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The television is the focal point of every living room. Family members come together and relax after a long day. The TV naturally becomes an important component in the everyday life of most people. For this reason it is all the more important to accentuate the TV perfectly with the right TV furniture.

The TV cabinet should be in perfect harmony with the interior of the living room and create a stylish setting for the TV. Of course, it must also have a practical use: The common home entertainment system consists of a large number of technical devices, all of which require space and should be stowed away without a great deal of tangled cables.

Today’s innovative TV cabinets, such as lowboards, TV ranks or TV walls, convince with their appearance and functionality at the same time. Choosing the right cabinet can be a big challenge. For this purpose, here is an overview of the most important details about TV furniture.

What to look out for when buying TV furniture?

Storage room for electronics

TV furniture has to be practical and elegant at the same time.

Nowadays, everyone wants to turn their own home into a place of entertainment. This is reflected in the purchase of numerous electronic devices.

This increases the personal need for storage space immensely. For this reason, first-class TV furniture has a generous storage area for a wide variety of electrical appliances such as televisions, hi-fi stereos and the like.

In addition, television cabinets offer many compartments for DVD players, Blu-ray players or game consoles. Numerous unsightly cables simply disappear into the background. At the same time, there are various drawers and shelves that offer even more space for accessories and objects of all kinds.

Design of TV furniture

Another very important point is the design of the hi-fi furniture. The expensive television set should be optimally displayed and ideally match the furnishings of the selected room. For this, special attention must be paid to the size and material of the cabinet. The product range extends from small TV stands to huge entertainment walls, which are available in wood, high-gloss design or also in various glass variations.

The commitment to a specific exterior design is essential to aesthetically underline the design of the UHD TV and your own interior. Therefore, there is an extraordinarily wide choice between different TV furniture models of every kind. Depending on individual preferences, there is the perfect TV cabinet for all interested parties to buy in the assortment.

Storage spaceTop boardCompartmentsShelvesCabinet
Design variantHigh glossWoodMetalGlass

What TV furniture can I buy online?

TV lowboard design

Among the most popular television cabinets are the so-called lowboards.

This type of TV furniture convinces again and again which fulfils practical functions. The choice of design for TV lowboards is very wide. Different colour and shape designs are available, so everyone will find what they are looking for.

A lowboard is usually part of a TV wall.

You also have the choice between a standing or hanging TV board model. In both variants, the TV set stands above a low chest of drawers at eye level. This guarantees a pleasant TV viewing experience. In addition, lowboards are usually equipped with LED lights, similar to Philips Ambilight, to set atmospheric accents that enhance the furniture and make it look modern. This makes your UHD TV furniture a real eye-catcher. Another important advantage is that lowboards have enough compartments and drawers for electrical appliances.

  • Stylish and simple design
  • Variety of colours and shapes
  • Many equipment compartments and drawers
  • LED lighting

TV racks

A TV Rack is stylish, space saving, and very functional. This piece of furniture consists of several storage compartments on which the TV, various electronic devices and all kinds of accessories can easily be stored. They convince with a very clear and at the same time ordered design.

Racks are available in a wide variety of materials: from glass, metal and wood to plastic. There is a suitable Hifi Rack for every individual taste. Meanwhile, no other bells and whistles are used, so that functionality is in the foreground. For this purpose, most TV racks often have castors so that the TV can be rolled anywhere. In addition, racks often have a practical cable duct that hides cable clutter.

Meanwhile, there are special TV racks with integrated speakers, LED lighting, docking stations and Bluetooth interfaces. In this way, the small TV cabinet can be upgraded to a multifunctional piece of furniture.

  • Space-saving and practical furniture
  • Variety of materials (wood, glass, metal)
  • Rolls make the television mobile
  • Many extras possible: LED lighting, loudspeaker, Bluetooth connection

TV stand and stand base

TV Ständer
TV Ständer sind eine elegante Lösung

A TV stand offers the ideal solution if the UHD television is to be set up without great effort on a secure basis.

The stand is usually made of solid metal and offers the device enough stability to stand safely. In addition, this version convinces with an elegant and minimalist design, in which the TV set is placed in the foreground.

Storage areas and other storage spaces are generally not used at all. This would draw the attention of the expensive television set to unimportant trivialities. Such stands can often be found in seminar or meeting rooms. Thanks to the unobtrusive nature of the stand, they are very suitable for presentations. However, one finds the stylish TV stands also more and more often in living rooms, since by the space-saving construction only little living space is taken up.

  • Elegant and simple design
  • feet are often adjustable in height
  • Cable routing in the stand
  • Focus is on the television set

If you are looking for a simple design that focuses on the presentation of the television set and does not deter you from spending a lot of time on installation, a TV wall mount could also be an ideal alternative to a TV stand.

TV wall as a multimedia centre

A TV wall is a very popular piece of furniture that has developed over the years into a stylish and modern media wall. TV walls are tastefully designed to fit into any living room. The spectrum of TV wall designs ranges from the elegant to the futuristic look and can be made of various materials such as high gloss, glass, metal or wood.

TV furniture walls are characterised above all by the many storage possibilities. They usually consist of several individual pieces of furniture, which have large shelves, numerous drawers and various shelves and showcases. Thus, the Smart TV and the technical peripherals can easily find their place in the TV wall unit.

  • Futuristic to elegant designs available
  • Eye catcher of the living room
  • Storage miracle for TV, electrical appliances and accessories
  • Multimedia centre with: loudspeakers, docking stations, LED lighting or fireplace

Checklist for buying TV furniture

  1. Place: The first thing to do is to choose the right place for the TV in the room. This helps to evaluate how big the TV cabinet can be.
  2. Size: The next step is to consider the size and storage space of the TV.
  3. Benefits: Then you have to think carefully about what use the TV cabinet should have. Should the TV cabinet have a lot of storage space to accommodate many external electrical appliances or should it be more spartan and elegant?
  4. Model: Once these questions have been answered, you can choose a suitable model: you decide individually whether you want a TV lowboard, TV rack, TV stand or TV wall.
  5. Material: Once the model has been selected, material and design must be determined. The product range here is very large and ranges from high gloss, metal and wood to a glass look.

Our recommendations for TV furniture

TV riser by Convenience Concepts

Sometimes easy does the trick very well. This affordable convenient TV riser does a very good job at raising your TV to a comfortable viewing level and houses additional equipment easily.

It has four two compartments and has a very decorative look overall. This model can also be ordered in many different colors.

Entertainment Center by Furinno

An equally affordable but somewhat more sophisticated option is this Entertainment Center. It is functional and suitable for any room, whether it be a spacious living room or a small bedroom, however it only fits TVs with a screen size of up to 37 inches.

It is available in four different colors that all easily integrate with your existing furniture.

There are two open compartments and two closed compartments for entertainment products and cable management alike.

TV Hifi rack by Mount It!

This TV Rack consists of four blackened glass plates on top of each other. This is ideal for accommodating a Smart TV on the top shelf. The rack provides additional storage space for additional electronic equipment.

The deep black design looks very noble and stylish. Moreover, this model convinces by a simple and quick assembly, so that you do not have to plan a lot of time and can quickly enjoy the new TV cabinet.

TV stand by Tribesigns

This TV stand is as much of a piece of furniture as it is a TV stand. It has spacious storage shelves for gaming consoles, a Blu-ray player or any other entertainment appliance.

The stand is made out of manufactured wood and is painted in black and gold colors. Due to its open sides and back panel design, it looks very airy and provides excellent ventilation to minimize overheating of your console or DVD player. If you plan to mount your TV on its stand, please note that the Tribesigns stand accommodates TVs of up to 50 lbs or 50 inch screen size.

Floating TV wall by Martin Furniture

If you are a minimalistic type, this floating TV console might be for you. Available in two sizes and a multitude of colors, this asymmetrical floating furniture piece is perfect if you’re looking for a solution to house additional electronics with your TV mounted above on the wall.

In the middle, there is a compartment which can be used for a console or DVD player. To the sides and above, there is enough space to decorate with picture frames, flowers, DVD cases and the like – all while saving valuable floor space. This eye catcher will definitely give your living room a modernist look.

Floating TV console by Martin Furniture

If the above floating TV wall is something for you, but you are looking for more space – we have you covered. This floating TV console also saves floor space while providing more storage options.

Instead of one, there are three compartments that can hold all of your audio and video components. It is available in two different sizes, depending on your size TV and individual needs, as well as six different colors to choose from.

This TV console combines functionality with aesthetic design that immediately catches the eye.

A TV wall mount sounds more promising?

If TV furniture is not an option for you, we recommend purchasing a functional TV wall bracket. These are much more space-saving, often cheaper and bring the expensive TV set without other bells and whistles optimally to the fore. There are enough different types of TV wall mounts, which fulfill the most diverse functions and thus make television more pleasant in every respect.

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