Best LG TV Settings – Explanation & Recommendation

What are the best LG picture settings?
The answer wouldn’t be the same across the board. Hence this site will provide an overview of the settings available on LG tvs. The best settings depend on:

  • Personal preferences
  • Surroundings
  • Type of usage
  • Model (e.g. LG OLED B8)
  • Difference from unit to unit

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What LG settings are available?

Picture Mode

Picture Modes can be seen as presets which you can adjust later with all the other settings.

Vivid picture mode

Vivid: This picture mode produces a clear picture by increasing contrast, brightness and sharpness.

Standard: No preset alterations

Sports picture mode

Cinema: This mode creates perfect image for movies. This mode is especially useful in the evening.

Sports: This generates an excellent picture for watching sports, especially improving the motion handling.

Game: Deactivates most picture processing to provide the lowest input lag possible.

HDR-Effect: This mode produces a dynamic image by enlarging the light and dark areas of the image, mimicking proper HDR.

isf-Expert: Most levels of adjustment

Eco / APS: This is a power saving feature and it changes all the TV settings to reduce power consumption.

Picture Mode Settings

Backlight: With this setting you can control the screen brightness of the TV by adjusting the backlight.

LG OLED contrast ratio

OLED LIGHT: This setting allows you to adjust the display brightness by varying the brightness of the OLED panel as OLEDs don’t have backlight.

Contrast: Adjust the contrast of the bright and dark areas of the picture.

Brightness: Raises the brightness of dark areas. Useful to see dark details and avoid black crush. If set to high, blacks can appear grey though.

Sharpness: This adjustment allows you to make the image appear sharper and clearer by forming edges around image content.

Colour: Controls saturation of colors. In very bright surroundings more saturation is required yet the picture will look artificial if this is set too high.

Tint: Adjusts the color balance between red and green.

Colour Temperature: Makes the picture appear warmer or colder.

Expert Controls

Dynamic Contrast: Fixes the differences in brightness between bright and dark areas of the screen.

LG Dynamische Bilder

Dynamic Tone Mapping: Automatically adjusting the contrast based on the brightness of HDR material.

Dynamic Colour: Make the picture appear more lively and colorful.

Preferred Colour: Skin, grass and sky colors can be set to the personal liking.

Super Resolution: LG’s upscaling feature

Gamma: Sets the medium brightness of the picture.

Colour Gamut: Provides the possibility to extend the gamut.

Colour Filter: The color filter filters a colour spectrum in RGB colours for a better hue and colour saturation matching.

White Balance: White balance can be used to adjust the overall tone of the screen using a white reference.

Picture Options

Noise Reduction: Noise reduction removes dominant small dots for a better image quality, smoothing the colors.

LG Lokal Dimming Hell

Black Level: This option changes the screen darkness to adjust the contrast and brightness of the screen.

Real Cinema: This option provides a cinematic experience. TrueMotion option must be turned off.

LG Lokal Dimming Dunkel

Motion Eye Care: This will automatically adjust the brightness of the screen, reducing motion blur and preventing eyestrain.

LED Local Dimming: Dims down certain parts of the backlight making different parts of the screen brighter or darker. With edge-Lit backlight (SK8000) only vertical stripes can be dimmed. With Full Array Local Dimming (SK9500) different zones can be dimmed. Local dimming raises the maximum contrast yet might produce artifacts

TrueMotion: Different kinds of frame interpolation.

  • Off: Turns off TruMotion.
  • Clear: Displays fast images more clearly.
  • Smooth: Makes fast movements appear softer.
  • User: Sets TruMotion manually.

Aspect Ratio Settings

Aspect Ratio: There are different ratios that can be easily adapted to your needs:

  • 16:9: A standard 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • 4:3: Displays an aspect ratio of 4:3.
  • Original: The aspect ratio changes between 16:9 and 4:3 according to the source material.
  • Full Wide: This is the full screen mode. The image might get distorted.
  • Vertical Zoom: Controls the vertical dimension
  • All-Direction Zoom: Adjust the aspect ratio to your individual liking.

JustScan: Changes the aspect ratio according to the source material.

Additional Settings

Energy Saving: With the energy saving mode you can reduce the power consumption of the TV set. Choose between these settings:

  • Auto: The brightness of the environment is detected by the TV sensor and automatically adjusts the screen brightness.
  • Minimum, Medium, Maximum: Adjusts screen brightness according to setting.
  • Out: Deactivated mode.

Eye Comfort Mode: This setting reduces eye fatigue by adjusting the color temperature.

OLED Panel Settings

The settings for the OLED panel can be used to prevent “burned-in” images on the screen if the tv has been on for a certain amount of time.


Calibration Mode to counteract Burn-In when the OLED TV has been switched on for a long time.

  • START ONCE TV IS OFF: When the TV is turned off, the Pixel Refresher will start automatically.
  • START NOW: The TV switches off immediately and the Pixel Refresher starts. When the process is complete, the TV will automatically switch on again.

Whenever the TV is turned on during the operation, the Pixel Refresher will stop immediately.

Screen Shift: The displayed image is always shifted slightly in regular intervals to further prevent Burn-In.

Logo Luminance Adjustment: Dims down static parts of the screen like channel logos.

Best LG TV settings

In order for you to get the best picture quality of your 2019 LG TV, we put together the most important settings in a PDF.

The best image settings for your LG TV
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