Clean Screen: How to

We know that feeling when you just have purchased that great new TV. Only natural that you want to keep it like that. Since the material of modern TVs is a little sensitive, we want to provide you with some useful cleansing tips and show you hot to get a clean screen.

Cleaning Instructions

  1. Please use microfiber cloths for cleaning only. They are very soft and take up dust easily without harming the vulnerable surface of your screen. Also a feather duster will do. In case you are very picky about it, you can remove the dust with a soft paintbrush.
  2. Whenever you want to clean the TV with a damp cloth, you should turn of the device and remove it from the power supply. It should ensure your personal safety as well the safety of your TV.
  3. Please do not use any strong cleaner that is based on vinegar, citric acid, aceton or alcohol. It also should not contain any rubber particles cause that will certainly ruin your screen.
  4. Spectacle cloths may also be too aggressive for the screen’s surface so better keep them away from your TV.
  5. There actually are cleaners especially developed for LED-TVs. They claim to prevent the screen from re-collecting dust too quickly.
  6. Nevertheless, we rather go with the producer’s advice: Simply take a damp microfiber cloth and clean your TV without any unnecessary cleansing substances. That should do in most of the cases and it it way cheaper as well.

You can get further instructions from Samsung´s homepage!

Recommended cleaning products

Frequently asked questions about Cleaning your screen

How to clean your flat screen TV?

You can clean the screen carefully as mentioned above. For the chassis of the tv use any clean, dry cloth. If a dry cloth isn’t sufficient the first thing you should do is disconnect the TV’s power supply.
Then you can try cleaning it with a damp cloth or a special cleaning product.

How to clean your OLED TV?

An OLED display can be cleaned the same way as a normal LED/LCD Screen with a dry, clean microfiber cloth.
If this isn’t doing the job disconnect the TV from the power and then apply a special screen cleaning gel to the cloth and wipe the OLED screen.

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