Who and what is tvfindr?

The new website tvfindr aims to help consumers find the right tv. In order to do so tvfindr is required to provide in-depth knowledge of home cinema technology.
In addition the offers of different shops are compared frequently.
To remain trustworthy tvfindr is independent, honest and always reliable.

TV expertise

The team behind tvfindr consists of hands on technology geeks with a passion for home cinema entertainment. Hence they always stay up to date and are able to provide in depth knowledge.

Price comparison

For consumers to not only find a perfect tv but also a good deal on it tvfindr compares the offers of multiple international online shops.
Thus you will always get a good deal.

The order of the different offers solely is controlled by the prices the shops offer. No shop gets special treatment.


tvfindr is using affiliate links to generate money. This means you won´t have to pay more yet tvfindr is getting compensated by the shops after a completed purchase.

  • Free to use
  • Independent of tv producers
  • Database with more than 80 different models

Independent & Reliable

The tvfindr application runs with mathematical algorithms and a well researched database. Hence no producer or shop is favored.
These algorithms were carefully developed by our experts. For staying up to date there will be continuous patches.

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