Cables for home cinema – A more structured cable clutter

Cables are indispensable for our technical age and even in the home theater there is an increasingly large cable clutter. Here you can quickly lose track and no longer know which cables are essential in the living room. Do you still need antenna cables or does everything now work via HDMI? We have compiled an overview of all the important cables and show you what additional tools such as cable channels and other things are helpful to get a more structured cable clutter.

Cables as far as the eye can see


Even though the trend is increasingly toward wireless devices, the many cable boxes in the closet say otherwise. Because without cables, we’re simply screwed in our electronic age. Moreover, there is no one cable to somehow keep all devices alive, but each needs its own.

It’s easy to lose track of everything, which is why we’ve limited this article to the cables that are essential for home theater. A new cable that can transport a larger amount of data at once can work wonders here.

Because there are definitely differences here that you should pay attention to, especially if you want to achieve the highest quality. Of course, there are also devices that make life easier and provide more order behind the TV or eliminate the annoying plugging.

TV cables

TV antenna cable (coaxial)

If you want to enjoy the regular television program, then a TV antenna cable, also called coaxial cable, is indispensable. They are used to transmit high-frequency signals and ensure that you can watch regular TV in peace via cable or satellite reception.

Highly durable

The coaxial cable from G-PLUG is resistant to interference and thus has a long service life. It provides a crystal clear signal and can even be used outdoors.

The nickel connections provide high conductivity and the rotating connectors make the cable very easy to assemble.

Triple shielded

Ultra Clarity Cables‘ cable can be used to connect cable television, satellite receivers, modems and more to your TV.

In addition, the cable is heat resistant, triple shielded from interference signals and offers very good conductivity thanks to gold plugs.

HDMI cable

Both consoles and Blu-Ray players now only work via HDMI cables, as they can transfer a high amount of data quickly and reliably. With the new HDMI 2.1 standard, an even faster data transfer is used, but it also requires a special cable. Here you will find both HDMI cables for common use, as well as ultra-speed cables that are made specifically for HDMI 2.1 ports. When buying, be sure to look for the appropriate label!

The allrounder

A cable that is compatible for most devices is the HDMI cable from Amazon Basics. It offers high flexibility and can be purchased in different lengths to fit your setup.

Due to the data transfer rate of 18Gbit/s, it is not suitable for HDMI 2.1 connections, and thus only transmits a quality of [email protected]. Nevertheless, it offers high corrosion protection and a crystal clear picture thanks to good workmanship and gold-plated connectors.

For 4K content

A good HDMI 2.1 cable is offered by TISOFU, which can easily transmit [email protected]. This makes the Ultra High Speed cable with a data transfer rate of 48Gbit/s a perfect choice for those who want to fully utilize their PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Of course, a suitable HDMI 2.1 port is a prerequisite.

This cable also has a sheath for maximum flexibility and is protected from interference thanks to a tinned copper conductor.

Optical cables

Almost everyone has heard annoying crackling noises in the cable, and behind it is usually an electronic interference field. Optical cables, also called Toslink cables, transmit digital signals through light and are therefore insensitive to all interference signals. Switching to optical cables is child’s play, but there are differences here as well.

For crystal clear sound

The Toslink cable from KabelDirekt offer good quality and ensures an optimal quality thanks to the high-quality processing. Thus, it provides optimal sound, completely without noise.

The PVC jacket is not quite as flexible, but digital data is still transmitted excellently. In addition, the 24K gold-plated connectors are a perfect fit and corrosion protected

Angle plug for wall mount

Of course, there are also optical cables with a 90 degree connector and EMK’s Toslink cable does a good job here. Connecting it is easier and also saves space, which is why it is perfect for wall mounts or smaller corners. 

The plugs can be rotated 360°, which makes them extremely flexible. In addition, there is a nylon jacket, which also provides more flexibility. Of course, this optical cable also guarantees excellent quality due to its high-quality workmanship.

Cinch audio cable

Cinch audio cables, also known as RCA audio cables, are mainly known from the hi-fi sector, because they transmit signals and are used to connect speakers. They transmit both digital and analog signals and always consist of a left and right channel.

Digital and analog

The RCA audio cable from KabelDirekt is a good all-rounder and transmits both analog and digital signals reliably and with high quality. Because the processed copper cable ensures high conductivity.

In addition, the RCA cable is double shielded and covered with an additional aluminum mylar foil, which prevents noise interference. In addition, the cable comes with a bend protection and a corresponding color code for left and right.

For more bass

The company Prolinx offers a good RCA cable if you want to additionally connect a subwoofer to provide more boom. With this cable you can easily connect the subwoofer with the hifi receiver, because there is an additional cable.

Due to the high-quality workmanship, the sound and bass arrives in the best quality and the RCA audio cable is also shielded against all outside interference. The gold plug contacts also ensure a smooth transmission.

Speaker cable

If you not only love home theater, but are also a big fan of good music, then of course you have a complete sound system installed in your living room. For this, you should be familiar with speaker cables, because they are an elementary part of the setup. A loss-free transmission is the goal of good speaker cables, but of course there are small but subtle differences.

Price-performance winner

With the speaker cable from Amazon Basics you are well equipped for now and get a solid product for comparatively little money. The PVC insulation provides good protection and the copper and aluminum conductor ensure trouble-free transmission of audio signals.

Amazon Basics’ speaker cable is suitable for receivers, stereo systems, audio systems, hifi systems, speakers and even car music systems.

High quality and stable

A much higher quality speaker cable is offered by the company GearIT, where the cable is made of pure copper. In addition, it is significantly thicker than other speaker cables and yet remains very flexible.

Additionally, the banana plugs, should a suitable connection be available, provide a good grip and deliver consistently good quality.

HDMI splitter

If you have several devices with an HDMI connection, the cable clutter quickly becomes larger and this is where an HDMI splitter comes into play. It can be used to connect multiple devices via a splitter and thus display one signal on multiple displays. This is useful, for example, if you want to display a signal on a PC screen and a TV at the same time.

Two devices and HDMI 2.0

Very good quality is already possible with the HDMI splitter from VWRHar. The splitter has two HDMI 2.0 ports and thus transmits [email protected]. Thus, two screens can be connected to one source. The sound is also transmitted much more clearly here, which is why the splitter is a good product.

The build quality is also solid and the HDMI splitter is well protected from external damage due to its design.

Splitter with HDMI 2.1

An HDMI splitter with HDMI 2.1 ports is available from CableDeconn and offers space for two devices. This makes [email protected] possible without any problems, which also makes the splitter interesting for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Because there are only two slots, only two devices can be connected. However, this is possible without any power supply and you can start right away.

HDMI switches

Anyone who has more than one HDMI-enabled device knows the annoying process of reconnecting when there aren’t enough HDMI ports available on the TV. This can be especially stressful when the TV is mounted on the wall or you just can’t get to the ports very well. This is where HDMI switches can help. An HDMI switch connects several devices via a distributor, which means you only have to operate the switch to switch between devices.

The simple version

A solid and affordable solution offers the HDMI switch from BENFEI. It has room for two devices and can switch back and forth between the two at the touch of a button.

However, the distributor only supports [email protected], which is absolutely sufficient for most devices. In addition, the distributor can be put into operation quite easily and is protected from shocks and overheating by the aluminum design.

HDMI 2.1 for [email protected]

For anyone looking for solid [email protected] support, look no further than AAXY and its HDMI switch. Up to three devices can be connected here, and switching is convenient at the push of a button. This makes annoying reconnecting a thing of the past.

Thanks to the HDMI 2.1 ports, the current PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles can also be connected here and use their full potential, provided the TV also has such a port.

Cable clips

Many TVs offer their own types of mounting, but not every TV is equipped with them. This leads to cables running in all directions from the TV to the socket and you no longer know which cable goes where. If the new TV doesn’t have its own clips, you have to make sure that the cables are sorted and neatly routed to the socket yourself. The easiest way to do this is to use simple cable clips, which are available in an infinite number of designs.

Self adhesive and simple

Simple cable clips are best for neatly guiding cables to the socket. XIAOXI offers a good choice with its set of 40 pieces, which not only look sleek, but can also be mounted quite easily. Here you have the choice between an adhesive film on the back or a tighter screw connection.

The advantage is that the clips are hardly visible and you can attach them anywhere due to their small size.

Cable clamp

The company PZOZ offers a slightly different solution with a so-called cable clamp. It works like a seal for a freezer bag and you clamp the cables next to each other so that they are not only sorted but also bundled.

Here, too, there is an adhesive surface on the back, which means that the clamp can be attached almost anywhere. One advantage: it leaves no residue when removed.

Cable channels

When the cables are finally determined and you also have the right ones on site, you often only see the extent of the cable clutter that has accumulated. Neat is usually something else and here cable channels can already help to bring some order into the chaos. There are various designs and most of them can be purchased to match the wall color or can be customized with a few simple steps.

The classic

One of the simplest solutions to fight the cable clutter is the simple cable channel. It is available in a wide variety of designs and colors. If the right color is not in stock, you can quickly help yourself.

The cable duct from D-Line can be easily attached to the wall with double-sided adhesive tape and easily hides even thicker cables due to its circumference and shape.

For more flexibility

If the normal cable ducts are too stiff, there are also more flexible options. Alex Tech offers here a movable cable conduit, which essentially a woven cable sheath. This not only makes it perfect for corners, but the material also makes it very easy to cut to size.

With a diameter of 12-20mm, rather thinner cables find enough space in the cable conduit, but it is also easier to hide due to its narrow shape. Furthermore, the material is heat-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about overheating.

Space for the socket

The cables are all neatly laid, but the outlet is large and the last unsightly sight in the living room? For this, Davidsons Collection provides the cable box, in which not only the outlet conveniently finds place but also excess cables, which for the moment has no use.

Thanks to anti-slip feet under the box, it will find a safe stand anywhere and will not only bring order to the home but also serve as a protection for small children and curious pets.

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