The right seat distance from the TV

When buying a new television set, the size of the set is crucial. However, to determine which size is the right one, the seat distance is crucial. We’ll show you everything you need to know on this page!

Viewing angle: The number of degrees is crucial

One of the most important factors in determining the correct seating distance is the angle from which the television is viewed. This refers to the angle of the viewer to the television set. This should be between 20 and 30 degrees – but 30 degrees is better. If you want that cinema feeling, you should go up to 40 degrees!

By a rough estimate, the distance between the seats in centimetres should be approximately two to three times the screen diagonal. Of course, this should also take into account your own eyesight and the resolution of the device – but of course we assume 4K TVs. With this higher resolution, one should always sit closer to the TV in order to fully enjoy 4K. Therefore we usually recommend larger TVs even for small distances.

A larger distance is recommended for Full HD, as individual pixels are easier to recognize when viewed too close up than with 4K.

Recommended seat distance

Screen sizeRecommended seat distance at 20 degreesRecommended seat distance at 30 degreesRecommended seat distance at 40 degrees
43 inch8,8 ft (269,9 cm)5,8 ft (177,6 cm)4,2 ft (130,8 cm)
49 inch13 ft (397,6 cm)6,6 ft (202,4 cm)4,8 ft (149 cm)
50 inch10,2 ft (313,9 cm)6,7 ft (206,6 cm)4,9 ft (152,1 cm)
55 inch11,3 ft (345,3 cm)7,4 ft (227,2 cm)5,4 ft (167,3 cm)
65 inch13,3 ft (408 cm)8,8 ft (268,5 cm)6,4 ft (197,7 cm)
75 inch15,4 ft (470,8 cm)10,1 ft (309,8 cm)7,4 ft (228,1 cm)
82 inch16,8 ft (514,8 cm)11,1 ft (338,7 cm)8,1 ft (249,4 cm)
85 inch17,5 ft (533,6 cm)11,5 ft (351,1 cm)8,4 ft (258,5 cm)

The correct inch size

If you need to determine the correct inch size at a certain seat distance, we have a solution for you. Here too, you can decide which angle is right for you. Depending on the number of degrees, the inch size can become extremely large at a certain distance – this is the reason why cinema screens are so large.

As always, we recommend 30 degrees for the best experience, but 20 degrees is also possible. However, there you have to expect a loss of quality. For the cinema feeling, 40 degrees is recommended.

Seat distanceRecommended size for 20 degreesRecommended size for 30 degreesRecommended size for 40 degrees
6,5 ft (2 m)32 inch49 inch65 inch
8,2 ft (2,5 m)40 inch60 inch82 inch
9,8 ft (3m)49 inch70-75 inch98 inch
11,4 ft (3,5 m)55 inch85 inch115 inch
13,1 ft (4 m)65 inch98 inch130 inch
14,7 ft (4,5 m)70 inch110 inch148 inch
16,4 ft (5m)82 inch120 inch165 inch
18 ft (5,5 m)85 inch130 inch180 inch

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