One Connect Box

The One Connect Box is an external interface designed by Samsung that is reserved for just comparatively few of the brand’s TVs. In addition to devices of the lifestyle series such as the picture frame TV “The Frame”, these include the flagships of the 4K and 8K series. Here, this interface serves as the central connection point for all external devices, such as cable or satellite receivers, Blu-ray players or game consoles.

More Information about One Connect Box

One contact point for everything

Instead of connecting each device directly to the TV, you connect everything directly to the box. This simplifies cable management and gives a cleaner look. You also get easier access to the ports because the connectors are not plugged in and unplugged directly at the TV itself.

The following options are available:

In general, however, you should bear in mind that the connectivity depends on the TV model and can therefore vary.

These Samsung TVs come with the connection box:

2019Q900R, Q950RQ85R, Q90R-The Frame
The Serif
2020Q950TSQ95T-The Frame
The Serif
2021QN800A, QN900AQN95A-The Frame
The Serif
2022QN700B, QN800B, QN900BQN95B-The Frame
The Serif
2023QN700C, QN800C, QN900CQN95CS95CThe Frame
The Serif
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