TV keyboard purchase advice

Nowadays Smart TVs can connect to the Internet and are equipped with a web browser. Therefore, more and more people are surfing the Internet comfortably on their TV sets. However, the supplied remote control is impractical, which only complicates the operation. A TV keyboard is a convenient solution to this problem. In this article we will share our recommendations in terms of a purchase advice.

Difference to conventional keyboards

Wireless keyboard
Comfortable web surfing with a wireless keyboard

It’s no fun to enter search queries with a remote control on the TV. This becomes annoying and stressful after only a short time. A wireless combination keyboard for your Smart TV will help to remedy this and will make surfing much more comfortable again.

This device is specially designed for surfing on TVs such as QLED or OLED models and combines keyboard and touchpad in one device. Conventional devices already have such a combination of functions, but they lack the ability to operate the Smart TV. The user is therefore forced to constantly switch between keyboard and remote control. The wireless keyboard therefore offers a high degree of functionality and convenience.

Connecting a TV keyboard

Testing compatibility

First you should check the compatibility of the respective Smart TV keyboard to the TV set. TV keyboards have either a USB interface or a Bluetooth connection. To this end, it must be checked whether the TV supports such connections. Not every Smart TV is USB or Bluetooth compatible.

Drahtlose Tastatur
TV keyboards are easy to connect

Retrofitting Bluetooth

If the television set does not have Bluetooth, the missing connection can be easily retrofitted using an adapter. This means that you can surf the TV in no time at all using the TV keyboard. In principle, almost any TV can pair with an external device. A cumbersome installation or immense difficulties in the use are not to be expected.

Our TV keyboard recommendations

Logitech K600

Our first recommendation is the Logitech K600 Smart TV keyboard. It features a touchpad, five-way navigator, and speed dial buttons that allow you to fully control your Smart TV from the keyboard.

The model is equipped with a USB dongle and has an additional Bluetooth connection. If the TV has no Bluetooth technology or does not support the appropriate standard, the keyboard can be connected and controlled via the USB connection.

However, compatibility should be checked beforehand. You can check on the Logitech website if the TV is compatible with the keyboard. Basically, the keyboard can be connected to any TV model dating back to at least 2016.

The Logitech TV Keyboard is convincing in every way and allows comfortable control of your Smart TV.

  • Touchpad, five-way navigator, speed dial keys
  • Bluetooth and USB dongle
  • High compatibility (Samsung, LG, Sony and Philips)
  • Max. 50 feet range
  • Battery life up to 12 months

Microsoft All-in-One keyboard

Another product we would like to introduce is the Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard. The mid-range All-in-One Media Keyboard allows convenient control through a multitouch trackpad that makes typing, scrolling and zooming easy.

In addition, the keyboard has practical access keys. In addition, the model has a USB dongle, which allows connection to all TV sets that have the same connection.

  • Touchpad, DeepL Access keys
  • USB dongle
  • Very high compatibility
  • Max. 30 feet range
  • Battery life up to 8 months

Logitech K400 Plus

We recommend another multimedia keyboard for Smart TV – the Logitech K400 Plus Touch Wireless Keyboard. It features a large touchpad for easy navigation. Furthermore, this model also has a USB dongle, which guarantees high compatibility with numerous TV sets.

This keyboard is also in the middle price range and satisfies all needs.

  • Keypad and touchpad
  • USB dongle
  • High compatibility
  • Max. 30 feet range
  • Battery life up to 18 months

PC keyboard with bluetooth

If your device is to be used as a PC display and you want to achieve better operation, you can also simply buy a conventional PC keyboard. These have a Bluetooth or USB interface and can connect with Smart TV. Most wireless keyboards also include a wireless mouse, so you can surf the TV just like on a PC.


Why doesn’t the keyboard connect to my Smart TV?

Not all Smart TVs have a Bluetooth interface, so no connection can be established. In this case you have to buy a Bluetooth adapter or a USB keyboard.

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