Best 75 Inch TVs

Bigger is always better when buying a TV, and a large screen is especially worthwhile for home cinema fans. Because you can only get close to a real cinema feeling with a large screen, and 75 inches is fine for that. Even a limited budget is no longer necessarily an obstacle, because the large sizes are becoming increasingly affordable. We’ve put together a list of the best 75-inch TVs so that you can make the best choice for you.

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Not only perfect for the PlayStation 5: Sony X90J

Home theaters tend to get bigger and our favorite for it is the Sony X90J. This is not only because it offers such a large surface but also due to its unique picture optimization that is based on Sony’s years of experience. Colors look much more natural, which is good for the already good performance.

The only drawback in view of such a large TV is the narrow viewing angle, which means that you have to reckon with a loss of picture quality from a slanted seat. However, this is not too serious in practice, as you can see in our test picture.

The Sony X90J in from an oblique angle

In addition, the TV is also “perfect for the PlayStation 5”, which means that the TV supports all gaming functions that the Sony console needs for extensive gaming hours. Two full-fledged HDMI 2.1 ports ensure that not only one console is supplied without having to be reconnected.

Sony X90J
Elden Ring on the Sony X90J 

The sound of the Sony X90J offers room correction and even supports the rare DTS format. Otherwise, the sound convinces with a clear dialog reproduction and for those who want something more, the available ports offer enough possibilities to connect an external solution.

In terms of smart features, the Sony X90J is well positioned and offers an enormously large selection of apps, voice control, support for various Apple services and even a USB recording function including a twin tuner.

Samsung AU7179
4K / UHD
60 Hz
No HDMI 2.1

A much cheaper alternative is the Samsung AU7179, which is an entry-level TV and can be used to upgrade your home theater in economy mode. However, the Samsung TV has to do without a few features, but it still scores with a very good price-performance ratio.

Especially in a darker living room, the TV can convince with a good picture and the HDR format HDR10+ is also supported. Furthermore, the sound is okay and can be upgraded with a soundbar. Gamers will also have fun with the AU7179, even though there is no HDMI 2.1 port.

However, the Samsung TV has a lot to offer in terms of smart features and you do not have to do without any streaming services. In addition, the TV is compatible with the common voice assistants, but you need a third-party device.

Samsung QN95B
4K / UHD
144 Hz
4x HDMI 2.1

The Samsung Neo QLED QN95B is considerably more expensive compared to the other LCD TVs, but it can also convince with some exciting features. There’s the One Connect Box to begin with, which declares war on cable clutter. It accommodates all connections so that only one cable leads to the TV itself.

The built-in mini LED backlight also allows the TV to achieve an unusually high luminance, so you can even enjoy your shows in broad daylight without reflections. This also allows for a very high contrast and thus a very good picture performance.

Gamers can look forward to four full-fledged HDMI 2.1 ports that deliver all the gaming features needed for the latest consoles. Furthermore, the Samsung QN95B offers a very good sound and extensive smart features, so you do not have to do without anything.

OLED perfection: LG OLED evo C27

Even though the OLED TVs take up two inches more in the diagonal and thus come to a total size of 77 inches, we do not want to disregard them in this category. Because an OLED TV should not be missing especially in the home theater sector, where large TVs are mainly used. Of course, LG’s OLED evo C2 is the best choice because it offers the best overall package.

LG OLED evo C2 Features Image Final Fantasy 7
For gamers, the LG OLED C2 offers every conceivable function.

The C2 delivers excellent picture performance and intense colors, making movies and series look simply great. The dynamic HDR format Dolby Vision can also analyze and optimize each image individually, so you can always enjoy the best picture quality.

The TV also does a good job with the sound, even though this factor is, as usual, expandable. However, the C2 offers enough connectivity here to connect an external solution.

LG OLED evo C2 Sound
Of course, you should not expect miracles from the C2’s internal speakers.

When it comes to gaming, the C2 is at the forefront and not only provides four HDMI 2.1 ports, but also all the latest features needed for the latest consoles. This makes gaming twice as fun and you can also enjoy Dolby Vision gaming with the Xbox Series X.

The smooth 120 Hz display also offers a lot of smart features and you are constantly supplied with new movies and series via various streaming providers. You can also enjoy voice assistants, Apple services and intuitive navigation with the Magic Remote.

4K / UHD
60 Hz
No HDMI 2.1

A cheaper OLED alternative is the LG OLED A1, which is still from 2021, but is by no means outdated. Unfortunately, the 77-inch size is no longer available in the 2022 lineup. The changes are also not big, which is why you can safely buy the model from 2021.

LG’s A1 delivers similar rates as the C2, but in a slimmed-down version that is quite sufficient for your home theater. The 60 Hz screen displays movies, series, games and sports programs almost as smoothly, and the difference is hardly noticeable when gaming. Only enthusiasts will miss the HDMI 2.1 port, but even without it, gaming on the A1 is simply fun.

Nonetheless, you will also get the same excellent picture quality here and thanks to the OLED panel, it is definitely present in the slimmed-down version.

Sony A80J
4K / UHD
120 Hz
2x HDMI 2.1

Sony always convinces with great picture optimization and the A80J is no exception. The OLED provides an incredibly natural picture that is especially noticeable in skin tones and nature shots. Coupled with the already outstanding OLED picture quality, the Sony A80J delivers a fantastic picture performance and always stands out a bit from other OLEDs.

In addition, the sound is quite convincing as it seems to come directly from the center of the picture. Other features can adjust the sound to the viewer and the room, so the TV produces really good sound for such a flat design.

Gamers will also be pleased with two HDMI 2.1 ports, including all the features that the latest consoles require. You don’t have to do without anything in the Smart TV area either and are provided with a large app selection and support for voice assistants.

The designer model: Samsung The Frame

The Samsung The Frame 2022 is a special piece for the home cinema, because in an instant the TV turns into a famous painting and goes down as a picture on your gallery wall. The good piece can be decorated with various frames and other decorative elements, so that not much remains of the actual TV in stand-by mode.

Nonetheless, the TV can be brought out again at the push of a button and convinces with a good picture quality and an enormous size. Unfortunately, the viewing angle is a bit narrow, which means you should look relatively straight at the screen.

The sound can convince with Samsung’s exclusive features, whereby it dynamically adapts to the room and gets the best out of the device. Regardless, the TV also offers enough connectivity for an external solution.

Gamers can also enjoy a smooth 120 Hz display and HDMI 2.1 connections, which provide consoles with all gaming features. Samsung The Frame 2022 also cuts a fine figure as a Smart TV and leaves nothing to be desired.


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Table of contents

75 inch for the ideal home theater

Getting a little closer to the cinema feeling

Movie lovers go to the cinema mainly because of the huge screen, because powerful movies like The Lord of the Rings or Dune look best on a big screen. If you want to bring the cinema feeling home, you need a TV that at least comes close to a cinema screen.

Although a 75-inch TV is not the ultimate feeling here, it is already a good step in the direction of cinema. There are no limits to the price either, and even in the price segment below 1000 dollars, you can find TVs between 70 and 77 inches. Of course, everything is possible upwards and in the high-end range, you can find many TVs that can convince with an excellent picture quality in addition to a large size. However, some manufacturers don’t offer a 75-inch variant, which is why you have a somewhat narrower selection here than with the 65-inch variants.

The larger TVs usually have one or two features that are not available on the smaller models. A larger surface, for example, requires more dimming zones in LED TVs to illuminate the display as evenly as possible. In addition, there might be layers that can handle reflections better or that expand the viewing angle are usually only available on the larger TVs.

Frequently asked questions about TVs with 75 inches

A TV that has a screen diagonal of 75 inches is on average 1.7 meters wide. This is the minimum amount of space that should be available on a TV bench. If there is room for even more devices on the TV bench, then an even larger footprint can also be advantageous. In the case of wall mounting, sufficient space should also be planned in height.

High-end models often cost well over 3000 Dollars, especially for new devices. If you can do without some features, you can occasionally find models for less than 1000 Dollars. These are usually LCD smart TVs; you have to calculate at least 2000 Euros for an OLED.

The VESA standard of your TV is important if you want to mount it on the wall. The abbreviation VESA stands for Video Electronic Standards Association and is an international agreement regarding mounting systems for flat screens. If the TV is suitable for wall mounting, you will find four drill holes on the back. Here you have to measure the distances between the drill holes to determine the VESA standard.

For a 75 inch TV, the dimensions can vary, but most often the dimensions are 400×400. An appropriate wall mount should be purchased so that the TV has enough support on the wall.

The power consumption is between 150 and 300 watts, and depending on the device, it can be a bit more. HDR content consumes significantly more power, which causes the TVs to reach the EU energy efficiency class G. In some cases, they also reach class F, but that only refers to SDR content.

Sizes such as 75-inch TVs are also available in 8K resolution and thus offer an even sharper picture. However, 8K TVs are significantly more expensive than comparable 4K models, and many users would not even notice the difference. Furthermore, there is hardly any content for 8K TVs so far, which is why existing movies and series are upscaled.

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