TV Wall Mount – Instructions & Examples

Depending on how heavy your screen is, you should purchase a solid TV mount of high quality. Before you start, think through where to put your TV. Some places are more preferable than others depending on the condition of the wall or power supply lines that may lie underneath. We will instruct you on what you need to do and give examples.

DIY Instructions for wall mounting

  1. You can use a wall scanner before drilling. Check also carefully if there are any hidden water pipes and try to determine the material the wall consists of. Cement walls offer more grip and are way more sturdy than drywalls for example.
  2. Given that you plan to place your screen in the middle of a chosen wall in your living room, you need to mark the center with help of a yard stick. You can already decide at what height to mount your screen. Mark the position so that you find it again.
  3. Now you need to attach the brackets to the back side of the screen. Therefore, place it face-down (meaning the glass downwards) on a soft underground, preferably a pillow or a blanket that will circumvent marks on your new TV.
  4. The suitable screws come with the brackets and it is recommended to use only them and no others that could possibly damage your device.
  5. The next step is easier done with an assistant who holds the mounting brackets and a level against the wall while you mark the position where the holes need to be drilled. Pay attention to it being precisely even and the outcome of your work will be aesthetically pleasing.
  6. Use a boring bit that is slightly smaller than the bolts of your mounting brackets. Use a good hammer drill otherwise it will be strenuous, you can also rent them if you haven’t one at hand. Put a bit of tape around the boring bit to mark how deep the holes need to be. Also take care to hold the hammer drill in a 90Β° angle against the wall. Holes out of true destabilize the mounting brackets. Don’t forget to put the screw dowels into the holes.
  7. Afterwards, you can attach the mounting brackets to the wall. Check if the construction carries some of your weight, then hang the TV onto it. Fix the screen with an extra screw that should prevent it from slipping away. Done!

Video: How to wall mount

Different TV Wall Mounts

If you’re not sure yet what wall mount to pick, have a look at the different options of wall mount designs. The most important decision you have to make is wether you want the wall mount to swivel and tilt or to be using very little space so the TV is closest to the wall.

Swivel & Tilt Wall Mount

Many people want to be able to move the TV to adjust to viewing positions or distance. A full motion TV wall mount is the way to go. If you’re mounting the TV higher on the wall it is no problem as you can tilt it downwards. Also wether you sit somewhere else in your living room doesn’t matter as you can swivel the TV to face your direction.

Flat Wall Mount

If you don’t care about being able to move your screen around you should pick a rather static wall mount. Hence you will save some money and your TV will be closer to the wall. As with every wall mount you should check if it supports the weight of your TV and if it has the same VESA-Standard so you can attach it to the TV.

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