Best 75 inch TVs 2019/12

While smaller TVs are sufficient for small rooms, they should be a little bigger in the home cinema or in the living area. How else can the cinema experience be brought home? Companies like Samsung are already scratching the 100 inch mark with their latest 8K televisions.

On this page we’ll advise you on your next 75 inch TV. If you’ve already decided on the size, but don’t know how much it can cost and what features you desire, we’ll do the rest for you. We have all the information about your new 75 inch TV. And if you’d like more advice, why don’t you try out our TV findr?

These are the Best 75 inch TVs in 2021

With the Samsung RU7100, size is definitely more important than the latest technology. You won't find any technical extras here, but what you'll get instead is an excellent picture and a reasonable price. It's a good thing that there is also an inexpensive 75 inch TV!
  • Deep Black
  • Good contrast ratio
  • Good Smart Features
  • Low price point
  • No local dimming
  • HDR performance
  • Viewing angle

Check prices: 435055586575 Inch
High End Full Array Local Dimming
The Sony X950G is a real all-rounder. It offers a high image quality, good gaming performance and good workmanship. The X950G takes the big Samsung QLED TVs lightly and is one of the best 75 inch TVs.
  • Full Array Local Dimming
  • Very deep blacks
  • Viewing angle
  • Very clear fast movements
  • Contrast suffers from X Wide Angle Layer

Check prices: 55657585 Inch
Samsung QN75Q900RBFXZA
The Samsung Q900R is a TV of the highest tier. Only a few models on the market offer current 8K resolution - but the Q950R is one of them. That alone makes it one of the best 75 inch televisions on the market. But there's more!
  • 8K resolution
  • Full Array Local Dimming
  • Very deep blacks
  • High contrast
  • Very good Motion Handling
  • Power consumption

Check prices: 65758298 Inch
435055586575 Inch
10 Bit
60 Hz
VA Panel

The Best affordable 75 inch TV

If size is more important than state of the art high end technology, the Samsung RU7100 is a good choice. With a 75 inch screen it offers a solid picture in dark and bright rooms, but hardly any technical extras. The TV has a VA panel, which offers good black and a pleasant contrast. Unfortunately, the RU7100 doesn’t get very bright, which can lead to problems in very well lit rooms. In addition, the presentation of demanding HDR content is difficult for the 75 inch TV as it ins’t able to display bright and colorful highlights.

Another disadvantage of VA panels is the limited viewing angle. Sitting in front of the TV or in a slight angle is no problem. Yet at an angle above 20°, the picture looks greyish and colors become washed out.

Even if the TV has its problems with HDR, SDR content looks great. This applies, for example, to 4K streaming, Ultra HD Blu-rays and normal cable TV. In its price range, it’s difficult to find another TV with 75 inches that offers a similar amount. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby are included as smart features for voice control if you own a corresponding device. Apple AirPlay 2 is also on board.

55657585 Inch
10 Bit
120 Hz
VA Panel
, XBR55X950G, XBR65X950G, XBR75X950G, XBR85X950G

The Best High End 75 inch TV with Full Array Local Dimming

In terms of quality, the Sony X950G is a big step up from the Samsung RU7100. The X950G belongs by far to the  the best TV with 75 inches and offers some nifty technical features. It performs equally well in dark and bright rooms: the maximum brightness is 1200 Nits, which means that even a room with many windows and lots of light causes little problems. For dark rooms, the contrast ratio is high and the black areas appear very deep. This is made sure by the Full Array Local Dimming. It should be noted that the contrast of the smaller models is higher than that of the 75 inch TV. The bigger models have an additional “X-Wide Angle” layer, which noticeably increases the viewing angle of the VA panel at a small expense of contrast ratio.

Gaming was a big topic with the predecessor Sony X900F. Occasional gaming worked wonderfully, but demanding gamers had reason to complain. That’s why the X950G’s gaming features were improved. The input lag is now 20 ms at 4K @ 60 Hz and 11 ms at 1080p @ 120 Hz. Unfortunately, the Sony TV has no VRR. Some of these values can be surpassed by the competition, for example the Samsung Q90R, but the Sony X950G remains a great choice that convinces in all disciplines.

For example in the Smart Features: Netflix, Google Play and Amazon Prime Video are available immediately after the TV is switched on for the first time. If you like to use voice control, Google Assistant is at your disposal via the mic in the remote control. Apple AirPlay 2 will also be updated in the course of 2019.

65758298 Inch
10 Bit
120 Hz
VA Panel

The Best 8K QLED 75 inch TV
Samsung Q900R

Many people have only just heard about 4K – four times the resolution of Full HD, which is still the most widespread in households. At 8K, the next level has already been achieved, which is four times 4K. The resolution in pixels is 7680 × 4320, which is 16 times as many pixels as Full HD! Few TVs are currently capable of displaying this resolution at all – but the Samsung Q900R from the QLED series is one of them. In order to accommodate so many pixels in the first place, the TV must be at least 65 inches in size. With 75 inches, as in this case, it works fantastically.

The problem is that although the technical basis for displaying 8K is available, there is little content that is so high-resolution. The Q900R cleverly bypasses this problem: The built-in image processor scales up low-resolution content to look like “real” 8K on screen. This works with Ultra HD Blu-rays, cable and satellite TVs, DVDs and console games. Every content looks fantastic.

It performs well in bright rooms and even better in dark rooms thanks to Full Array Local Dimming. Motion handling also looks extremely crisp. The black level is low and the contrast ratio very high, so 8K HDR content is also shown in an impressive way. This makes the Q950R a perfect candidate for home cinema with 8K resolution. The only drawback is the slightly increased power consumption. But if you buy a TV like this, you probably don’t have to worry about the electricity bill…

The Best 75 inch TVs compared

Good features for gaming include low input lag, low motion blur and sufficient frame rate.
Viewing angle
The viewing angle is the angle at which the screen can be viewed without the colors being washed out and the brightness diminishing.
Bright environment
A classic bright environment would be a well lit living room with many windows. Good TVs should be able to deliver good picture in a bright room.
Dark environment
In dark rooms, TVs should be able to display content correctly. This requires good black levels so that black content does not appear dark grey in complete darkness.
Home cinema
To bring the cinema experience to you, a good TV should be able to reproduce images and sound equivalent to modern cinemas.
Anyone who likes to watch high-resolution content such as Blu-rays or 4K streaming needs a TV with wide color gamut and good peak brightness. This is the only way to display films and series with a high contrast range.
Smart TV
Every Smart TV has a number of Smart features that are designed to make operation easier. In addition to apps such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, these include voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as well as Apple AirPlay 2.
The number of connections to ensure flexibility for the technical periphery needed for additional equipment.
Not all TVs have the same technical features. Here you can choose according to your needs.
AffordableFür jeden Zweck8K
Available sizes
The compared 75 inch TV are available in following screen sizes
* All prices are in USD incl. VAT, if necessary plus shipping. Interim changes of prices, ranking, delivery time and costs are possible.
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What makes the best 75 inch TV?

In terms of price, we are in a slightly higher league when it comes to a 75 inch TV. Although there are also models on the cheaper end, for example the Samsung RU7100, there are hardly any upper limits. So if you’re thinking about what is (and might stay) in your wallet and want to keep expenses down, the RU7100 is the right choice for you. It offers a very nice picture in 4K, but no elaborate extras.

If you want more, you can choose between the Sony X950G and the Samsung Q950R. But be careful: these two televisions differ in a not inconsiderable amount. Since the Samsung Q950R offers 8K resolution, that’s understandable. If you don’t need 8K and 4K is enough, the Sony X950G gives you a top-notch, high-end TV with great performance in dark and bright environments, good smart features and a good gaming base. A true all-rounder!

But if you’re already thinking about the future and want to bring the 8K experience into your home, there’s less to choose from which doesn’t cost more than a brand new sports car. The Samsung Q950R is a very good candidate that meets many needs. Fantastic picture quality, a good image processor for upscaling, intuitive smart features and a chic design that fits in any interior. 8K unfortunately has its price and is a technology that will only be made use of in the coming years. With this TV, you’ll be ready for it.

Here again my recommendations:
Affordable High End Full Array Local Dimming 8K QLED
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