is less than one meter. This means that the small TVs can also fit in very small spaces. On the wall, they also need less space than the big competition.

TVs in 40 – 43 inches are available for less than 400 Dollars and you already have a good 4K smart TV in your living room. You can still get more features for well under 1000 Dollars, but you have to dig deeper into your pocket for OLED technology.

Small TVs can also be mounted on the wall, just like monitors. The VESA standard is 200×200 in most cases, but this can vary by model.

The abbreviation VESA stands for Video Electronic Standards Association and is an international agreement regarding mounting systems for flat screens. Accordingly, there are four drill holes on the back of the TV, the distance of which must be measured to determine the VESA standard.

TVs in a size between 40 – 43 inches need an average of 70 watts for SDR content and about 125 watts for HDR content. This puts the models in the EU energy efficiency class G. However, this is not due to the higher power consumption, but to the new limits that have been in effect since 2021.

An HDMI 2.1 port offers the highest possible data transfer, which is why such a port is the perfect choice for all gamers. However, there are comparatively few games that support all HDMI 2.1 features. Therefore, an HDMI 2.0 port is also completely sufficient for gaming.

An HDMI 2.1 port offers the following specifications:

  • 4K@120Hz / 8K@60Hz.
  • Dynamic HDR
  • Up to 48 GBit/s
  • eARC
  • VRR, QMS & QFT
  • ALLM

Choosing a TV as a monitor replacement comes with both advantages and disadvantages. A first, quite obvious advantage is that TVs are available in much larger screen sizes. In addition, the colors are usually more vivid and you can make more adjustments than on normal monitors. In addition, the sound is usually better integrated.

Disadvantages, however, are that monitors have significantly better response times or input lags, and comparably good TVs cost a lot more than a good PC monitor in this respect. Furthermore, only a few TVs support G-Sync, which is why you have a much bigger choice of monitors.

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