Samsung Q90T vs LG CX TV Comparison 2020/08


The two flagships of the Korean manufacturers Samsung and LG are competing against each other this time. The question of whether to buy a QLED or an OLED is one that arises quite quickly when buying high-end TVs, as the two technologies and the associated advantages and disadvantages are fundamentally different. Find out in the following comparison which TV is the right one for your needs!

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Samsung Q90T and LG CX compared
Which TV is better?

Samsung Q90T QLED
2020 QLED
  • Very deep blacks
  • Contrast ratio of 10500:1
  • Peak brightness 1400 Nits
  • Full Array Local Dimming
  • 4K @ 120 Hz
  • Input Lag
  • VRR (HDMI Forum & FreeSync)
  • Very clear movements
  • Viewing angle
  • No Dolby Vision
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Rating v1.14
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  • Perfect Blacks
  • Contrast ratio: ∞:1
  • Clear movements
  • Viewing angle
  • HDMI 2.1 ([email protected])
  • HDMI VRR & G-Sync Compatible VRR
  • Dolby Vision
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Alpha 9 Gen 3 processor
  • Automatic Brightness Limiter (ABL)
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Detailed comparison: Samsung Q90T or LG CX

The Samsung Q90T QLED is a true all-round TV that produces outstanding picture quality under practically all conditions.Due to its high peak brightness and equally good reflective properties, it is also ideal for bright rooms where OLEDs such as the CX have considerable problems producing a high-quality picture. Furthermore, it does not need a disturbing Automatic Brightness Limiter, which is used as burn-in protection for OLEDs. Due to the high peak brightness, HDR content is displayed in a great way and the extremely wide color gamut ensures vivid and rich colors. Unfortunately, no 2020 Samsung TV supports Dolby Vision, which is a pity especially with the Q90T. Dolby Vision dynamically optimizes HDR content and thus it could be displayed much better. It also has an excellent response time of less than 4ms, which also makes its motion handling outstanding.

It is no secret that the LG CX OLED is one of the best TVs in 2020. Due to the OLED construction it has perfect blacks and a theoretically infinite contrast ratio. Ordinary LCD displays, such as the Q90T, cannot achieve the resulting outstanding picture quality in dark environments due to their design. In very bright rooms, however, OLEDs have a less convincing picture quality because they cannot become as bright as QLEDs. Although our comparison graphic shows that its viewing angle is still a little wider than that of the Q90T, this difference is not really noticeable under normal conditions. As far as gaming is an issue, both TVs are equally great to use. Both TVs have all the features you need for gaming. HDMI 2.1, VRR, ALLM and a low input lag are present on both devices. Only the better motion handling of the CX causes a little less motion blur.

Panel typeVA PanelOLED Panel
Resolution3840 x 2160 pixels Ultra HD (UHD) / 4K / 2160p3840 x 2160 pixels Ultra HD (UHD) / 4K / 2160p
Contrast ratio10500 :1infinitely :1
Local DimmingFull Array Local DimmingOLED
Frequency120 Hz120 Hz
VRRFreeSyncHDMI 2.1
Input Lag< 11 ms< 15 ms
Motion Handling
Ø brightness
Max brightness
Operating systemTizen 5.5webOS 5.0
Dolby Vision
Dolby Atmos
HDMI 2.1
Improved viewing angle
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tvfindr Vitus
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Our conclusion: Excellent TVs with different characteristics

The LG CX OLED and the Samsung Q90T are both excellent TVs, which will probably satisfy most users. It is not easy to say which TV is the better one in direct comparison. It rather depends on what kind of requirements you have for a TV. If you want the better home cinema feeling, with an almost unbeatable picture quality in dark surroundings, then you should rather get the LG CX OLED. It can also be used in brighter rooms, but its picture quality decreases with increasing ambient brightness. But if you want to have an all-rounder that produces a great picture under almost all conditions with a high peak brightness, the Q90T would be a good choice for you. In dark environments it can’t quite keep up with the CX, but it still has an impressive picture quality. HDR is brilliantly displayed by both devices, but the CX can crow with Dolby Vision IQ, which allows for dynamic optimization of content – Samsung has unfortunately skipped this on the Q90T.

Both TVs can excellently be used for Gaming, since both have all features you might need for a high-end gaming experience.

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