Panasonic TV Lineup 2023 – Overview & Meta Panel

As one of the world’s leading electronics companies, the Japanese manufacturer is not only continuing its flagship series this year, but is also directly equipping its upper-class TV with fresh panel technology. In addition to the comparatively expensive premium OLED, the line-up extends all the way to the mid-range, which means that lower-priced models will also be on sale. Find out here which Panasonic TV models are waiting for you in 2023 and what the differences between the TVs are.

Panasonic TV Lineup 2023 Comparison

ImageSeries Panel Panel Type Sizes Available sizesResolution
OLED Lineup
Panasonic MZW2004 OLED MZW2004 OLED
Premium TV
55", 65", 77"

OLED Lineup

What characterises this product line? With the MZW2004 series, introduced in 2023, the Japanese electronics company is focusing on the third panel generation of OLED-based TV devices. Labelled as the so-called Master OLED Ultimate Panel, this clever marketing term by Panasonic is nothing other than the so-called Meta Panel. The technology makes use of light bundling on the basis of microlenses and enables a further increase in screen brightness compared to the previous technology.

Premium TV

MZW2004 Series

Thanks to the continuous further development of their digital image processing algorithms and the use of high-quality components, Panasonic engineers have once again raised the bar for perfect image quality with the new MZW2004 series.

The combination of the master OLED Ultimate panel based on Micro Lens Array technology and Panasonic’s newly developed multilayer heat dissipation allows brightness and contrast values to be achieved that significantly surpass previous technology.

Filmmaker Mode has been enhanced to allow you to enjoy the footage exactly as the director conceived it. Intelligent sensors detect the colour temperature of the ambient light and adjust the image in detail to achieve a more natural look.

This automatic feature ensures that the TV delivers the best performance in all lighting conditions without you having to manually adjust the settings, Panasonic promises.

As expected, the feature set is rounded out by a variety of HDR formats, including Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+ Adaptive and HLG Photo.

Panasonic MZW2004 OLED
Panel Type OLED.EX + MLA
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Resolution UHD 4K
HDMI 2 x HDMI 2.0
2 x HDMI 2.1
Frequency 120Hz
Supported HDR formats
Supported sound formats

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