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The best affordable Samsung TV in 2020?

Our conclusion

When it comes to new TVs in 2020, the South Korean manufacturer Samsung is of course ahead of the curve. The new generation of TVs comes with devices for beginners and enthusiasts, from which we would like to introduce the Samsung TU8000. It replaces the Samsung RU8000 from 2019 and brings a few changes – but some things have remained the same. On tvfindr you will find all the information you need to decide whether this TV is for you – or not.

Build quality of the Samsung TU8000

The Samsung TU8000 has a very nice, modern design with a stable stand and high-quality finish. Its angular, slate-black edges create a neutral yet futuristic impression that blends into any living room. Moreover, the edges are very thin, so that they do not distract from the image itself. The feet do not need to be screwed in, but are simply pushed into the TV. This makes installation extremely easy. Of course wall mounting via VESA mount is also possible.

verarbeitung Samsung TU8000
  • Simple construction
  • High quality design
  • Cable management
  • Completely made of plastic

Sufficient image quality for entry-level models

Thanks to the built-in VA panel, an extremely good contrast value is achieved, which is particularly effective in darker rooms. Nevertheless, it has to be mentioned here that the TU8000 is a TV aimed at beginners and occasional users. Advanced features, such as local dimming and a higher brightness, are sought in vain.

However, the VA panel also causes the color fidelity to decrease when viewing the TV from the side. The viewing angle is therefore limited. So if you are looking for a TV for a darker room (or a room that can be darkened with curtains) with a straight viewing angle, but don’t want to spend too much money, this is the right place to look.

bildqualitaet Samsung TU8000
Image quality
  • 10 Bit VA-Panel (8 Bit + FRC)
  • Deep Blacks
  • Contrast Ratio 6400:1
  • Max Brightness ~300 Nits
  • No Wide Color Gamut
  • No Local Dimming
  • Viewing Angle

Very good motion handling

As the previous series has already made clear, Samsung has motion handling on top. The response time is very low at around 5.2 ms, which means that fast-moving objects hardly leave a veil. In addition, the backlight flickers at 600 Hz, which is almost invisible to the human eye. It’s different in Game Mode: The background flickers with 120 Hz here, which is hardly visible to the human eye.

The remaining special features are reserved exclusively for the higher-quality models, though. The TU8079 can’t remove Judder, doesn’t have variable refresh rate, and can display content with a maximum of 60 Hz. After all, it can interpolate content with a few frames to 60 Hz.

motionhandling Samsung TU8000
Motion Handling
  • 50/60Hz
  • Response Time ~5ms
  • No flickering backlight
  • Unable to remove Judder

Great TV for gaming

Gaming fans will definitely have fun with the Samsung TU8000. With the Xbox One X as well as PS4 Pro, it delivers an immersive 4K experience, which should provide several hours of gaming fun for those who don’t feel the need to keep up with the Joneses. However, if you are looking for the latest and greatest and use a Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X, you will quickly take this TV to its limit. 8K gaming, 4K @ 120 Hz, Variable Refresh Rate for gaming without tearing – the TU8000 does not offer all that. However, these features can’t be held at the expense of the TV, even considering the price.

After all, the input lag is extremely low and the gaming features are very user-friendly thanks to the Auto Low Latency Mode, as there’s no need to manually switch to Game Mode. This is the case with cheaper devices. The ALLM is activated automatically as soon as a connected console is switched on.

gaming Samsung TU8000
  • Auto Low Latency Mode
  • Extremely low input lag ~10ms
  • No HDMI 2.1
  • No VRR

Solid sound, but not meant for enthusiasts

As with previous years’ models in the same price range from Samsung, the sound is good enough for evening movies or afternoon TV, but enthusiasts will definitely not be satisfied. The 20W speakers are loud enough in the mids and trebles and sound halfway balanced, but lack bass and low bass.

Those looking for an impressive home cinema experience should consider adding a soundbar to their setup. However, it should be noted here that Samsung TVs only support Dolby Digital Plus – no DTS here. Fortunately though, it supports Dolby Atmos via Dolby True-HD because of the HDMI eARC input.

sound Samsung TU8000
  • 2.0 channels with 20W in total
  • Intelligible sound, but lacking bass
  • Dolby Atmos via Dolby True-HD
  • No DTS

Improved smart features with Tizen 5.5

Like all Samsung TVs 2020, the TU8000 runs with the smart interface Tizen 5.5, which enables a number of smart features: Apple AirPlay 2, Samsung Bixby as well as support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa – whereby the latter requires a third device. What is unfortunately missing are features like PVR, Time-Shift and a Twin Tuner.

The TU8000 also supports a number of the latest streaming services. These include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ – which are even pre-installed. Samsung has also thought about Smart Home with this model – in contrast to last year’s model. Thanks to Samsung Smart Things, the 4K TV functions as a control centre for all intelligent applications, which can be conveniently controlled using the Smart Remote supplied.

Update: It has been revealed that there is a way to block annoying ads on Samsung Smart TVs: To do so, add the two URLs and to the Internet router’s blocking list – and the advertising should finally disappear.

smarttv Samsung TU8000
Smart TV
  • Intuitive Tizen 5.5 OS
  • Apple AirPlay 2
  • All current streaming services
  • Voice control
  • Samsung Smart Things
  • No Smart Remote

Variants of Samsung TU8000

Variants Samsung TU8xxx
* Prices incl. VAT, plus shipping costs. All data without guarantee.
Available sizes43, 50, 55, 65, 75, 82, 85 Inch50, 55, 65 Inch
Image0001Samsung 65TU80791Samsung 75TU807911Samsung 85TU8000001
Display flat flat
Wide Color Gamut
Dual LED
PVR, Time-Shift
Sound 2x 10W 2x 10W
Prices for 55 Inch

The most affordable Samsung TV gets an update

Every year new 4K TV are launched and regularly the latest and best arrives on the market. However, Samsung does not let the opportunity be taken away to “improve” the more affordable end of the lineup. But we are not sure if the South Koreans have succeeded in doing so. If you’re looking for an affordable Smart TV for darker surroundings with a straight viewing angle, the TU8000 is definitely a good solution. You don’t actually have to do without anything in the Tizen OS. The Samsung TV supports everything from Netflix to Disney+ and fits seamlessly into your smart ecosystem. As far as HDR or next gen gaming is concerned, though, you shouldn’t expect too much.

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  • Very low input lag
  • Great response time
  • Sufficient performance in dark rooms
  • No Wide Color Gamut
  • Poor Wide Viewing Angle
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Alternatives to the Samsung TU8000

Samsung RU8009
The predecessor of the Samsung TU8079

The Samsung RU8000, which also forms the link between the RU7100 and the Q-series, was released last year. In contrast to the RU8000, the TU8000 offers better smart features, but if you can do without it and find the RU8000 at a good price, you definitely won’t go wrong.

Samsung 82RU8009

Samsung RU7409
Actual predecessor

In the past, Samsung has simply moved the numbers of new TVs up several times in order to make them sound better and ultimately sell better. But if you compare the TU8000 with the 2019 models, it is very similar to the Samsung RU7400.

Samsung Q60T
The most affordable 2020 Samsung QLED

The Samsung Q60T, as the most affordable 2020 QLED, is moving closer to the entry-level models than was previously the case. The Q60T has of course the Quantum Dot layer and thus also a wide gamut. It also has a slightly deeper black because of the dual LED technology and it comes with a higher brightness. So it has an advantage with HDR material.

*All prices are in USD incl. VAT, if necessary plus shipping. Interim changes of prices, ranking, delivery time and costs are possible. Last update 2020-05-25 09:32:48