This TV was replaced by the LG B9 OLED (2019)


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The B8 is the cheapest OLED TV from LGs 2018 Line Up. It offers the same panel as the more expensive OLEDs though. It has an excellent picture quality, great motion handling and offers a lot of smart opportunities. Basically the only bigger downside of the LG OLED B8 is its subpar sound. This can be fixed by a separate soundbar though.

Classy design & high quality

The design is rather simple yet elegant. The B8 has a lot of similarities to its bigger brother the LG OLED C8 but the stand is smaller, so it will fit on more tables. The bezels are very thin, as is the upper part of the screen. The hardware apart from the screen is located in the thicker lower part of the television. This is also where all the inputs are located. It can be difficult to reach some of the inputs if the tv is mounted closely to a wall.
Due to the thin panel one should be careful when unpacking and setting the tv up. The overall build quality is outstanding. The only thing missing is any kind of cable management like you’ll find on Samsung or Sony TVs.

Supreme OLED picture quality

The most important parameter for picture quality is a screens contrast ratio. With perfect blacks the OLED display is able to produce a contrast of basically infinite:1. Combined with great reflection handling, a much wider viewing angle than common LED TVs and decent brightness levels the LG B8 is suited for almost any room. There’s no question about its performance in a dark environment and it also comes with very good qualities for a bright room.
The OLED Panel doesn’t reach the same levels of brightness and color volume as the best LED TVs like the Samsung Q9FN but it doesn’t come short in color space and accuracy.
Especially the gradient of the 10 bit Panel is great so there won’t be any dirty screen effect.
When talking about picture quality we have to mention the Automatic Brightness Limiter (ABL). This feature decreases the screens brightness in scenes with large bright areas. For most users the ABL should not be a big deal. Yet it is a pity you can’t turn it off. Also there might be content which is intended to be very bright and this can’t be displayed.
The HDR performance of the OLED B8 is magnificent du to its amazing contrast ratio. It supports HDR10, Dolby Vision and Advanced HDR by Technicolor. The only format missing is HDR10+.

Very clear motion

Motion Handling on the B8 is excellent!
clear motion almost like reality

The B8s motion handling is very clear. The OLED Panel has got an almost instantaneous response time. This makes fast moving objects appear very well defined. It could result in some stutter playing low frame rate content but luckily there is an excellent interpolation feature to remove said stutter. The 120Hz panel really is outmatched by very few high end television sets.
It should be noted that the B8 doesn’t have LG’s Alpha 9 processor (like in the C8, E8, G8, W8). It comes with a very similar (or identical) to last years Alpha 7 processor. The resulting differences are so small that they are very hard to notice though.

Risk of Burn-In

Being an OLED TV the B8 has the risk of content burning in. For this very bright static content needs to be displayed over a very large amount of time. This isn’t a concern for most people though as there isn’t that much critical content around. With several features significantly reducing the risk TV channel logos are automatically dimmed down and with the Pixel Shift things like cross hairs seize to be a problem as well. This leaves big white news banners (like on CNN) or similar content to be a problem. It should also be said that there is a much lesser risk if you are not using the tv with maximum brightness settings.
In short, if you are not using the television as a PC monitor or to view the same (news) channel 24/7 you won’t have to worry about the Burn-In.

B8, the OLED for gaming

LG B8, the gaming OLED

If you are planning to use the LG for gaming with your Xbox or PS4 it is a great choice. You’ll get one of the best picture qualities, amazingly clear motion and the lowest input lag of an OLED TV. With ~21ms for almost any kind of resolution and frame rate, games will always feel very responsive and due to the overall performance an intense mood will be set. With other brands OLED competitors having a higher input lag and price point the B8 is probably the best OLED for console gaming.

Sound below the picture quality

It’s always difficult comparing the sound quality of TVs. The B8 got a sound quality above the ordinary yet it crumbles under the weight of its picture quality. It can produce clear dialogues and its speakers do get quite loud. Yet there is no strong bass which is required for a lot of content.
So if you are using the OLED for cinemas or gaming (or just want to have good cinematic sound), a soundbar or hifi system is recommended. With the B8 supporting Dolby Atmos you’ll be able to get the best surround technology out there.

State of the art smart tv

With LGs webOS 4.0 the TV is very easy to handle. The user interface is very responsive and the gesture control of the pointer (like the Nintendo Wii) makes it easy to navigate in all menus. LGs Magic Remote might not look as sleek as Samsungs Smart Remote but it does its job perfectly. The combination of Google Assistant and ThinQ AI provides lots of options for voice control. The most common apps are preinstalled and there is quite a big variety of apps to download.
The smartphone remote app on the other hand does not have enough possibilities to make good use of it.

LG OLED variants


In some countries you’re able to find the B87 variant. The only differencea being the TVs stand and its sound system. The variant has the same stand found on LGs Super UHD TVs like the SK9000. Instead of a 2.2 channel system with 40 W it only has a 20 W 2.0 speaker system built in. Its sound is worse than the B8’s but as a soundbar is recommended anyway, this isn’t a deal breaker.
It was first introduced as a black friday offer by certain shops.
If you don’t mind the stand (or want to mount it on the wall anyway) you should get whichever is cheaper!


The silent release of the LG OLED B8SLC (or short B8s) came as a bit of a surprise. It’s an even cheaper version of the B87. It looks the same as the B87 but only contains one triple tuner! All other LG OLED models have a Twin Tuner built in.


The LG OLED C8 isn’t really a variant of the B8. But as it’s very similar to the B8 we did include it in this article. Apart from a slightly different design (wider stand) the C8 is built with LG’s Alpha 9 processor . The B8 on the other hand has a refurbished Alpha 7. In theory this means the picture quality of the C8 would be a little better. But in reality one can’t really tell the difference.
For those looking for huge screens though it should be mentioned that the LG OLED C8 is not only available in 55 and 65 inches like the B8 but also in a whopping 77 inches diagonal. This of course comes with a far bigger price tag.


Like the C8 the LG OLED E8 isn’t really a variant of the B8. But as it is basically the same TV as the C8 it is included anyway. The differences between the C8 and the E8 are the design and the sound. The addition of glass makes the TV look much sleeker and it actually does appear to float like advertised.
The 4.2 channel sound system (60W) included in the OLED offers better surround sound, which can also be calibrated according to the room and sitting position.
While sound and design are better the additional charge is quite big. So it’s probably wiser to go for one of the cheaper LG OLEDs.

LG Signature OLED W8 Wallpaper TV

For everyone who needs even more High-End than OLED itself, there still is the Wallpaper TV in 65 and 77 inches. The LG Signature OLED W8 consists of a very thin display (even the 77 inch model is less than a quarter of an ich thick) and a big soundbar which also houses the TV’s hardware. The two parts are connected by only one cable.
The screen rather looks like a hole in the wall with the action happening in it when displaying content. LG calling it “Wallpaper TV” is a marketing promise well kept. Sadly this comes with a massive price tag…

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OLED TV for a very affordable price

The overall performance of LGs OLED B8 simply put is great. The supreme picture quality paired with very good motion handling produces one of the best viewing experiences. With its low price point this makes the B8 to a very good deal. It’s a very good choice for gamers looking for an amazing picture quality as well as anyone who wants to get an OLED and not pay a fortune.

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  • Perfect Blacks
  • Contrast Ratio: ∞:1
  • Motion Handling
  • Viewing Angle
  • Low Input Lag
  • Dolby Vision
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Alpha 9 Processor
  • Automatic Brightness Limiter (ABL)
83 %
- outdated rating -
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