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Sony 4K Bravia entry-level model

Sony’s new lineup also contains great TVs this year. Sony’s X80J is the first in this category and is considered a low-priced entry-level model in the Bravia series. The TV has been available in stores since March 2021 and offers a decent picture quality with Triluminos Pro and the in-house HDR processor X1. Find out in this article whether the successor of the XH80 series is really better and whether the switch to a newer version is worth it.

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X80J with a good build

The Sony X80J is completely wrapped in plastic. However, This is defintly not a bad thing. Due to the build, the TV is not as heavy as other models that use firmer materials. In terms of design, the Japanese manufacturer relies on narrow frames, which results in a timeless look.

The stands of the X80J are far apart. Thus, the device does not tilt a lot, even though it is not wobble-free. There is enough space for a soundbar or similar underneath the TV as well. A noticeable change compared to last year’s model are the cable holders on the stand. The X80J comes with them as standard, so you have better cable management and the cables can be led along the feet.

The 43″ and 50″ variants use a kind of grid design for the TV’s rear panel, but there are no differences to the connections or anything else.

verarbeitung Sony X80J
  • Timeless design
  • Lots of space for a soundbar
  • Tilting
  • 43" & 50": Grid design

Wide viewing angle and great colors

The Sony X80J uses an ADS panel. The ADS panels are very similar to the better known IPS versions in terms of performance. These panels are known for offering a wide viewing angle. This means, you can watch your TV at almost any angle. However, the Sony X80J has only a contrast ratio of 1120:1 and is therefore not recommended for dark environments. The black level is also not that outstanding.

Sony has installed an HDR X1 processor in the device, which results in less noise and also less interference in the picture. The Trilumios Pro technology is also included. This ensures richer and more beautiful colors, which really benefits the picture quality. Dolby Vision is also included, which provides is used for an increased picture quality.

The maximum brightness of the X80J is 410 Nits. This means the picture can’t brighten up quite as much, but that’s not really an issue. So if you’re looking for a budget TV to watch sports on with your friends and colleagues, this TV is a great choice.

Note: The 50″ model uses a VA panel. Although this increases the contrast ratio and black level, it leads to a more limited viewing angle and poorer viewing conditions in a bright environment.

bildqualitaet Sony X80J
Picture Quality
  • ADS Panel
  • HDR X1 Processor
  • Trilumios Pro
  • Viewing angle
  • Dolby Vision
  • Contrast ratio 1120:1
  • Black level
  • No Local Dimming
  • 50": VA-Panel

Good motion handling with some drawbacks

One of the biggest advantages of the Bravia series is, without a doubt, the motion handling. A low response time of just 5ms ensures very little motion blur. The backlight does not flicker, which is very pleasing to the eye. Motion interpolation, where intermediate images are fed between the frames to reduce motion blur, is available for content up to 30 Hz.

The problem in motion handling, might be the black frame insertion. This is normally used to reduce motion blur by packing black frames between the images. This feature is not really good in the X80J, and therefore has no real added value. Furthermore, Judder can be removed, but only for native 24Hz content.

motionhandling Sony X80J
Motion Handling
  • Response time 5ms
  • Flickerfree backlight
  • Motion Interpolation @ 30 Hz
  • Black Frame Insertion
  • Motion Interpolation @ 60 Hz
  • No Judder in native 24Hz content

X80J without ALLM and VRR

Sony’s latest entry-level model is not a real gaming TV. The input lag is around 11.6 ms, so you will hardly notice any delays between your inputs and the screen. However, the TV does not have ALLM, Variable Refresh Rate or HDMI 2.1 input. This is actually a step backwards in direct comparison to the XH80. In the previous year’s model, the Auto Low Latency mode was still installed. However, these features are mainly relevant for the latest consoles. You can definitely play games without these features, but you cannot get the best out of your Playsation 5 or Xbox Series X.

Anyway, if you’re gaming on an Xbox One or Playstation 4, then the TV is definitely not a bad choice. The X80J also has an analog video input. You just need an adapter to use it. This is something great, if you want to play with retro consoles like the Nintendo 64 and revive the good old days with your friends.

gaming Sony X80J
  • Input Lag 11,6 ms
  • Analog Video input
  • No HDMI 2.1
  • No VRR
  • No ALLM

Sony TV without overwhelming sound

The Sony X80J has some difficulties in the field of audio quality. The installed 20-watt speakers produce a comprehensible sound during dialogues, but the speakers do not manage to reproduce a good sound in high audio ranges. They use a 2.0 audio channel. Thanks to the integrated eARC-port, higher-resolution sound formats, such as Dolby True HD, DTS and Dolby Atmos, can be transmitted uncompressed, which helps the quality of the sound at least.

Thus, one should consider getting a soundbar. The design offers enough space to attach one and improve the weak sound with a nice bass and better highs and lows.

sound Sony X80J
  • Dolby Atmos
  • DTS
  • High tones
  • Weak bass

Google TV with many features

The TV uses Google TV as its Interface this year. It is easy to navigate through this interface and you will access to the Google Play Store. You can choose from many apps via the Google Play Store, but advertisements also appear and cannot be disabled. Furthermore, the easy-to-use remote control of the Sony X80J also includes Google Voice Assistant, which makes voice control possible as well. The remote control has also undergone some adjustments. It is now possible to access YouTube, Disney+ and Prime Video via a button. The buttons for Google Play Video and TV have been removed.

The TV is compatible with Alexa, Apple AirPlay2 and Apple Homekit. As usual for Sony, there is no timeshift function.

smarttv Sony X80J
Smart TV
  • Google TV
  • Many Apps
  • Apple AirPlay 2
  • Google Voice assistant integrated
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Ads

Variants of Sony X80J

Distinctively similar

The X81J features a better Motionflow XR. This technology combines an uncompressed frame rate with other techniques to display images a bit smoother.

Sony Bravia entry-level model

The Sony X80J is a small budget Bravia TV. A comparison with last year’s model shows that the TV is indeed an improvement, but not in all ways. The build quality is similar to last year’s and not much has changed in terms of design. The viewing angle remains good, due to the ADS panels. So you can watch sports with your friends, without any real loss in picture quality. In addition to the typical Bravia technologies, the affordable Bravia entry-level uses the Dolby Vision feature. In line with the eARC connection, Dolby Digital can be used to its full potential.

However, the TV has to put up with some problems in the gaming sector. Due to the lack of features for next-gen consoles, you unfortunately can’t get the maximum out of them, but you can have a lot of fun with the old gaming consoles due to the analog connection. The Smart TV features are good and it is easy to find your way around Google TV. The large selection of apps and the compatibility with external media like Alexa or Apple AirPlay 2 are particularly notable here.

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Affordable for sports & retro gaming TV
  • Viewing angle
  • Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
  • Cable management
  • eARC
  • Gaming Features
  • Contrast
  • Black level

Sony X80J Prices

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