TV wall mount

Using a TV wall mount, your UHD TV can be easily attached to a wall and perfectly set in scene. It also saves a lot of space in the living room, if spacious TV furniture is not your cup of tea. With a wall bracket, your TV becomes an aesthetic part of the interior design.

Wall Mount
A TV wall mount creates a nice setting

What to consider before buying a wall mount?

Conditions of the wall

Wall Mount
Please check the condition of your wall before installing the wall mount

Before you start to install a wall bracket, you should first take a closer look at the condition of the wall. Not every wall is suitable for mounting a television. Large televisions often weigh more than 25 kg. For this reason, it is advisable to look at the building plans of the house and ask the DIY store for advice on the ideal dowels.

Consult a specialist

If you are unsure whether you are up to the task, you should definitely consult a professional! An expert is able to check the load-bearing capacity of your wall and attach the bracket with the correct dowels.

Misassembly can have serious consequences, affecting not only the television set. A wall that has to be plastered or levelled is at least as annoying.

Check VESA standard

Furthermore, it is recommended to take a look at the connections of the wall bracket. On the back side of the TV you will find four threaded holes, which are arranged in a square. The mounting screws should be inserted here. There is a standard for the distance between the screws that has been defined by the VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association). The following applies: The heavier and larger the TV set, the greater the distance.

In order to determine the VESA standard, the distance between the threaded holes (vertical and horizontal) must be measured or looked up in the manual for the respective television set before installation. You should also write down the weight and diagonal of the television screen. This information will help you to find the correct wall bracket.

Which types of TV brackets are available?

Be sure to inform yourself about the different types of TV brackets for your 4K TV. There are three types of wall mounts.

Wall Mount
Choose your favorite wall mount type

Fixed wall mount

With a flat wall mount, the TV set hangs as close to the wall as possible. This saves an enormous amount of space, as the TV hangs on the wall like a painting. This wall mount is ideal for anyone who sits directly in front of their TV, as this is the best way to show off the picture and sound, especially with the use of a separate sound bar.

With this variant, however, the television cannot be positioned any differently and remains rigid in its position so that it cannot be tilted or rotated. Sunlight or external light sources shining on the screen could be very annoying in this case.

Tilting wall mount

The next variant is the inclinable wall mount, where the TV is still close to the wall. However, the unit can also be tilted forwards and backwards. This is ideal if the TV is to be mounted slightly higher and you are looking at the TV from below. With this wall mount you get a lot more comfort. Light irradiation and reflections can be fought effectively.

Full Motion wall mount

For a maximum TV experience, the swiveling version is ideal. It allows a wide range of freedom of movement, as the television can be turned in any direction and used flexibly for any situation.

Assembling the wall mount

The following checklist is intended to make the installation of a TV wall bracket considerably easier. Simply tick off the list point by point!

  1. Choose the perfect place for your TV.
  2. Determine the ideal height for your TV.
  3. Mark the drill holes using the VESA standard.
  4. Now drill the holes into the wall. However, the holes should not be wider than the dowels.
  5. Next, screw the TV bracket to the wall. Recheck this with a spirit level.
  6. Then attach the other half of the TV bracket to the back of your TV.
  7. In a final step you can attach the TV to the wall.
  1. Pick the perfect place for the TV.
  2. Determine the ideal height for the TV.
  3. Mark the drill holes using the VESA wall bracket or alternatively the often supplied drilling template. Don’t forget your spirit level!
  4. Now drill the holes in the wall. The holes must not be wider than the dowels. In addition the screws must fit to the dowels.
  5. Now you can screw the wall bracket into the dowels.
  6. Then attach the other half of the bracket to the back of the TV – done!

We also recommend viewing a YouTube tutorial that illustrates the entire assembly of a wall mount.

Here is a great tutorial that shows step by step how to wall mount a TV

Cable Management

A cable duct can help to solve this problem. All you have to do is measure the circumference of the cable bundle and the required length for the cover. The required cable duct can be obtained online in all lengths, sizes and colours.

Wall Mount
Hide the TV cables after installing your TV wall mount

The best TV brackets

This chapter provides an overview of our recommendations for the best wall mounts.

Full Motion Wall Mount

If you are interested in a swivelling wall mount, take a look at the RICOO R23.

It offers a maximum of comfort for the placement of your device. The TV can be easily extended and swivelled, tilted or rotated in any direction.

This wall mount is also compatible with most TV models and inch sizes.

[atkp_product id=’100541′ template=’article_img’ containercss=’atkp-right atkp-clearfix’][/atkp_product]

Tilting TV Wall Bracket

[atkp_product id=’100542′ template=’article_img’ containercss=’atkp-right atkp-clearfix’][/atkp_product]

If a tilting wall mount might be something for you, we recommend the RICOO R09.

Tiltable wall mounts are perfect when only the tilt angle needs to be adjusted. In this case, you won’t have to worry about any functional features such as pulling out or turning.

When your sofa is standing in front of the TV and you’re looking at it from below, a good tilt angle is very important, which is easily achieved with this bracket.

Hama Ultraslim Wall Bracket

If you can do without tilting and just want to hang the TV on the wall like a picture, you should look at flat wall mounts.

The distance between the TV and the wall is as small as possible. The Hama Ultraslim wall mount is perfect for this purpose. No tilting or swivelling, but the biggest space saving.

The television merges with the wall due to the very close mounting and becomes part of the interior design like a work of art.

[atkp_product id=’100547′ template=’article_img’ containercss=’atkp-right atkp-clearfix’][/atkp_product]

Vogel’s TV Wall Mount

[atkp_product id=’100549′ template=’produktbild’ containercss=’atkp-right atkp-clearfix’][/atkp_product]

The Dutch company Vogel offers wall mounts for customers with special requirements. The range even includes brackets that are electrically adjustable or hold the sound bar.

The entry-level product BASE 45 L offers the highest quality in workmanship and functionality. It can be swivelled, pulled and tilted and is very easily attached.

Samsung WMN650M

With this wall mount from Samsung we recommend a wide product from the premium segment.

Samsung offers stylish solutions to mount the television on the wall without even noticing the bracket. In this way, unattractive details of the wall mount are banned from any viewing direction.

Especially Samsung QLED TVs should be wall mounted with the WM650M.

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Helpful Hints

We recommend:

  • decide which type of TV wall mount (flat, tilting or swivelling) meets your personal needs
  • to check the condition of the wall thoroughly before assembly
  • to determine the VESA standard, the weight and the diagonal of the device
  • make a choice for a suitable wall bracket, taking into account the deviating characteristics of the device
  • get the right dowels and the right tools
  • If uncertain, advice with a specialist!

If you stick to these tips, your 4K TV will be the eye-catcher of your living room.

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